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in 2011 June, we started Kobe Bryant Shoes looking for millet mobile phone marketing person in charge, I spoke with Lei Zong Lei Jun see a number of people, to people say to us, ‘you go to play’, ‘you go Nike Air Max Womens to open the store’ We are disappointed to find, millet is not only sales, but a real understanding of the concept of one mobile phone. Two months passed, has yet to find the right person, Lei Zong said: had you. In Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale Millet wordofmouth marketing internal manual recently thermal explosion sense of participation in one book, Blake Griffin Shoes the author Li Wanqiang cofounder, vice president of millet millet Technology with the plain language, describes himself as a product designer, how to go on the marketing road. Marketing books and the airport bookstore a superb collection of beautiful things of different, no slogans written by Li Qiang Wang’s sense of nor chicken soup, completely is to tell in a simple, straightforward way of millet in the development process of the case. However is such a book, from the presale to sale, has been occupied Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon three big electric business platform selling book top ten position. Air Jordan Shoes Womens sense of participation how hot? One night the beginning of the 7, who had held a heap of manuscripts, said he came to handMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Yellow White Blue in the homework. He said, I want him to write a book about the experience and the design Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale of the user of the book ten years ago, he got ten years, finally finished. In the preface in the sense of participation, Lei Jun apparently on this old men, for their own good students full of praise of love. 4 years ago, because of Lei Jun drive a duck onto a perch, Li Wanqiang with their own product manager of the deep foundation and perseverance, simply open up a new way of marketing different from other enterprises, and has been verified as a new industry benchmark market. is not just parents Lei Jun millet, renowned director Yang Lan, Li Jing, Liu Chuanzhi, Cai Wensheng, famous entrepreneurs have recommended the book. Even once and millet some holiday Qihoo 360 chairman also generous in their praise, depart from one’s normal behavior recommended the book says, 360 colleagues, especially the product manager and marketing public relations staff have a look, to all can Glow in the Dark Jordan Men learn is worth learning to learn in order to keep pace with the times progress. Zhou Hongyi said, Li Wanqiang can change the marketing experience to share out really terrific, made me sit up and Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale take notice, in this rapidly changing era, everyone can O U T, the only vent down yourself to learn new ways of doing things. The original market public relations ploy really hard. according to the Nandu reporter understanding, will launch a sense of participation in Li Wanqiang learned before, the publishing industry set off a round of copyright for the battle of the peak, publishing agencies on the market almost a little fame are joined in. Finally by read the guest book together CITIC press copyright. to Nandu press date, the sense of participation ranked Jingdong hot selling books, ranking third; dangdang Jordan Nubuck Men new superheroes list second overall; Amazon sales charts hourly updates sixth.

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8 month 26 Nike Air Max Womens days, 2014 big screen Chinese Conference opened in Beijing. The theme of the conference is to create unlimited opportunities to create the economic engine of new era the Air Jordan Shoes Womens theme Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of the conference, mobile Internet, the Internet financial, wearable devices, intelligent TV, intelligent traffic, large data, electronic commerce, amp; more than 20 forum O2O turns staged, covering the report government policy interpretation, industry authority issued, highend the small and mediumsized enterprise leadership dialogue, actual combat experience sharing, analyzes many venture capital wind plate. the following is Netcom financial cofounder, COO Wang Chao accepts Ereli Network Interview: anchor: Wang Jordan Nubuck Men total, hello. Would you please introduce Netcom financial situation. Wang Chao: financial institutions most members of Netcom financial founding team comes from the traditional, such as Morgan Stanley, Merlin and other international wellknown investment bank, Ping An Bank, Ping An Trust and other major domestic institutions. The company’s development team members also come from Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale the domestic top, line of Internet Co. Netcom financial in December last year, up to now has reached the size of transactionsMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Orange Blue Black 1300000000 yuan. At the beginning of this year, Netcom financial got from IDG for $10 million level wind. The main business of Netcom finance is to provide private banking services to users on the internet. We hope to be able to on the Internet, to every Internet users in one on one, VIP customization service. At the same time, Netcom financial will cable under the sales team, the combination Kobe Bryant Shoes of the online line way, want full coverage to the students, whitecollar workers and more highend rich user. currently, Netcom financial set up branches in seven city national. Generally speaking, the development trend of the company is very good. anchor: you also mentioned the Internet private banking model, then, do you think, compared with the traditional financial institutions, what is Netcom financial advantage? Wang Chao: first, the realization of private banking services through