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in recent days, with the CCTV weekly quality report broadcast, the word false broadband hot again, why do I pay the money Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale rate of 10M, but only 4M? Why does the day night speed fast, slow speed? My saying is 20M broadband download things, why only 1MS? someone once said, in China, two things Glow in the Dark Jordan Men can always scold, but who is going to get you in trouble, a football, a Nike Air Max Women telecom operator. So when a CCTV put the word false broadband, the various telecom operators, mention don’t tube to investigate whether show, lay shot in the, even some people who calculated the annual China netizens have 75000000000 yuan broadband fee boondoggle. users why mind false broadband. Nothing but is felt to spend money. From the contract perspective, once the operators to reach the promised bandwidth, Internet users have the right to claim. But at the same time, the contract means that the Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale rights and obligations of the two parties are equal, if the operators to fulfill commitments in its service range, then broadband users also can not on its lower false broadband Mens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 LIght Coffeeconclusion. the issue then is, operators promised bandwidth should be calculated? Either the Ministry brewing in the fixed broadband access rate test method, or the like blue news Nike Free Run 3 independent third party IDC, including speed site operators themselves, rate basically testing are end users to rate from its recent operators room. This test method is reasonable. The whole world operators’ false broadband ‘, although this rough, it is a fact. The reason is very simple, many factors affect the rate, set the access site purchase bandwidth, router and the server and bandwidth, access methods, even including computer recency the users themselves, if not consider these factors, only request speed to meet the standard, this is not a scientific attitude. Another reason for users mind false broadband Internet experience is, too, the video is always in the card, web page open speed has no obvious promotion, highspeed bandwidth claim doesn’t seem to be much to change the. So another question is why speed results cannot be closer to the user’s actual experience? But Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale , we really need to speed the results like this? As noted above, the speed influence factors, see why no video, perhaps Nike Flex Experience RN the site can not support largescale visit at the same time, if the speed test is zero, to whom should responsibility? If you are the site paying users, then, according to the contract between the two, the natural sites to the chase, request a refund; if you are just one of the free users almost 99% users are such, what is the right responsibility? and so on, open the Sina speed much, much, see hill of broadband speed speed how many potatoes Even if the Nike Max 90 Current Moire user can master a lot of velocity measurement results, means to Lebron James Shoes us almost zero. Moreover, according to the Federal Communications Commission FCC study, if speed is more than 10M, the basic web browsing page under

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if there is no mistake, SuperSofter is the first concern of the whole network Micro message reading since the media number, July 22nd issued Micro message public account test open reading and the number of support points of praise the tiger sniff network platform such as: This is to microblog of rhythm? elaborates my viewpoint, but the Nike Flex Experience RN industry attention on reading number it is still more than I expected. Starting today, Micro message has entered and apple brush list, Mo Mo pornography as adversarial mode number, reading it, endless. last night because of Micro message system suddenly upgrade, Taobao brush reading business across the board to suspend, much home Taobao shopkeepers have been released at one upmanship war language, is expected within a week to restore. Micro message tonight issued a notice, clearly related to the punishment and prevention measures, rhetoric is not intense, presumably Micro message Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale anti cheating team is expanding human, new deal with brush Micro message team. but the wisdom of the masses is infinite, Micro message counter measures will increase the cost of brush data, but will not prevent this kind of behavior. In extreme cases, human sea tactics under the brush Lebron James Shoes data behavior cMens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Black Blue Yellowan not prevent. Taobao sales, AppStore brush list these industry has accumulated a large number of practitioners and combat experience. look at the notice from Micro message, its want to demand from this end eliminate brush data needs, shock the public account, if you brush data checked out, will encounter a number and other penalties. The question is: can you to brush their own data, also can Nike Free Run 3 give other public account brush Micro message data, how to judge who is brush data? Micro message then is likely to uphold the rather victimizes not missed strategy to maintain the clean platform, which is also in line with the piece of dragons in the micro the letter in the process of growth consistent authoritarian attitude, because Micro message is Micro message Tencent, not your. Micro message also banned jump links to third Nike Air Max Women party is not safe or malicious marketing, but how to define and Micro message to do. Although you can develop the masses system, but still need to micro letter team for the final In short, the micro letter will invest more and more operations on dealing with these very boring trivial issues, and finally into the twitter like the situation, the team continued to invest, anti cheat technology upgrading, but still unable to ensure that the data are clean. Compared to micro Bo turn a blind eye to the laissez faire attitude intentionally or unintentionally garbage Glow in the Dark Jordan Men data, micro letter is data cleanliness. Perhaps this is the micro letter to brush data defend reasons, like AppStore trying to Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale blow the brush list routines, would rather kill wrong, not leakage kill. another Nike Max 90 Current Moire way is blocking as sparse. micro letter through open reading Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale several key data to guide the operators to create more good content, let you enter data oriented operation pattern, like the team management, KPI drivers always have advantages and disadvantages. Since the micro letter think clear, should not go back, have thought of all the risks and disadvantages. In addition to the interception of cheating, micro letter will probably take some leading measures.

