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in Millet deep privacy door, encountered Huawei glory 4G version sniper again, Huawei glory 11 days suddenly announced that the 3C 4G version to glory, price from 998 yuan to 799 yuan, and will go on sale in August 12th direct spot. Overnight break red rice Note 4G version of the new price announced 999 yuan in a few days ago, a cheap 200 yuan, apparently in 1000 yuan within range, 4G large screen, 5 inches and above the main decisive battle this interval, Huawei glory accounted for the initiative, be a stroke above, efforts to zero profit impact of the existing mobile phone mobile phone ecosystem, intent on fundamental subversion of millet fans economy mode. Huawei glory in August 12th direct sale spot. Obviously, Huawei spot sales to suppress Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale millet hunger Jordan Nubuck Men marketing, China intelligent mobile phone industry development today, the socalled Internet marketing is no longer a millet solo. Millet advantage lost. The intention of Huawei glory obviously, with 0 profit to the impact of red rice Note 4G edition 999 yuan new price, in the whole of Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale red rice Note 4G than the more aggressive: Huawei kylin’s new chip, A9 architecture, Blake Griffin Shoes run to score more than 22000, 5 inch Mens Nike Air Max 89 Brown PinkLTPS display technique of Gao Qingping, 36 hours of 4G high performance range of signal beyond the general brand mobile phone, 1 times the reception ability, and high quality work, whether it is the comprehensive performance of prices or the mobile phone itself, note 4G have advantages compared with red rice. And Huawei glory will release a 599 yuan glory 3C playing version, configuration is also just released red 4G quite, and the price is lower than 100 yuan. I have Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale in the millet type hunger marketing into the mainstream is social retrogression criticism of millet hunger over marketing, greatly increased the costs to consumers, causing great waste of social resources, repeated hunger marketing after, improper control, the interests of consumers seriously damaged. Nike Air Max Womens Millet in Taiwan because of false propaganda was fined 600000 yuan NT, which gave a headon blow millet mode. Consumers become more calm, a lot of Rice Air Jordan Shoes Womens noodles no longer have a fever, under the Huawei glory, glory of 6 3C and a hammer impact of millet Kobe Bryant Shoes mobile phone, the highest price in 3, millet, millet, 4 Note 4G, red rice, red rice 4G, far did not achieve the expected effect of fans, spit and complaining more and more. Especially in the recent time millet called a piece of steel plate Art Tour is a failure case, netizens soon had the true face of Austenitic 304 steel plate, the cost is only slightly higher than ordinary scrap iron, easy to be designated. A lot of people spit tank was More people think that be millet fooled, the socalled a piece of steel plate Art Tour only millet hunger marketing of a self expanding economic behavior, just use the asymmetric information about the consumer huyou. Plus for the core, door door explosion door, privacy, delivery door, let Rice noodles broken heart. millet from death and how far? Only a model to make the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men world will suffer, if an enterprise artificially excessive manufacturing market hunger, so as to improve the product price, and the use of information asymmetries advantage, to deceive consumers, or

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a month ago, just follow the national chairman Ma Yun, Xi Jinping visit to South Korea yesterday, even went to the Chong Wa Dae Office of the president with the female President Park blending 1 hours. This is his third time half a year to travel to South korea. although Ma Yun tall, direct access to a rapid development of the East Asian countries meet female president, is worth pondering the matter, more practical significance than the time Robin Li was the president of the Brazil conference, Xi Jinping platform. what do you think, female president Ma has good blending with what? First of all, to see this message, my intuition is, must be the Korean SMEs and Ali platform collaboration. some time ago, in a China and South Korea: affectionate behind steering or East Asia IT industry in this article, I have made the following prediction: inside this revealed such a kind of industry opportunity: the future, South Korean small and medium enterprises will into an Internet of Chinese South Korean small and medium enterprises will be more relying on a variety Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of pipeline, China channel strength, expand the network, to shape the brand, so as to give the platform of the China mainland enterprises, especially with the entity fusion is the Internet enterprise with great opportunity. Of course you can think of the telecoMens Nike Air Max 89 White Pinkmmunication operators, who have Alibaba, landing the logistics service Haier are. you see, the core content of Ma and Ms Park blending, it is to strengthen allround cooperation between China and South Korea in the electric fields, and discussed the rookie logistics of Ali’s landing South Korea issues. Kobe Bryant Shoes I can judge to this Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale scene, not I am big fairy, I just conclusion based on regional economy and common sense. so, why so short time, between Chinese Internet giant Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale and the South Korean government began blending? In my opinion, the urgency which is the South Korean government political and economic situation, the urgent need to strengthen international also Ali layout intention, the two sides fit in easily with. I first talk about the political and economic situation in South Korea urgency. This is the park came to power after a year and a half time. You should know, female president push the high price, came to power on the launch of this policy: 1, a push for a period of 3 years of economic reform policies, referred to as 474: the next 3 years, the economic Air Jordan Shoes Womens growth of 4% a year, the employment rate Jordan Nubuck Men of 70%, the national average income of $40000. 