the Internet, can greatly reduce the cost of sales under the line, so that each people enjoy oneonone service. Netcom financial services via the Internet means to achieve, but also reduce the user in the account, investment and operating costs. Netcom financial is to promote the concept Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale of onestop investment, we will give the user a complete investment program. For Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale example, according to the user’s income, expenditure, risk bearing capacity factors, provide financial portfolio solution for them, help them complete the intelligence, convenience, the risk of security investment. second, compared with the traditional financial institutions, the Internet financial products investment threshold is lower, as long as 100 yuan of money, you can invest in Netcom financial platform. In this way, more people can participate in the financial investment field. Netcom financial for us to provide good financial opportunities. anchor: we understand that, now the BAT giants have also started to aim at the Blake Griffin Shoes Internet financial market, it will on the net

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December 6th news, Internet business transformation in the base finally clear. China Mobile president yesterday in an interview with Sohu IT said, China Mobile will according to the different situation to build specialized companies own, not all put in a basket. China Company will Glow in the Dark Jordan Men be formally established in the next year, the other base business will according to the different situation to merge or separate establishment, not to consider the stock diversification problems. will launch the own brand for China Mobile, Li Yue explanation says, China Mobile next year in addition to launch its own brand of intelligent mobile phone, will own brand Pad terminal products, and even some parts will be listed Jordan Nubuck Men for sale. Li Yue also said, China Mobile is planning a brand new terminal, will be launched next together. China Mobile base business fully professional company in transition section will be combined with the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale China Mobile was a pioneer of the base business, in the face of the Internet enterprise to the traditional telecom operators business impact, China Mobile successively in the layout of the national nine Internet business base Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale is located in Sichuan areMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Yellow Black Grey: mobile phone music Nike Air Max Womens base, located in Shanghai’s mobile phone video base, located in the location service base located in Hunan, Liaoning, Blake Griffin Shoes located in the base Guangdong Internet base, located in Hangzhou’s mobile phone reading base, and 12580 base complex in Jiangsu, Fujian based mobile phone animation base, located in the Chongqing base of the Internet of things. With the advantage of polymerization China Mobile base business formation, especially the case effect brought about by the rapid development of mobile phone music base. China Telecom and Chinese followed suit in the nationwide distribution of varying amounts of Internet business base. But in recent years, with the rapid growth of base operations at the same time also gradually exposed some drawbacks such as bag, the examination and approval of the over concentration of power, excessive dependence on KPI assessment caused false growth, and between the group and the provincial company management problems. from the beginning of the end of 2011, the rapid development of the domestic intelligent Air Jordan Shoes Womens terminal and the rapid popularization of mobile Internet industry rapidly changing domestic industry status, it will further the three most operators tepid base business to the awkward position. in the face of development China Kobe Bryant Shoes Telecom first started in the base of business transformation, at present its Tianyi video, love games, Tianyi reading business have been declared Independent Company operation. General manager of China Unicom Chinese product innovation department Li Hongwu accept Sohu IT interview last week said open and transformation will accelerate base business. China Mobile also from Li Yue as president, on the one hand, adjust the traditional base of business, on the other hand, accelerate the establishment of a Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale professional company. In November last year, China Company was founded in Beijing, since then China Mobile has set up a financial company, international companies, government and enterprise company, this is seen as a China Mobile to the mode change of vertical management professional in the industry. for China Mobile base business the next step adjustment, before the industry reports,

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After starts reached a preliminary cooperation within a year from August last year, carry Cheng, go where the relationship between two online travel market value of the top two companies are rapidly deteriorating, between the two is a new shopping has been difficult to avoid, and joint the online travel industry usher in a new round of reshuffle. 