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today, friends, Micro message enterprise topic to spam. Micro message enterprise, another possible connection of enterprise, enterprise is Micro message mobile applications for enterprise users to provide entrance. What this means? For many severe Micro message users, mean 24 hours will be more closely and Micro message was bound, time of work and entertainment and leisure life more around to Micro message, is good is bad, that each! Some people say that the mobile Internet era if Tencent no Micro message, consequences inconceivable. But with the Tencent Micro message, with connections continue to proceed, Micro message the boundary in where? , the connecting boundaries: personal and enterprise early in January this year, Forbes Chinese online published Micro message founder Zhang Xiaolong on Micro message becomes the analysis this article enterprise and individual ID, now is to specific forms of connection of enterprise presents to you. So for the online Micro message enterprise, individuals do not feel strange at all, it is only a matter of time. When these connections to start and continue to expand, individuals and enterprises including various organization connection is strengthened. In the processing of personaMens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Black Light Greenl whenever and wherever possible the enterprises, enterprises also whenever and wherever possible in dealing with more personal. Personal is the enterprise, the enterprise is Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale a personal, individual and enterprise boundary and expand the scope. Morning colleagues for the first time applied for enterprise and give me a simple demonstration of what, now is still in the rough. But even so, I’ve seen my already in the addressbook. Therefore, the individual micro signal such things were averse Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale to the enterprise, micro letter that is not fun, from a certain point of view, looking somewhat against humanity. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men According to this connection continues, micro letter wrong to estimate must also calculate inductrial injury. two, micro letter business boundary micro letter this platform, to the good that has Nike Free Run 3 formed a very large mobile ecosystem, five hundred Lebron James Shoes million or six hundred million active users based on the number, to attract all the Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale individuals, organizations, around the platform application innovation all possible does not seem to be a boundary problem, everything is possible. To not the good aspect, Nike Max 90 Current Moire say, is micro letter this platform has been very bloated, bloated to the individual user, has been garbage information aspects of Nike Air Max Women the bombing, the individual is unable to avoid. After the enterprise line, around the informatization of enterprise or enterprise service things will be more and more. Is to give people the feeling, micro letter for their own business boundary does not seem to be a clear definition. Anyway, if in the future by means of connection, intelligent equipment, can even put all kinds of animals in connection. For example, pet people like can be connected through the micro letter anywhere and not in the interactive pet yourself, etc If so, the micro letter needs to consider the boundary problem by himself. three, Tencent Empire boundary in the Internet world in fighting powerful empire in the expanding their borders, competing for other areas of erosion. We see BAT eyes desire of mergers and acquisitions, like the Warring States Era United transversely as Nike Flex Experience RN frequent. And Tencent Empire received

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with the six generation of Apple mobile phone market, apple further launched its own payment medium: ApplyPay, and to promote the global market, including American, local and Chinese these major market. If from the user scale, Apple has 800000000 itune users, more than the total user pay Bao 300000000, 190000000 active users, and Micro message 400000000 have more users, theoretically as long Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale as its own payment system to do the promotion of Apple followup service and scene, is to obtain valueadded service income using the closed the ecological system in IOS users. But , why Apple payment tool since pushed out later by the so big market response? The existing payment system and the Blake Griffin Shoes stakeholders and the opposition boycott louder? According to statistics, American retail commercial and merchant outlets number up to 8000000, while the initial support Apple paid 22 vanguard, probably accounted for only 3%. whether local or American China the largest overseas market, mobile payment Apple road will be tough. from the internal, online payment system Air Jordan Shoes Mens is relatively perfect, especially after a long fast payment, credit card payment way to cultivate a good market credit environment, including local clearing houses masteWomens Nike Free 5.0 Pink Orange Whiter card, VISA, American Express Card Alliance and a wide variety of American bank, in paying has formed a perfect system. For ApplyPay, to develop and promote their own pay Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice channels, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale so that customers in shopping, consumption and other lines under the scene more use of ApplyPay, it is necessary to and existing Nike Air Force Ones payment involved with Fang Dacheng cooperation agreement. but why will be affected by some department stores, shopping malls, against? The reason is very simple, apple mobile phone Nike Air Max Mens more popular in the United States and once