2, the pursuit of economic democracy. Blake Griffin Shoes Female president swear, to change the construction of big business in the trade liberalism, to the pursuit of national happiness, promote the development of small and mediumsized enterprises. the past year and a half, effect is unknown, female president with high pressure. She was born in a conservative, may not be straightforward to Samsung knife. South Korea economic data have a look. In May 1, two months, export the overall Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale negative growth; from 5 to July, the continuous decline in exports in March, for China. For South America, ASEAN, American, although Oceania has increased, but to understand, absorb more than China exports to South Korea Nike Air Max Womens 40%, weight is not the same ah. In this situation, even if other intensive regional export, shortterm to reverse the passive almost impossible. A woman president or must return to the grafting China market logic. When Samsung and other big chaebol into

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recently each big electric business platform have simple Jingdong cooperation and bazaar, Amazon do fashion, even dangdang and the only product will have to play the concept of fashion. Among them, Tmall announced after the fashion line in April and last week announced the specific fashion strategy: to provide brand fashion solutions for businesses. electric fashion line, one can quickly grasp the young shoppers Nike Air Foamposite Women heart, which is also an urgent need to upgrade the brand on the other hand, electric. For businesses especially clothing brand, B2C play the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Weihuo role, iron brother recent contact with clothing industry enterprises, have chosen to vipshop to clean Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale out of season clothing. Once the Weihuo image is fixed, the electric business platform almost difficult to breakthrough, therefore, before the image is not completely cured, have chosen to fashion concept of packaging reverse image. to be honest, it seems fashionable concept many electric business platform, iron brother really disappointed. Especially Jingdong, toss about for so long, just working with fashion magazines, fashion endorsement by bazaar, be called trend to guide the work, Jingdong also Nike Air Max Mens said to mining user preferences with large data. But the iron brother still pessimistic, Jingdong do comprehensive Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale electric time is short, most of the current turnover is stiMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Light Blue Blackll 3C class activities, in the clothing and fashion class user data base is too small, how can the depth of mining user data analysis? In other words, the shopping data Jingdong almost belong to invalid data in the fashion category, it is difficult to use large data real. And so unable to hold oneself back into fashion concept, more want to strengthen Jingdong comprehensive electric business platform for fashion brand, to bring the number of actual sales, believe Jingdong Blake Griffin Shoes also Air Jordan Shoes Mens won’t have too high expectations. and then compare the Dangdang, Amazon and the only product, the platform market share is relatively low, the basic means in fashion class sellers have no bargaining power. While the fashion brand positioning is not easily put tall new burst to the common platform, the three home fashion basic completely is the concept of market selling, iron brother won’t have too high expectations on their. compared with the above business platform, fashion line iron brother is still relatively optimistic about the Tmall. After many years of operation, Tmall and large businesses have already established stable relations, and huge user amount and high growth also makes some policy Nike Air Force Ones Tmall in service businesses can quickly implement. For the clothing field as an example, the second quarter of this year Tmall market share of 74.3%, and Jingdong only 5.2%, can immediately see the benefit from the user scale. But the Ali Department years large data base as well as the opinion leaders microblog access Sina and YOKA fashion network cooperation, both schemes provide support for the Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale final solution to the realization of fashion, the future users of C2B custom fashion products gain a possible. business platform for fashion is the undisputed good, on their own to the user is good news. However, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electric business platform of the fashion line is still in the dream stage, the short term do not have too many substantial changes. In essence, some business platform for fashion conference is

