China why reduced foreign exchange reserves of hundreds of billions of dollars Chinese 4 months the outflow of hot money above the $211200000000 Zhang Tingbin 10 month 23 days2014.10.30. // Uncategorized

China why reduced foreign exchange reserves of hundreds of billions of dollars Chinese 4 months the outflow Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Australia Online Sale of hot money above the $211200000000 Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Zhang Blake Griffin Shoes Tingbin 10 month 23 days, China central bank released the new foreign Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Australia Online Sale exchange reserve balances at the end of the three quarter for $3.89, compared with the two quarter of this year dropped to about $100000000000, less than the market expected amount to nearly $100000000000. This triggered speculation, especially a large number of international hot money outflows concerns. Mainly based on the market is expected to be the RMB counterpart of foreign exchange reserves, although 69 months of 2014, foreign exchange reserves over the same period last year significantly reduced, respectively 882.8 billion yuan, 378.85 billion yuan, 311.46 billion yuan, 11.4 billion yuan. A total of approximately 130.5 billion dollars, then, with the first half of the foreign exchange reserve balance of $399000000 to $398000000 less, should. foreign exchange reserves minus another possibiWomens Nike Free 5.0 Gray Orange Pinklity of billions of dollars the central bank will be the $one hundred billion transferred to the CIC, or brewing in the second cic. however, in October 23rd, the State Administration of foreign exchange balance of payments Secretary Guan Tao said that the exchange rate volatility is the main reason for China’s Air Jordan Shoes Womens foreign exchange reserves decline, the main currency is up and down, the effect of such fluctuations need not excessive He said that the main reason of China’s foreign exchange reserves decline is the dollar exchange rate changes caused by the strong in the international market. The three quarter of this year, the dollar index rose Kobe Bryant Shoes 7.7%. China’s foreign exchange reserves in dollar assets, in addition to outside, and some other non dollar assets, needs to be converted into dollars is released, the appreciation of the Jordan Nubuck Men dollar will lead to a reduction in the amount of non dollar assets in dollars at. But these changes caused by the balance of the conversion is Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia Online Sale carrying the valuation changes, not the actual loss, nor the crossborder capital flows have practical. Therefore, the profit and loss Book Nike Air Max Womens valuation changes and the actual is not the same thing. this argument can hold water. It is estimated that China’s foreign exchange reserves in dollar assets in the proportion of about 23, the euro and other currencies around $1.33, if the light of the three quarter dollar index rose by 7.7%, which is equivalent to other currencies 7.15%, or about $95000000000 loss. The basic agreement of foreign exchange reserves by $100000000000 cases. , however, cannot therefore deny nearly four months a large number of international hot money fled the fact. 2014 69 months, China’s trade surplus is respectively 31600000000, 47300000000, 49830000000 and 31000000000 dollars, $159730000000; FDI were increased by 14420000000, 7810000000, 7200000000 and $9010000000, $38440000000. Them into foreign exchange should be

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iResearch recently launched 2014 annual report of monitoring Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Canada Online Sale China online video industry. This report mainly show in the market scale, structure and mobile terminal market development of online video industry, and from the terminal, content, on the three aspects of online video industry indepth analysis interpretation. , the market scale and structure of : the size of the overall market in 2013 to maintain rapid growth, expected in 2017 will be close to 40000000000 yuan 2013, Chinese online video market scale reached 13590000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 48%. It is still expected to maintain a rapid growth over the next few years, 2017 is expected to be close to 40000000000 yuan. Ari analysis, in 2014 and the next few years online video industry in the mobile end commercial enterprise comprehensive and indepth, continuous introduction of popular copyrighted content TV dramas, variety shows, sports events and so on, and vigorously develop homemade contents under boost, the factors, the online video market Air Jordan Shoes Mens size will continue toWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Red maintain high growth. market structure: advertising is the pillar industry of revenue, the future share is expected to Nike Air Max Mens rise slightly 2013, the scale of China’s online video market, advertising revenue share was the highest, up to 72.1%. It is expected that by 2017, its share will rise slightly to 72.5%. In 2013, other business Blake Griffin Shoes share of 14.2%, 2.1 percentage points higher than in 2012, such as listed companies Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice earnings data display terminal