a user preferred method of payment, consumption, to a large extent, the impact of each store, the existing stores and other payment channel cooperation, while large retail giants in recent years have paid in mobile development of its own, hope to completely bypass the credit card and credit card companies fees. If there is no rates concessions or other subsidies, will not take the initiative to use apple to Nike Air Foamposite Women pay. For offline store, refused to the real reason is because they want to avoid Applypay such as visa and MasterCard such credit card companies pay the credit card transaction fees, the fees are usually charged per transaction for 2% to 3%. Since Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale were difficult to encounter ApplyPay in the United States in the promotion, then the biggest overseas prospects for the market: China, and how to face the situation? relative to the United States, the domestic payments market is also very complex, although retailers and supermarkets main line online payment ability is very weak, the basic no selfcontained pay channels, but the bank, China UnionPay and online third party payment position compensation ability in this area particularly strong, at present, only online under the charge of single field, you’re in a fierce battle, some banks in order to push the POS machine, not

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In Sina, Sina, hand in hand, STO in 14 years in July 15th to launch the O2O community life services platform community O2O electric added a yuan strength of the participants. From Yi joint enterprise situation, benefit is parentage, Yi, Sina, Sina, microblog Focus Media are listing Corporation, STO is one of the main national logistics company Chinese. from the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale product function design situation, the real benefits to the community through the circle circle as the platform, enhance the popularity and viscous products, through the provision of O2O services based on the platform, in order to earn service fee as a means of profit. Possible products after maturity will derive to collect fees mode. Although O2O community is a piece of blue ocean market participants, but the rapid increase, will shorten the development from the initial stage to the rapid development period of time, the growth of regional key city, will be the beginning of the current competitive relationship. IResearch think, from the market perspective, the community O2O is a way to test the better identification of participants, diversity, capital Air Jordan Shoes Mens market acceptance is high; from the busiWomens Nike Free 5.0 Gray Orange Pinkness point of view, the way to increase access to user, businesses can accept degree is high; from the view of users, user convenience life; from the perspective of product life, improve viscous products become exists, the current market is in the state of perfect competition. from the market perspective, the O2O community is an attempt to better ways of participant identity diversity, capital market acceptance is high The community of O2O is Nike Air Max Mens a new attempt to practice O2O. 13 years began to receive widespread attention, the current market has added many participants, from the participant identity, including real estate companies, property companies, and real estate related companies and emerging entrepreneurs etc From the current capital market situation, the community Blake Griffin Shoes of O2O mode has been highly recognized by the capital market, there have been a number of enterprises and the successful financing, financing amount is tens of hundreds of billion. 001 community currently finished angel and A round of financing, the total amount of nearly Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice two hundred million yuan, Ding Dong Xiao Qu is also get nearly billion yuan angel financing, in addition, residential house, residential carefree also won the A round of financing. from the business point of view, the Nike Air Force Ones way to increase access to user, businesses can accept degree is high; from the user’s perspective, to facilitate the life of from the graphic shows, there is no O2O platform, merchants passively waiting for the user choice, although a Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale variety of new media can actively influence Nike Air Foamposite Women the user, but the ordinary businesses lack the relevant skills experience, still can not use new media impact the user community; in the O2O platform, merchants with Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale the platform through cooperation, with the help of platform marketing, increasing contact the user the opportunity, at the same time the original direct user channel selection still exist. Multi contact users, enhance the business to O2O product acceptance. community of O2O platform, so that users can access a variety of services, greatly facilitate the daily life, the service ability, marketing ability, use experience good