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according to the latest data of network video market monitoring system introduced in the iResearch display, 213 December drama hit list, love idol play a majority of seats, focusing the older Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale youth marriage topic let’s get married ranked list. The movies, Chinese and foreign suspense action for this month on demand hot, Di Renjie god dragon dial on top. Variety, December father ending soon, show climax. China’s Got Talent, China Air Jordan Shoes Mens dream show and other new launch variety Blake Griffin Shoes refresh the viewers eye. 2013 December, online video including TV dramas, movies, TV covering more than 400000000, a growth of 0.8% in November from the Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale previous month, up 3.2% from a year earlier, in a stable development trend. At the end of this month, nearly, television drama VOD number than last month fell, user passion for cinema slightly long. Network television series on demand still remain high, coverage Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice reached number 340000000. Film and television variety respectively 220000000 and 250000000 user attention. 12 TV drama, focusing the older youth marriage topic let’s get married top of the list, order number exceeds 100000000. Create a million years to repair the Lu Licheng good man image of the most beautiful time capture a large number of schoolMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Black Grey Purpleage female audience’s heart, by seventh last month to second. The version of eight Denon launched immediately crazy about playing Duan Yu South Korean actor Jin Qifan let a person feel be rather baffling, Mrs Ma liquid peak too realistic The netizen expresses, this is not a martial arts film, this is a thunder rolling myth and fantasy! But it still can not stop the web on demand, rank this month third. Korean drama heirs heat is not decreased, this month a little lower, ranking fourth. Anhui, Shenzhen, Hebei three TV and broadcast brought high concern the beauty in the network platform, rank this month fifth. movie list, the scene can be comparable to Hollywood blockbusters domestic film, continuous costume action movie reputation of the God of Di Renjie are the Dragon King this month won laurels, harvest more than 10000000 viewers on demand. USA suspense fiction in recent months, cinemas Jing evil bandit harvest good box office, in the network video media equally gratifying results, rank this month second. Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee starred in the comedy love comedy night repeatedly on the list, this month into the former five. Through the network to screening of the film love, night Green Tea sister 2, obtained good communication, attracted a certain user group, this month a total of 4 of the list. variety, Daddy where to go to this month Nike Air Force Ones on demand more than 120000000, and last month basic fairness. Dad December ending soon climax, the audience to its ondemand enthusiasm more than popular television dramas and variety shows. The top five Nike Air Foamposite Women and last month without big fluctuation. The little swallow Zhao Wei and five the elder brother Alec Su this old classic screen couple after 12 Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale years in the China’s Got Nike Air Max Mens Talent season fifth stage reunion sparked great expectation, network platform on demand score to rank the sixth this month. Zhejiang.

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Qihoo 360 birth, ended the antivirus paid for decades of history, also confirmed that the free antivirus software is a healthy business model. The birth of this business model, fully proved in the Internet, fully capture consumer demand and usage is crucial for enterprises. the mobile Internet era, how to make use of free play more innovation is one of the many companies have been struggling to find the problem. In the just concluded meeting on Internet, give 100 plus mobile phone Baidu’s surprise us, 100 plus mobile phone Chairman Xu Guoxiang said, free intelligent mobile phone will become a new business model. and free antivirus software, intelligent mobile phone and mobile Nike Air Foamposite Women phone 100 free mode chairman Xu Guoxiang put forward, and its essence is to rely on software hardware cost profit income. In the fierce competition in the mobile Internet market, free smart mobile phone once listed, one can imagine. However, also the personage inside course of study thinks, free intelligent mobile phone is a false proposition, is a marketing gimmick. in fact, under many brand battle, intelligent mobile Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Canada Online Sale phone prices have dropped to the freeziMens Nike Air Max 95 360 Black Greyng point. In a variety of customized mobile phone China Mobile, ZTE, a dual card dual standby 3G intelligent mobile phone price less than 300 yuan. According to the user for a year and a half or two years to replace the mobile phone frequency to calculate the average monthly cost Nike Air Max Mens of Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Canada Online Sale hardware, but more than ten dollars. In the BAT three big giants, each user monthly income is much higher than the more than ten dollars, intelligent mobile phone free conditions have been met. however, everything is ready except one crucial element. Although the conditions have been met, to get along well with free smart mobile phone this business mode, must meet three conditions: one is the giant user dimensions; two is the mature software profit closed loop supply Air Jordan Shoes Mens chain system; three is the excellent hardware. intelligent mobile phone released in September season, we see such a signal, cola, Meizu posted these Internet label intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone system is equipped with a YunOS ali. The meaning behind it, really make people trying. Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice YunOS system implantation with ALI, Ali the huge business empire, mobile phone OS profit has been clearly presented based on. in Ali before the layout, and Ali in the BAT giant camp Baidu, also completed the first layout. The injection of 100 plus mobile phone, mobile phone Baidu cloud ROM also vigorously courting partners. And Ali Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Canada Online Sale is different, Baidu mobile phone cloud ROM support push brush, brush machine greatly reduces the threshold. however, the ultimate goal of Ali and Baidu, not play free Nike Air Force Ones intelligent mobile phone, but with partners to build a business loop based on mobile phone software. You can really get along well with free smart mobile phone, or a hundred plus, Meizu these traditional intelligent mobile phone manufacturers. The future, who Blake Griffin Shoes can in the time, building a viable business model free intelligent mobile phone, who will be the biggest beneficiaries. the