income mainly TV sales revenue the rapid growth of other Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale business accounted for an important reason for rising. iResearch think, because online video companies with typical advertising media properties, at present and in the future several years will be the most main cash flow method. At present, the Nike Air Foamposite Women high quality popular television dramas, variety shows is the most important guarantee of each big online video companies advertising revenue, while the content such as animation, sports events and also in the certain degree enhance online video companies advertising revenue capacity of The scale of the advertising market: 2013 close to tens of billions of scale, is expected in 2017 will reach nearly 30000000000 yuan in 2013, Chinese online market scale Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale reached 9800000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 47.2%. Is expected in the future, it will maintain rapid growth, in 2017 will reach nearly 30000000000 yuan. IResearch think that power the future rapid growth of the scale of online video advertising market is mainly from the following several points: 1, highquality Nike Air Force Ones video content TV series, variety shows, movies, animation, sports events continues to expand and the number of single video advertising content increase brought about by the advertising inventory increase; 2, the line below the city advertising sales rate of ascension; ascension 3, product advertising effect

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is regarded as one of the three interactive entertainment exhibition world Gamescom recently welcomed a new face from Chinese 37 game. This is known Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale as the Webpage Game tiger China Webpage Game leader since 212 years Nike Air Force Ones began to actively explore overseas, after made a good start in Southeast Asia area, this year will be in Europe and the United States market force to attack, in Europe and the United States market share. reported, 37 early game only issued in the domestic game, but with the expansion of market, the current market has covered the Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia and North America area except Air Jordan Shoes Mens for Chinese outside the mainland. In order to better serve the global game player, at the beginning of this year, 37 Games officially announced the $2100000 huge with new 37, as is Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale the game player can make the world together, mining common network game, also indicates that an important step in the 37 game to expand overseas. And participation in international exhibitions of all kinds of games, 37 games also moves frequently. This time participates in the Cologne international exhibition games, one step is the 37 game to Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Canada Online Sale overseas market attack. in fact, with the increasing of market of Chinese network game rise steadily, now the domestic network game, especially the quality of webpagWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Light Purple Fluorescencee game, even Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice more than the international level has been reached, the domestic game companies everywhere and attack the overseas market case. A good game, whether at home or abroad, the success is a very important factor distribution platform. The 37 game in the overseas distribution system and channel resources, is carried out according to the operation experience of of the domestic game improvement and upgrading. When the game developers to provide a game, 37 game Nike Air Max Mens will be responsible to set the localization of the game, the choice of payment method, marketing, operations and a series of followup. Many game developers have said that the approval of 37 games in the domestic operating capability, also believe in the overseas game market development potential and strength. in order to quickly open the overseas market, the developer of the game in the 37 game is cooperation, hand in hand Cao Kai, had developed such as divine comedy, bouncing church in foreign countries achieved outstanding results in the game developers, trying to dial and win in the game on the quality of export. Reportedly, the cooperation between the two sides to launch the first products will be Flash3D development 3D instant ARPG products. Cao Kai said that the game will be the current market first appeared in innovation type. And the 37 game relevant responsible person said that the game 3D, Flash 3D has its unique advantages, no plugins, open the play at the same time, keep the high level of 3D games and fun. Believe that this cooperation will create new situation of Chinese page swim to the sea, to create the Divine Comedy billions of dollars of overseas water new brilliant! aimed at the overseas market, the 37 game is used in a large number of network marketing channels to attract more players. This model is feasible, it remains to be seen. At least in this stage, whether it is Nike Air Foamposite Women perfect Blake Griffin Shoes or excellent game developer cooperation overseas distribution, channel system, 37 games have been in action.