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with Internet product and user experience transfer from the PC to the mobile terminal, to pay for the core of online shopping and ecommerce and other application scenarios of various O2O also appeared the trend of the development of mobile terminal. For Internet, mobile terminal is high potential growth for the next region. While the mobile terminal Internet Nike Air Foamposite Women products, collected from the front end of the information, to entertainment, to the daily consumption needs of life, and as to the nearest fire up the Internet financial, development to the mobile terminal in the trend of. you Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice see, apple leading the market trend and Blake Griffin Shoes electronic products has always been the benchmarking, listed in the iphone6 product description will also be developed by Apple NFC mobile phone payment as an important characteristics of products and Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale a whoop and a holler. So, as NFC pay for performance of mobile payment, apple can use user loyalty to apple and once again Nike Air Max Mens leading the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale development of mobile payment? I’m afraid I will be a good dream, but it won’t be so simple to implement. from the domestic and foreign development trend, is indeed have promoted the developmentWomens Nike Free 5.0 Fluorescence Grey of mobile payment conditions further intelligence and terminal, a domestic mobile payment scenes are more and more abundant, including pay treasure, micro letter payment, Baidu wallet, purse and so on various mobile terminal UnionPay Fu Yingyong convenient; two is the domestic mobile users payment habits and safety has gradually improved; more importantly, the mobile payment market already from the data on the performance of heating up: a report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Social Sciences Literature Publishing House published pay liquidation Blue Book: China’s payment and settlement development report 2014 display, payment market transactions amounted to 1219740000000 yuan the renminbi in 2013 third party mobile, yearonyear growth rate of 707%. but to apple, at least in the domestic market, Apple’s does not make it mobile payment tuyere pig. first, to apple, Air Jordan Shoes Mens the need to integrate into the domestic interests compete for the complex chain of mobile payment, and not necessarily better integration Nike Air Force Ones of mobile phone NFC mobile payment business itself. At present, the domestic NFC mobile payment participants are mainly mobile operators, handset manufacturers, banks, China UnionPay, due to the domestic NFC payment does not form a standardized industry chain, that is to say there is no uniform parameters and business processes, one aspect is the mobile payment services to banks’ want to develop their own. To gain market advantage; on the other hand is UnionPay wants to continue Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale offline liquidation system position advantage, and keep to the line of the mobile payment business. The whole industry chain are also more confusion, and a few banks to launch mobile payment business because of safety, equipment requirements and the user experience is poor and did not get very good market response. in this respect, the Apple hardware NFC mobile payment although have such payment module, but between the late still need and the domestic mobile operators, banks carry on business communication and contact frequently, the short term is difficult to launch, even launched, estimation also encounter other domestic banks face the problem. A

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Fan Bingbing once said: I is the rare acting shame on you star! All along, Fan Bingbing have to tough stance walking in the entertainment circle. No matter what the outside Air Jordan Shoes Womens world how rumors of her inner circle, Fan Bingbing to inquire, the Jordan Nubuck Men evaluation will never the less Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale noble two words, she seems to have a particularly strong heart, she in the entertainment circle has made many golden words, such as in extreme grief, good habits, such as I stand still than how Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale much slander, will afford much praise. Our van fat can be really not by a famous, the scandal is unceasing, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the news constantly, in the course of time, kiss Bo are small section. Below we together have a look how much Fan Bingbing and actor kissing? Fan Bingbing is Blake Griffin Shoes worthy of the title red carpet Queen, even with her no half cents relationship Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she also can accidentally broke Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale in and stole the show. The evening of October 26th, Hollywood blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: variant era red carpet cerWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Redemony held in Shuangjing UME international cineplex. The film actress, Hollywood star Megan Fawkes was sick did not appear on the red carpet, let the waiting fans greatly disappoint one’s hopes. But Fawkes didn’t come not tight, China actress Fan Bingbing timely appear on the red carpet. Photographers have patted, fans have watched, the audience cheers. Waist long hair, a flower skirt, Fan Bingbing looks over the afternoon Fawkes Kobe Bryant Shoes also sexy two height are respectively 168cm and 163cm; with the cheers, America Paramount Pictures Corporation Vice President rob? Mole looked a little surprised, also some excitement, he went up on the cheek, Fan Bingbing deep kiss. See this situation, a senior fans said, Fan Bingbing has also recently somehow, foreign man saw she couldn’t help up a few days ago dear she attends the Jedi fugitive conference, by foreign actors take turns kissing. 10 month 23 days, the film the Jedi fugitive conference organized by the actor on the stage, Fan Bingbing turns to kiss. Holding the Grass Mud Horse Alpaca elected Fan Bingbing site egged Alpaca kissing Jackie Chan, didn’t want to but was on the stage the actor turns a kiss and make an all star is intoxicated unceasingly, Fan Ye are being overwhelmed. Fan Bingbing in Nicholas Tse’s program, the street in Paris by foot massage, known as Nicholas Tse is a good boyfriend, Nicholas Tse response is the understanding of friends more than ten years, Nike Air Max Womens between two people have family. Fan Bingbing since the debut of the maverick, regardless of how the outside world said, do as. for Korean detonation red Lee Min Ho visit, Fan Bingbing before borrow kiss, caused a sensation. In July 19th 2013, the film night of surprises stills. Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee kiss! Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming kiss