9 month 9 days, Nike Air Max Women Ctrip announced the hotel’s products from where to search platform frame, and accused where registered by the vest agents Lebron James Shoes on their own direct hotel to give support, and violate the fair competition; yesterday, where officials issued a message, said that because of and to what preferential activity encounter Ctrip boycott Ningbo City, CITIC International, Jin Yuan and other 16 century hotel, five Stars Hotel announced will be unified under the frame from Ctrip, Ctrip and hotel signed between the implied terms of overlord. where ed unnamed hotel owners words said, the hotel in the signed cooperation terms and Ctrip, if the third party platform and other promotions, Ctrip will stop interfering and asked for the same Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale price. drama soon appeared reversal. Where to say, Ctrip official yesterdayMens Nike Air Presto High Top Black Deep Blue evening to Tencent technology denies, said involved can be normal in Ctrip hotel reservation website, does not exist the hotel has terminated and Ctrip cooperation, Jin Yuanda Ningbo and Gulf of Hangzhou century hotel also through the official microblog issued a statement saying, never ceased to cooperate with what carry Cheng, both sides have maintained the friendly and cooperative relations. why create so embarrassing Oolong events? A where insiders explain to Tencent technology, is because after issued under the frame of the emergency public relations news, Ctrip hotel, attitude of swing, the person also sent screenshots, said Nike Max 90 Current Moire the hotel yesterday in Ctrip does show could not subscribe. is currently unknown more truth, but behind the show where and when Ctrip in hotel reservation conflicts intensified, more and more Tradition Hotel operator will also be faced with the problem in Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale line selection. each other Nike Flex Experience RN coveted highend and low end hotel market where to cut into the hotel direct marketing and online book market and carry Cheng art dragon head on, there are two inevitable reasons, on the one hand is the need of development of mobile terminal business change business Glow in the Dark Jordan Men models, a comparing airline tickets and vacation product, hotel online booking is still the most profitable areas, where the need to add more revenue and profit to reverse the situation, a huge loss. for where to go, and Ctrip’s competition in the future more lies in the mobile terminal, and mobile terminal is not suitable for traditional PC page Jump mode, so where to have to pay Nike Free Run 3 more attention to the development of TTS platform, where wireless general manager Chen Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale Zhenyu revealed to the Tencent technology, wireless terminal business model started all TTS services, through the to complete the transaction where the docking system. where the 2013 April launch of the SaaS TTS system and increase the hotel direct marketing business investment, encountered such as art dragon hotel products under the frame of OTA, where to go to net C

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has reported that, in July this year after the Baidu and share communication signed a strategic cooperation agreement, share communication has just launched from the content, products have Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Baidu exclusive characteristics of the card number, Baidu Nike Flex Experience RN shares share communication is almost ripe. So, Baidu also rely on shared communication curve obtained from the virtual operators license, this also let BAT three Internet giant once again launched a direct competitor in communication operation on. now for Internet Co, virtual operator’s license is not have no problem, but there is no problem, who can not predict the future, this license will play what role in the critical moment. By contrast, licence or operations required capital becomes be of little baggage, in Alibaba NETs and Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale Jingdong Nike Max 90 Current Moire acquired the license, in the face of the fact it is the second largest operators of implicit operators Tencent, Baidu borrow points hearten letter directly enter the communication operation, obviously very worthwhile. share communication after, get virtual operators license action constantly, strengthen the influence by the music festival, also issued a very characteristic meal card, but the market is still very hard to make it clear how the effect. HowMens Nike Air Presto High Top Navy Blue Blackever, in the face of the dozens of operators only released 200000 card background, share communication obviously need strong allies even background support, and Baidu obviously Nike Air Max Women is a good choice. The main customers of share communication focused enterprise customer fields, and for many years as China Mobile operation letter network platform, communication operation experience, but in the face of powerful Internet channels but ambition. Baidu has considerable development ability in the enterprise market, has a lot of pushing the team, years of advertising marketing Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale make it with the country tens of millions Lebron James Shoes of enterprises to establish a longterm cooperative relationship, sharing large ascending future communication will help Baidu strength to achieve the channel energy. shares the main user communication is now focused entrepreneurs, these members and clients and Baidu target customers also have a considerable degree of overlap, which can reach the depth of cooperation in the development of the future value of enterprise and customer relationship management, the development of the virtual operator user will be more sticky. Baidu is the most important on the Internet advertising channels, the one and only Post Bar ability, and is also the leading domestic communities, a large number of active users and powerful information dissemination capability will help share the communication of brand communication and expand the user base, which will Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale also allow sharing communication become true with all customers the ability of virtual operators. China Mobile just and Sina microblog reached flow centralized payment protocol, flow CO operators and Internet Co to a new stage, the future, with the aid of virtual operator’s license, Alibaba certainly will of its own business and communication number of integration and innovation of new mode, and Tencent also may use Jingdong licence and breakthrough in flow, all these will not only attract users, will be the formation of new competitive power. After the Baidu and Nike Free Run 3 share communication cooperation, can be prepared, and corresponding exploration, in terms of operators and Internet businesses into