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telecom operators have a massive data. The data relates to the basic information, customer calling behavior, Internet behavior, data service, intelligent terminal, access, location etc These massive data analysis, customer characteristics and demand reduction, fine marketing to guide the work of operators with large data, this is a wonderful idea. Typical case: through the analysis of the data found that customer over the past month fixed call to Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale a different network telecommunications or mobile phone number, and the China Mobile mobile phone Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale has very few calling records, it can be concluded that the customer to turn net; through the analysis of the data found that the two customer call is very frequent, it can give the two referrals Nike Flex Experience RN family networks two human cornet call business monthly; the large flow of data, the high cost of not for packages of the customers find out to recommend appropriate traffic packages Operators fine marketing looks very beautiful, in the concrete implementation has the following problem: , a marketing plan can not character design analysis of big data found a customer churn and call a strong correlation between behavior, found from the net the tendency of the customer, what next? According to Victor? Maier Schoen Berg in the age of biMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Lihgt Grey Yellowg data one book point of view: the age of big data we should pay more attention to relationship rather than a causal relationship. So, we should ban the customer call transfer behavior, so at least increases the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men customer to the network’s only increased difficulty to difficulty, it can not prevent the customer transfer network; moreover, this is an unfair Nike Free Run 3 means of Lebron James Shoes competition. operators in the usual practice is to love, cry baby milk to eat, for this part of the customer from the network tendency of specially designed a high preferential marketing plan, calls to send, send mobile phone. This method can be a part of customer retention on the Internet, but not to the off grid all target customers. Because of the large data did not tell the operator the customers to buy Nike Max 90 Current Moire different network communication service, ready to leave the net reason is what. Possible reasons: the Nike Air Max Women original operators network covering is Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale not in place, the flawed services, providing the selected terminal he didn’t like, marketing programs more preferential competitors better network,, or is to help complete the task in the operators work friends, etc Is not a marketing scheme can solve all the problems, keep away from the net all target customers. The operator using a large data to find out some kind of customer, the customer segmentation, but this is only a certain degree of subdivision. No specific condition, two customer demand is the same as that of the. The subdivision is ideal for every customer to perform a 360 degree picture, one of a strategy to carry out marketing activities. Not for every customer portrait, marketing scheme is unable to formulate real personalized. Internet companies for each customer portrait from some of the more recent, such as dangdang according to the browsing history to recommend to you you, microblog according to your attention, browsing information to you recommend may be of interest to people, and guess you like. At present, the operators do not have such

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recently China science popular fighting, which is estimated to be the head of the water pouring ice bucket. A mobile phone is made and test mobile phone live debate, a moment is to feel the pulse and sell Nike Flex Experience RN drugs to bet on a woman with no bad children, this, millet and Meizu in official microblog also stand in a brawl. Nike Free Run 3 This is to provide a lot of slot points Glow in the Dark Jordan Men to public opinion, continue to show lower bounds? fifty smiles 100, very funny fight, no matter is the millet or Meizu, or later blending hammer, just fifty steps smiles hundred steps, have a look those who attack the opponent’s reason, configuration, hardware or marketing means, it is in the international partners advertising. millet a MTK, a MTK, said another why the hide not to say to the user, one said to the other side of the configuration is rotten to deceive consumers, in short, are holding Nike Air Max Women their own long attack opponents short, it had also not clean. Aviation aluminum and 304 austenitic have much good? Round and square corners have what advantage? The rear Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale cover is good and have what difficulty? WithMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Black Light Blue Sony or Sharp anyway is Japanese goods! Contrast, brightness, color gamut of these words anyway, most users simply cannot read. of course, Meizu is not fuelefficient lights. From the 4 chapter microblog yellow millet Nike Max 