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Ai Rui finishing art dragon Q3 quarterly results found, art dragon hotel Q3 revenue 316000000 yuan, a yearonyear increase of Nike Air Foamposite Women 49.2%, among them hotel revenue 255000000 yuan, accounting for more than 8%, the night between hotel bookings 7725000, operating cost of 281000000, a net loss of 50394000 yuan. 2013Q3 revenue 316000000 yuan, an increase of nearly 50% 2013Q3 art dragon total revenue 316000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 49.2%, growth of 25.5% annulus, the Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Canada Online Sale growth rate has improved greatly. Ai Rui analysis think, art dragon’s revenue growth, mainly due to the following reasons: first, the Q3 peak tourist season, hotel reservation revenues increased demand, usher in the natural growth period; second, increased sharply from the mobile terminal business. Art dragon force mobile end strategy obtains certain result, also drives the Nike Air Force Ones overall order volume growth. hotel Air Jordan Shoes Mens business revenue share exceeds 80%, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale increase of mobile terminal led the hotel orders 2013Q3 art dragon Nike Air Max Mens hotel room nights amount is 7725000, grow 67.9% compared to the same period, hotel rWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Fluorescenceeservations revenue 255000000 yuan, total revenue ratio of more than 80%, ticket booking revenue accounted for 11.1%, other revenue accounted for more than 8.1%. Ai Rui analysis, a substantial increase of Q3 hotel room nights quantity is determined by several factors, on the one hand, the Q3 Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale of the tourist season, and buying time, special offer Weifang other lowpriced promotional activities to attract more users to order the hotel hotel through art dragon; on the other hand, art dragon rolled out mobile terminal Hotel global order system, and the discount is higher than the reservation by other means, to guide the user to form mobile terminal booking habits at the same time, a substantial increase in the volume of orders of mobile terminal. operating costs increased, increased efforts to fight for share 2013Q3 art dragon operating costs 281000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 44.3%, growth of 26.5% annulus, including sales and marketing expenses the proportion continues to rise, reaching 75.2%, an increase of 1 percentage points compared to the previous quarter, a record high, service development costs accounted for more than 17.2%, administrative costs accounted for more than 7.3%. Ai Rui analysis, strategic transformation of art dragon announced in August, from the online hotel to Move Hotel, increase the mobile terminal promotion efforts, seize the mobile market has become the focus of the marketing strategy of art dragon Blake Griffin Shoes is close paragraph of time, which the marketing focus distribution market in APP, at the same time TV increase brand marketing efforts. Ari is expected to seize the mobile market, the future of art dragon will continue to increase marketing investment, operating expense ratio dropped less likely. The spread of to the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice mobile terminal, the expense of profits to seize the market

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if the creation and to Nike Max 90 Current Moire inspire people to become entrepreneurial inspiration, then, my job now is to wake up everyone’s conscience. and Ma Yun said, before the age of 48, his work Glow in the Dark Jordan Men was his life. In the future, life will be his work. May 10, 2013, in Taobao ten anniversary party, Ma Yun said, some things of interest will be engaged in the future, such as make Lebron James Shoes clear water, let the blue sky, let the food security. is also on this day, Ma resigned from the position of CEO. Since then, he threw himself into public service, enjoy the Ma Yun has a strong martial arts complex, Alibaba have a roster, Cheap Nike Free TR Twist UK Online Sale each employee has their own martial arts flowers. Ma Yun’s alias is Feng qingyang. , according to media reports, 2001 CCTV remake of The Legendary Swordsman, a Ma Yunceng cover in Feng Qingyang angle. Is not the crew recruits, Ma took Alibaba Office District into a martial arts district. Executive meeting Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Men UK Online Sale room called the summit, Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation launched a new eMens Nike Free TR Twist Carbon Greynvironmental protection commonweal project called green man. Ma Yun in there, there is a chivalrous in. , however, Jin Yong’s brush with the rarely seen Feng Qingyang different very highprofile, ma. December 19, 2013, Ma created the horse body calligraphy in between Taobao official auction simple word, the final shoot out more than 242 yuan. In accordance with prior to his promise, the auction proceeds will be donated to public welfare undertakings, will produce the same amount of money donated to