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Yancheng, Jiangsu meteorological observatory rumor news, precipitation has aroused public attention. In recent days, the phone call to the rumors, almost all of the Yancheng WeChat friends circle. In this regard, Yancheng City Meteorological Station emergency rumors: according to the analysis, the afternoon of June 20, the latest meteorological data, is expected to the next 10 days the city entered the rainy season, but with the
Lebron James 10 Elite Men Shoes advance of the subtropical high and backward, mainly in the precipitation process, whether it is cloudy or sunny, is not easy to consecutive strong precipitation. In addition, according to the June 19 9 and 32, phoenix net information reproduced northeast net news: on the afternoon of June 16, pass it to storm the rumors, Mudanjiang man Cui a disturb social order, was sentenced to administrative detention buy Lebron James 10 Elite Men Shoes in Mudanjiang City police, local police will be punished. I saw the contents of the network rumors as an urgent notice: the city opened the city’s flood control and emergency television and telephone conference tonight to start tomorrow, heavy rain (May 1998th such a big flood……". This prediction, the city meteorological observatory issued a huge difference between the weather forecast, in the circle of friends WeChat
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Red Grass Green has been forwarded several times. In June 20th, a lot of people and relevant departments to call the Yancheng City Municipal Meteorological Bureau asked the future weather conditions, resulting in a certain degree of anxiety and panic, disrupt social order. In this regard, city meteorological station meteorological observatory director of British denied the "emergency", said after the onset of the weather situation is more complex, hope buy Lebron James 10 MYP Women Shoes the social from all walks of life to continue to pay close attention to the weather forecast, through regular shooting weather, 96121, SMS, Yancheng meteorological official microblogging, official letters and other size about changes in the weather. British director said, according to the afternoon of June 20, the latest weather situation analysis and forecasting, is expected to the next 10 days the city entered the rainy
http://trainersone.com/Blog/the-quality-of-each-pair-of-nike-shoes-china-are-ensured.html season, but with the advance of the subtropical high and backward, mainly is a rainstorm or white does not occur in the precipitation process, does not appear to be a heavy rain process. The evening of June 20 to 22, the subtropical high strengthening northward, with heavy rainfall mainly located in between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, my city process rainfall may reach the rainstorm,
Lebron James 10 MYP Women Shoes local big rainstorm; 23-25, was influenced by the subtropical high, the northeast cold vortex, the city local strong precipitation weather. South subtropical high, June 26th, urban and precipitation processes. Need to pay attention to the strong thunder and lightning strong snowfall weather process, short time strong precipitation (hour rainfall amounts to 50-70mm) and thunderstorm strong wind and other strong convective weather. Also from Yancheng City Meteorological buy Lebron James Soldier 7 Men Shoes Bureau and department was informed that according to issuing meteorological forecast since May 1, 2015 and communication management measures for implementation "(China Meteorological Bureau No. 26), in violation of the relevant provisions," dissemination of false weather, without changing the content of meteorological forecast and conclusion, resulting in adverse social reactions or cause certain influence and behavior, by the relevant meteorological departments according to the relevant competent
Lebron James Soldier 7 Men Shoes authority shall order it to correct, given a warning can impose a fine of 30000 yuan; casualties or major property damage have resulted and a crime is constituted, constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. Municipal Meteorological Station forecast service regulations in Yancheng city weather forecast the public communication channels, 1 site, Yancheng City Meteorological Bureau portal network http://qxj.yancheng.gov.cn 2, national emergency early warning information release network (WWW ballad

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