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[update] tips: comment on the stock market, the exchange comrades Nike Air Max Womens today is a big news was confirmed, in front of two days of rumors to merge the CSR north car to confirm that you want to merge. Some people think, this is not just two companies? What are the major? This news really great at what? This is a signal. What signal? Is a signal Chinese manufacturing force towards the world. Read out this new great game Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale Chinese risk and machine situation article comrades know, about the Highspeed Rail has a chapter, a detailed analysis of the strategic significance Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale of the Highspeed Rail Chinese out, Jordan Nubuck Men called the strategic wings China industry. Li after the prime minister, appointed Highspeed Rail salesman, selling all over the world Highspeed Rail. Study of total in deepening the reform of the economic system constantly stressed the need to integrate resources. Then, the north and South car is China merger, integration of internal resources, once the reorganization of the enterprise international competition ability. Out before the Chinese reference is also published an article that suggested that the Chinese stateowned capital and private capital force deployment of foreign capital and the industrial output. Signal the restructuring is not simply a business combinatioWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Light Redn, the signal but a national economy and deepen the system reform, is a clarion call for China to highend products international competitive internal restructuring. It can be foreseen that the future of national policy direction will support China’s highend industrial products output, and before that, the country will vigorously support the reorganization of resources integration of internal. Therefore, entrepreneurs, if your production of highend products, so to find the M amp; a chance, the country will vigorously support, this is a strategic signal to go out, go to twice the result with half the effort. Entrepreneurs have the strength of the people, the highend products don’t wolidou, integration of sea is business. today market rose, a rebound on Friday and Monday we have stressed that the shortterm rebound should be close, near will rebound to 20 line. But Tuesday so strong or Blake Griffin Shoes exceeded expectations, this is a very powerful line, not only closed the gap on Monday, also direct contact break on line 5 touch line 10. The rising strength should be based on four factors: one is the technical fan Kobe Bryant Shoes Chou requirements, which we previously stressed; two is when the main funding for the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men national team, a few institutions so strong pull unlike ordinary for, but did not so much the volume, apparently short rival disc not much; three North and South car recombinant bullish for the market, the blue chip manufacturing industry strong Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale rise is a positive reaction to this; the four is the Fourth Plenum decision may be announced, the market has a more profound understanding of this decided to start. plate, the north and South car by recombinant effects, including nuclear power, high iron, heavy manufacturing, infrastructure and other central enterprises and the central enterprises to the relevant concepts are affected by this rose, visible north and South car restructuring has affected the trend. Moreover, funds from today on the surface, there is probably a national team capital approach. If so, then the market may again re good at stimulating information and capital under the. Even the financial sector has also closed the big downward gap yesterday, this is Air Jordan Shoes Womens all long short powerful sweep means. The stock index will soon close to 20 daily, if 20

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10 the evening of Sept. 20, agricultural banks issued announcement, said the bank board of directors meeting in Beijing on the same Glow in the Dark Jordan Men day, by unanimous vote by post, nominated Liu Shiyu for the ABC executive director candidate. Liu Shiyu has been playing since 1996 at the central bank, has more than 18 years, in 2006 June he was appointed vice governor of the central bank. agricultural bank announcement also mentioned, Liu Shiyu’s appointment must be approved by the shareholders’ meeting for approval and China CBRC approval of qualifications of the directors, a term of 3 years. scholar bankers bank in September 1st had the announcement said, because the job needs, request Jiang Chaoliang as chairman, executive director, chairman of the board of the strategic planning committee and member of the office. 9 month 5 days, Jiang Chaoliang was appointed as the Nike Air Max Womens acting governor of Jilin province. Nearly a month, the bank chairman always leave a seat vacant for sb. Three and a half years as the bank’s chairman Jiang Chaoliang in the bank, the asset scale and net profit scale is also steadily rising, the scale of assets from the 11 increase to 16 trillion Womens Nike Free 5.0 Gray Orange Pinktrillion, nearly two years of rising state for third place. bank in 2014 semi annual report Kobe Bryant Shoes data shows, net profit of 104067000000 yuan in the Blake Griffin Shoes first half of Agricultural Bank of China, a yearonyear growth of 12.6%. As of the end of 6, deposits and loans were up to 12.81 trillion yuan and 7.84 yuan, respectively over the previous year growth of 8.45% and 8.53%. , the 53 year old Liu Shiyu, the Department of Tsinghua University, doctor of management, research fellow. Has worked in the Shanghai city economic system reform office, State Commission for economic restructuring, served as deputy director of the Construction Bank real estate credit department at the central bank, has been since 1996. 