the China Welfare Fund for the handicapped. Ma Yun’s words and deeds have always been concerned about the outside world, which frequently participate in the public Nike Free Run 3 activity is considered to be in the show. He doesn’t care Nike Flex Experience RN about but. In his opinion, if the public is a show, China is in need of the show, and the more person attention, show more successful. Ma Yun also took him as entrepreneurs Juexue Dugu nine Swords dance to the public domain. , according to media reports, the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008, Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Women UK Online Sale Alibaba to one Foundation donated about 5000000 yuan and the opening of donation channel network. In July, Ma Yun and Jet Li signed a longterm strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou, pledged to jointly promote the development of nongovernmental charities. 2010 May, Alibaba Group announced that from 2010 onwards will be the Group annual income 0.3% appropriation of public funds, mainly for environmental protection. 2011 January, Ma became a foundation member. Alibaba public welfare fund was established, Ma became the foundation’s first number volunteers. September 25, 2013, Alibaba internal came news: Ma joined the American life science breakthrough Award Foundation, and served as the director of the foundation. Since then, Ma Yun couple every year for the life science breakthrough award fund of US $3000000. The foundation’s annual Nike Air Max Women awards will be increased to 6, each award bonus of $3000000

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the Ministry website news, the first half of the national 100 key largescale retail enterprises retail sales in 2014 yearonyear decline of 0.2%, the growth rate of 10.9 percentage points yearonyear decline. And the relative, Ali, and other business transaction amount are growing by more than 50%. and in late August Jingdong, Gome, has announced the first half earnings. Jingdong to 51270000000 won first place, Suning to 51150000000 second place. But anecdotally, in Jingdong internal has set a goal of doing online, WALMART, the next challenge WALMART. Comparison of and supermarket listing Corporation recent performance data, the rapid development of ecommerce has begun to threaten the survival of the traditional Nike Free Run 3 supermarket. high cost into the weakness of although the drop in performance management, but the reporter carding, Beijing Wumart Jingkelong, Hualian hypermarket performance during the first half of the report found that continued to increase the number of stores, three supermarkets are still. as of June 30, 2014, the number of retail stores for Wumart 545 the same period last year for 541, including 160 large supermarkets, Womens Nike Free TR Twist Carbon Grey Silverconvenience supermarket 385, total sales area of about 844760 square meters 777167 square meters for the same period last year. During the reporting period, the newly opened supermarket Wumart straight camp Shop 6, opened a new supermarket convenience straight camp shop 7, add hosting convenience supermarket 1. but it is worth Nike Max 90 Current Moire noting Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Women UK Online Sale that Wumart stores adjustment will continue, especially large retail supermarket, during the reporting period, the new large supermarket straight camp Shop 6, compared to the same period last year to open 28 new stores, plans to open a shop has slowed down. In addition, also closed 7 franchised stores. as the number of stores in Beijing after the Wumart Jingkelong, as of June 30, 2014, its retail store for a total of 287 rooms, including 197 Cheap Nike Free TR Twist UK Online Sale straight camp shop, 90 franchise stores, total business area of 324439 square Nike Air Max Women meters. in the first half of this year, Jing Ke Long open new retail shop 14, including straight battalion 8 convenience stores, convenience stores to join 6. In addition, the completion of the renovation Nike Flex Experience RN project 1 general stores and 4 convenience stores. And at the end of this year 6, Hualian integrated the new open the door inn Lebron James Shoes 9, Hualian hypermarket has more than 100 stores in the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. fact, supermarkets have Glow in the Dark Jordan Men been hovering in the net incremental edge in recent years. Rising rents and labor costs rise faster than sales growth, the opening of new shops breed period Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Men UK Online Sale longer and other factors led to the entire industry profit decline. earnings data show that, in the stores operating at the same time, cost factors corresponding to always press business income. In its performance, operating costs are still high, business taxes and surcharges, sales costs and management fees up to continue to ascend. three supermarkets in Beijing enterprises, Wumart’s highest turnover. Data shows, Wumart half