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people can not only rely on to eat and drink Lazard alive, need higher emotional activities, such as tolerance, cooperation, love, Haitian feast and so on, but all of these need material support, love enough drinking water, that only those who earn less than the money scholar, just where self deceit deceive. Similarly, the Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale enterprise brand, culture, caring staff, social responsibility and other advanced emotion, also need profit to support, not to earn money, everything is not true. Apple when falling in the economic information daily, I hadn’t heard that Jobs was come out, say what change the world? Even if said, I’m afraid no Nike Flex Experience RN one will be printed in the newspaper. now, the most aesthetic equipment should be intelligent mobile phone, it makes a large number of people, also destroyed a large number of people are talking about in the media, every equipment, mobile phone is more profitable equipment, more specifically, Apple Corp iPhone5s very make money, it is not only a global mobile Internet fabric series, also for jobs changed the world, more important is, iPhone products contributed 60% of Apple’s earnings, when the peak, Cook hard pull SCM to every detMens Nike Air Presto High Top Brown Whiteail, has seized the entire industry 72% of the profits, but it is a let Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale Chinese manufacturers the most jealous. In a word, if not the fine brick, apple is perhaps only a small non mainstream company, every day study iMac how Glow in the Dark Jordan Men do a little smaller, then, sold to non mainstream geeks. As for the Samsung Galaxy series, although no apple so abnormal, but earn money also enough of Li Jianxi’s children spend on 2000, in addition, the domestic manufacturers of millet, it is said that a year for the Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale state to pay 1900000000 yuan tax, if brag also pay taxes, they estimate to get more; quasi domestic manufacturer HTC, is only in the Samsung, Apple II, earn 1% profit makers, and more fancy, they finished the transformation from the factory to the brand’s generation, by contrast, Foxconn still bother to maintain 2% OEM profits. fact, the equipment can swept the world, will certainly be able to make money and equipment, but also must be those that can profoundly Nike Free Run 3 change human life equipment, health, medical, emotional. As long as the equipment to do good, people will not stingy purses, and even more, scramble for. 3D printer, printing presses 3D in a large number of future equipment concept, 3D printing is playing, being related field stir fried dishes, some support, some people questioned, some people Lebron James Shoes invested a huge sum of money, also some people sniff Nike Air Max Women at, two people the most typical example is Hongkong’s richest man Li Jiacheng and the former Taiwan’s richest man Terry Gou. Hongkong people think 3D print and broad prospects, and has invested a huge sum of money in support of a American Venture Company, ready to open a pork shop; and the people of Taiwan to 3D print sniff at, he is convinced that the 3D print is bullshit, threatening 3D print if the mass market, he put the Guo word write upside down. The two men have enough fans, coincidentally, the writer is president Guo fan, he had Nike Max 90 Current Moire courage, full of personality, clank,

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good fate again towards the crossroads. Multiple sources to Tencent technology said, good working Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale with local listed marketing Service Corporation Huayijiaxin acquisition of negotiations, or is close to a deal. informed sources said, good ye not sold as a whole, but will spin off of its Nike Air Max Mens business: positive and Huayijiaxin negotiate the sale is good business, namely the integration marketing division, the good product department, also is the effect Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice marketing division, will be on the table still can make nothing of Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale it. good sale behind conceal large shareholder cash impulse. At present, Allyes shareholders is America investment institutions run investment group Silver Lake, the company in 2010 from the good control of Party Focus Media hand wheel, a good control. insider pointed out, good and Huayijiaxin approached two months ago has begun. The current domestic Internet industry Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale mergers and acquisitions of unpopular, the other is the price is very high, saying the good sell can sell a good price. Tencent technology related to verification. Good Lord chairman, Silver Lake IMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Grey Bluenvestment Director General Manager Chen Xun said no Air Jordan Shoes Mens comment before the announcement of the good Lord, CEO said, good and other agencies have been approached, investors have any choice, also need to return on investment. : another protagonist Huayijiaxin over the past few years in the Blake Griffin Shoes acquisition of field hand rarely. In November 25th last year, the company with a major reorganization of assets and suspended, after several times a deferred stock to resume trading notice. Analytic personage points