90 Current Moire in a conference call that a good to design four years ago, the first planned to rob, shoot the moon, hard is equal to the brittle, brittle broken, Meizu almost equal to full range without dead Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale angle of millet a Lebron James Shoes counterattack with low price, low back price, grabbed a small plait will not let go. in fact, everyone knows, since it is cheap, there must be a cheaper way, not possible configuration and function are all beyond the opponent. This design also benefited from a variety of marketing theory, find out the highlights and attract users selling point, to cover up the shortcomings, it is the company’s masterpiece. But, since everyone is doing, why fight it out the unspoken rule exposed to the world. Gan do Apple feet dead ghost we have to look down on mobile phone enterprises quarrel, because, whether millet or Meizu, or a hammer, all apple when benchmarking, to speculation to speculation, almost equal to the apple mobile phone advertising. After comparison of sarcastic again in again, the final consumer clearly Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale only apple is the goddess. Then, apple do not spend a penny on the China Hongbian the skyline. it’s a strategy, these mobile phone enterprises without exception will bring and apple than himself, this is a kind of have proved effective every time creating a brand, and apple etc.body the result of the comparison is to make yourself stand on the shoulders of giants. Hammer said he is the world’s second best, the eastern hemisphere, millet said his arrangement of super apple price is half, Meizu said he is most like the apple Chinese mobile phone, in short, in addition to foreigners are throwing javelin. in many conference, some manufacturers are filled with refuse to run a branch and ha ha provocative words, this cynical heat

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twodimensional code sequel still on payment of gunpowder warfare. 2013, at the end of the year, TenPay launch line twodimensional code payment is sweep mobile user end sweep line business Er Weima Nike Free Run 3 mode, and the direct impact from the credit card payment system in UnionPay line, the central bank in Nike Air Max Women 2014 March to safety suspended on the twodimensional code after payment, the two suspended below the line layout since businesses; in the line, UnionPay merchants Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale and acquiring system based on the research, the twodimensional code pay reverse sweep twodimensional code line business sweep of mobile users mode. 9 month 15 days, Micro message card function started closed beta. Online Micro message user end, through Micro message account bound by bank card, card function can generate twodimensional code reflecting the bank card information; line merchant end, through equipment related code scanning equipment, which can be Micro message users scan twodimensional code, to process instead of bank cards brush. understand according to the reporter, Micro message and mobile phone payment Alipay in June began the layout of line of twodimensional code reverse scan mode merchants, Micro message card function two months ago has been completed, and the inside of the trial, has been open to theMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Light Blue Nike Max 90 Current Moire outside world, September 15th has entered the trial operation stage, and will be in the new micro the letter version of the line; and the mobile phone pay treasure has been online twodimensional code pay anti scan function; at the same time, the central bank to suspend the twodimensional code order of payment affect the positive scan mode, Micro message and mobile phone payment Alipay continues layout. twodimensional code central bank to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men suspend the payment, Micro message payment and pay treasure to Nike Flex Experience RN the original positive scan mode has Lebron James Shoes been in the rectification; UnionPay R amp; D anti scanning mode, Micro message payment and pay treasure to followup on the layout of the reverse scan mode. A twodimensional code pay below the line agents who to the twentyfirst Century economic report reporter represent. in fact, according to the reporter interviews understanding, since March, issued to suspend the twodimensional code after paying, up to now, the central bank have no specific release attitude. 9 month 15 days, the reporters on the supervision problem asks to related parties, UnionPay official said, code payment security problems have not been solved thoroughly, UnionPay in the market was never started commercial application of twodimensional code payment. Tencent is no respond to regulatory issues. Micro message payment layout O2O business ecosystem understand according to the reporter, the new Micro message version, the user can through the I wallet credit card path into function pages, the first trial need Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale to open card function, after opening, the user display twodimensional code and bar code to merchants, businessmen trial code scanning gun or camera, scan the twodimensional code the user can complete the deal. Tencent respect expresses to the reporter, the user card function Micro message can bind more than one bank card, offers a variety of options; first have access to a good neighbor, China pharmacy, Rainbow Department store, one plus one, lotus, DQ snow queen, baby friendly room, the people’s livelihood Department, 36524 national total of nine test Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale operation business. it is understood, in the security verification, Micro message card function can be realized by mobile payment behavior of user

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