1996 1998 years, Liu Shiyu in the central bank bank department assistant inspector, deputy director; deputy chief and chief of the central bank in 1998 promoted to banking supervision division two; 2002 the director of the central bank office; 2004 Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Australia Online Sale July as the central bank assistant Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Australia Online Sale governor; in 2006 June as the Central Bank of Party committee members, vice governor. according to Caixin magazine reported that the core department before he left Liu Shiyu in charge of the financial stability board, financial market department, Department of treaty and Law Department of the central bank, payment etc. and the important affairs. is Air Jordan Shoes Womens only a few days ago, Liu Shiyu is still the central bank vice governor attended by Central Clearing Corp to host the eighteenth session of the Asia Pacific Central Trust and delivered a speech at the annual meeting. the central Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia Online Sale bank for 18 years he was known as the scholar banker. One insider, Liu Shiyu in the central bank more lowkey, in recent years appeared in various financial meetings and forums, sounding more of the payment and settlement, the Internet financial. Jordan Nubuck Men banker magazine said, Liu Shiyu is our country financial industry regulatory layer in typical ‘doer’, still often went everywhere in the firstline investigation was promoted to vice governor of the central bank after. advantages and challenges of bankDuring the 2007 years to 2012, agriculture bank, the stateowned bank

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High risk sending credit card additional insurance in the middle of the bank wanted of insurance enterprises, banks have huge customer resources, a significant source of policy project is both an insurance company, and is the source Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia Online Sale of business quality throwaway as long as the XX bank credit card you use credit card to pay, my spouse, children and peer full public transportation fare or the more than 80% travel tour. Without any formalities, can get high public transportation insurance company passenger accident insurance and travel inconvenience insurance. This is recently a bank credit card business of Nike Air Max Womens mass advertising. the Hungarian card issuing banks to compete for customers resources, have introduced various credit card additional insurance, including accidental injury insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, credit card fraud insurance, guarantee insurance products such as shopping. insurance company personage says, at present the main local issuing banks are part of its credit cards provide free of charge or additional insurance services. Except for the part of the bank insurance in the flag of the insurance company or association, China life, Ping An, Taibao, Ampang, AIU, earthWomens Nike Free 5.0 Pink Orange White, Huatai Yingda Taihe, Huaan, and other insurance companies are involved in. insurance through credit card sales channels credit card additional insurance as a means of promotion of the bank, has never been cardholders pay attention. And in June of this year’s Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost events, will undoubtedly become the credit card will be additional insurance into the insurance consumer’s view fuse. The horse boat accident, some bank credit card center of customer investigation work, then consumers realized that the original credit cards also have insurance. the bancassurance personage expresses, at present the dangerous business and bank credit card business cooperation has two main categories. A class is Blake Griffin Shoes that the risks of enterprises in order to ensure sales channels of life insurance products in the silver free bank credit card holders of the various types of accident insurance; another is that banks through the Buy mode for the cardholder to buy accident insurance or special insurance. it is understood that generally reach commercial cooperation insurance institutions and the card issuing banks, insurance agencies to provide insurance for credit card holders, and Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Australia Online Sale access to the cardholder’s personal information, provide free customer resources for other insurance products sales. part of the Department of banking insurance enterprise cooperation Jordan Nubuck Men in the credit card is more thorough, this kind of insurance enterprises will be specifically designed some cardholders exclusive insurance. Such as the Bank of China Insurance Kobe Bryant Shoes for the Bank of China Credit Card Cardholder launched the Bank of China the Great Wall cardholder family occupied the motor vehicle theft insurance products. insurance mechanism not only can design some private custom products Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Australia Online Sale as the cooperation of the bank credit card customers, but also according to the bank to provide information of active electric sales of insurance products, the credit Glow in the Dark Jordan Men card customer development two times. By credit card insurance is more concise, insurance institutions through Air Jordan Shoes Womens the credit card overdraft function will be designated to direct insurance companies premium