out, this shows the negotiations could not Everything is going smoothly. good destiny: the repeated impact IPO failure Allyes is China Internet industry veteran, established in 1998, has repeatedly come to market window, but all fail on the verge of success. Concomitantly, good management and controlling shareholder between many contradictions, resulting in weak, good scale development limited. as early as 2008, the once secret submit Allyes listing application, but due to the outbreak of the Wall Street Nike Air Foamposite Women financial crisis, Allyes listing dream die again. Since then, with the shares, plus the interior modulation is blocked, the loss of a large number of good highlevel core members. , 2009, Allyes cofounder, President turnover, its competition with good marketing solutions provider Jusheng Wanhe MediaV. After the departure of Yang Jiongwei, general manager of Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places good region have followed. before the acquisition, OK also tried separately listed. Yang Jiongwei once said, the 2007 good or listed, or sell. I advocate sell, so you can breathe. The final good is Nike Air Force Ones the acquisition of the limelight strong. but good is the acquisition, sign found on the management of VAM, stable good performance, can’t risk. The company to ensure that the interests of shareholders often have no innovation. The sprint IP for good

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Jingdong rely on more than 35000 distribution and warehousing personnel, in covering a second city, is deeply Chinese township. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale from Chengdu Nike Air Max Mens North Blake Griffin Shoes 70 kilometers Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale is the Chinese town of Shifang City, where many of the roadside wall, can see the white paint with the brush of a enrich one’s family by working, thrifty by Jingdong slogan, the slogan JD. COM with Jingdong. By the end of 2013, Jingdong founder after study in the first half of American first appeared in the media will meet in the future and announced Jingdong five strategy, the channel sink strategy then surfaced. as of March 31st, Jingdong self built logistics has covered 495 city nationwide, Chinese city accounted for nearly 75% the number of hundreds of millions of farmers, based on the needs of the logistics system, Jingdong is quietly to the 36 line urban cover. Jingdong insiders think, Jingdong channel sink is not only for rural consumers to enjoy and not the same experience, but also the use of its own rapid channel, the good products to the city, to achieve mutual benefit. villagers hooked on shopping Jingdong spent nearly 10000 yuan to buy all electric At the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice foot of Mount Emei Sichuan Huang Wan Xiang, Chengdu City, the distance is 169 kilometers, past the villMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Grey Yellow Blue Redage people to buy what everyone’s electricity, or fashionable clothes, go to Leshan, if it is to buy the latest digital appliance, tend to Chengdu run back and forth, time consuming and expensive. since June this year, the villagers have been seen wearing red uniforms, riding Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale a tricycle car battery Jingdong courier, like ants, the bags into the village to send, including large household appliances TV washing machine etc Nike Air Force Ones One of the customers of villager Zhang Lidong is shopping in the Jingdong on fresh. and Zhang Lidong said, his home of 55 Nike Air Foamposite Women inch TV, microwave oven, induction cooker is in Jingdong bought, spent nearly a million yuan, count down than in Chengdu to buy many cheap. Chinese Information Center released data show, as of December last year, city Internet penetration rate exceeds six, while in rural Air Jordan Shoes Mens areas is only 27.6%. but, released by the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2013, urban residents per capita disposable income growth of 9.7%, rural per capita net income growth of 12.4% over the previous year, faster than in the cities. In 2013 Chinese County electronic commerce development report shows, online shopping consumption of our county market growth rate higher than the 13.6% City, become the new point of growth of online shopping consumer. Zhang Lidong in Chengdu City, when Jingdong distribution member, active back to Huang Wan Xiang, due to start in June Jingdong XianFeng Railway Station planning: Jingdong nearly twenty thousand distribution member may apply for registration, and return home to open the site. The site is often the local average order quantity 2040 single, usually only a stable daily orders in 50 over Jingdong can send the station. Jingdong Emei distribution station Li Hailong told reporters, Jingdong Emei distribution station covering the perimeter of the victory of the town, Huang Wan Xiang, Eshan Town, Fu Xi Zhen, the most far send

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listed banks during the first half of the average earn 3784000000 yuan; affected, big bank profit growth, lead first half of the year, 16 banks to achieve net profit amounted to 684900000000 yuan, far exceeding the published results of more than 2000 non financial listing Corporation net profit of $3784000000, the daily average of 16 banks, still maintain a high profit earning large quantities of gold each day situation. on the industry, in the influence of the Internet finance, it Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale is Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice still Nike Air Force Ones in the leading position, but the pace has slowed, peace is at full speed ahead, some away Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale from the Internet enterprise, is gradually showing weakness. leader in the industrial and Commercial Bank of big Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale brother to take the lead in electric dreams ICBC to establish a new EICBC. ICBC chairman Jiang Jianqing described the blueprint in August 28th interim results conference. in Jiang Jianqing’s plan, the Internet now popular game he would play. One is the construction of electric business platform, direct bank platform and instant cMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Red Black Silverommunication platform; two is the establishment of Internet payment, financing, investment and Air Jordan Shoes Mens financing system based on three products; at the same time, constructing the line, line integrated financial system, the production line and line of consumer together. In addition, the application also strengthen, is mainly used for financing and payment tool. These products will be in this year introduced. large flow into bank advantage as the domestic banking industry leader, is also the world’s most profitable bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the first half of this year a smooth performance. To achieve a net profit of 148100000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 7.05%. 2014 year in January 12th, ICBC B2C electric business platform into the E purchase on the line, half the time the platform of the total transaction volume of Nike Air Foamposite Women 15500000000 yuan, the average daily transaction volume exceeded 70000000 yuan. Jiang Jianqing to the expressed satisfaction with the results: financial e purchased during the first half of this year the good performance, develop even faster than the same level of some wellknown business. This year is expected to trade the forehead breaks through 30000000000 yuan is no problem. If you reach 30000000000, has entered the ranks of ten major business. A was looking for ICBC cooperation vertical portal to Blake Griffin Shoes describe such a story told reporters: to talk about cooperation with ICBC, the bank asked: why should I tell you? Answer: we have traffic advantage, now browses a quantity to already have times; times;. ICBC said: we do own traffic already older than you. this is the ICBC bank business natural advantage. As Nike Air Max Mens of June this year, ICBC ebank customers customers were 180000000, 135000000, accounting for 82.3% of the entire industry of electronic banking number. an industry source said, the bank system electric volume larger banks more advantages. Banking system electric with

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held in December 5th Worldwide Developers Air Jordan Shoes Womens Conference, activities moderator statement without prior communication situation, asked a series of two questions to the president of China Mobile: if the hand movement will be how? When the upcoming 4G era, China Mobile Is it right? To make own brand mobile phone? is beyond all expectations, Li Yue did not answer the apple and Nike Air Max Womens China Mobile Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale cooperation in this hot topic, but the answer Glow in the Dark Jordan Men second, the answer is beyond all expectations: must do. China Mobile’s own brand mobile phone longstanding dream. China Mobile had once and for Borqs cooperation to develop mobile phone operating system OMS, and several mobile phone manufacturers jointly launched the OPhone mobile phone. But because the OMS operating system experience poor, high power consumption and other reasons, OPhone mobile phone gradually subsided, the OMS project is basically abandoned by China Mobile. today, China Mobile highprofile claim to do their Blake Griffin Shoes own brand mobile phone, means that the market once again become showstoppers: China Mobile user and channel is its greatest advantage. Communication analyst Ma Jihua pointed out that to science and tMens Nike Air Max 89 Black Navy Blueechnology, China Mobile’s own mobile phone to change the mode of OPhone, at the appropriate time with 4G network launch, three operators are expected to adopt a similar strategy. however, China Mobile does not disclose Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale its own mobile phone publishing schedule. Ma Jihua expresses, China Mobile may also waiting time, if the timing is not right, should not blindly launched. Why would to do its own brand mobile phone? Li Yue to retailer Gome and WALMART as an example to explain the move from a brand motivation: Gome also Gome brand products selling in others home appliance products at the same time, WALMART was selling others products at the same time, Jordan Nubuck Men WALMART products may account for about 25% of sales resources, so China Mobile must do terminal and accessories China Mobile’s own brand. Most of the operators in many areas of North America, Europe and Asia such as Wo Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale Dafeng, Orange, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI etc. has launched its own brand of mobile phone. Chinese operators is the operation mode of double brand, in the custom mobile phone operators, appear at the same time, operation business and mobile phone manufacturer LOGO, it is not the real meaning of own brand mobile phone. Kobe Bryant Shoes Li Yue at this point in time, put forward to do its own brand mobile phone, is clearly in the competition, the urgent need for promoting service account. Analysis of industry, mobile phone terminal is the most close to the consumer segment in industry chain, if operators do own brand mobile phone, can obviously strengthen their own brands, to promote business. In a and 4G is alternant, operators to launch its own brand mobile phone, can make the industrial chain flattening, increase control operators on the industry chain. foreign operators to have rich operation experience of own brand mobile phone. Before and after 2005, ZTE, Huawei terminal expansion of the sea