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from May 29, 2014 to May 30th, Chinese Beijing electronic business conference was held in Beijing National Convention center. The general assembly to innovation driven fusion development as the theme of this conference, Nike Max 90 Current Moire the characteristics of adhering to previous ecommerce Nike Air Max Women conference, more prominent highend, professional and leading, build communication and learning platform for the new application, the domestic and foreign electronic commerce development and marketing management. Ereli network as the meeting Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of the conference Associated Media, full live coverage. the picture is the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion chairman and CEO Guo Quji Host: thank you, director of the Song Dynasty, we can see the whole Cheap Nike Free TR Twist UK Online Sale Beijing area of crossborder business environment is very good, I also is the enterprise of Beijing area, in this process, we also feel the Beijing district government and relevant departments to bring us is very conducive to the growth and development of the electronic commerce environment, thank you very much. here we have invited the cardinality from Lanting Pavilion’s chairman and CEO Mr. Guo Quji, his speech topic is croWomens Nike Free TR Twist Yellowssborder ecommerce business of the brand and channel, welcome ! Guo Quji: Beijing city leaders, distinguished business colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, Hello! my name is Guo Quji, I is a Nike Free Run 3 set of potential Lanting Pavilion founder chairman and CEO, today is pleased to have this opportunity to share with you, with our past experience, to share the experience of crossborder business with you. Lanting Pavilion set potential is established in 07, that time may be in the Nike Flex Experience RN world is not the vocabulary of crossborder business. But when we see a large number of Chinese exports, at the same time, the Internet to global consumers and businesses are connected together, we feel that this is a great opportunity. we can see in ten years ago, twenty years ago, at that time the export mode, a firm needs to find an exporter, the exporter to find Hongkong broker, the broker to find American importers, importers in the United States of America to find the platform, the platform of the United States again in the United States have a level two or is the three level distribution model, finally put the Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Men UK Online Sale goods sold to the hands of consumers. So for consumers, the price of the commodity, through layers of hand after actually very expensive. But the manufacturers, he finally gains seldom. I remember when Prime Minister Zhu Rongji told a very typical example, a pair of $100 Cheap Nike Free TR Twist Women UK Online Sale Nike shoes, China at the GDP value of only $3, this is not the profit. Obviously, such a model, to our Chinese Lebron James Shoes such manufacturing power is very negative, to the global consumers are bad. Why didn’t company can directly send the goods through the factory, through the Internet to sell to consumers around the world hands at the time, there are three main issues. The first problem need to solve the problem of information flow

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daily closing blog update, Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Australia Online Sale timely analysis of the disk, the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Australia Online Sale shortterm investment strategy, welcome to my blog address collection. Recently discovered that a blogger long copy, paste stole my blog article, this special tips: without my permission, stealing my blog behavior of illegal securities activities, all have nothing to do with me, special remind, beware of cheated, you can focus on Micro message realtime updates yours5188 dish in my. in this Wednesday’s article shocks there must be under the brave!, the author points out: is currently hovering near index key bit 2340 point, because today while breaking down this position, but according to the principle of effective breakthrough, must be Nike Air Max Womens closed down in order to be valid, so now straddle both sides of the outcome is inconclusive, but next week one or two should be away. today held the eighteen session of the fourth plenary session, the market rebound in shrinking, Shanghai market turnover of 141800000000 yuan, the previous period was significantly reduced in the motherboard, rest, do poineering work board the strong rise, fill hot vacuum. OveralWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Fluorescencel, is expected during the meeting, the market is unlikely to change radically, higher probability to maintain high finishing. Shanghai index shortterm concern remains 2340 position, this position is not lost, the overall tendency of near misses. If this bit is the effective breakdown, investors should pay attention to the risk is appropriate phase adjustment. plate analysis: in the article of this column, Air Jordan Shoes Womens the author stressed: an important barometer of the financial sector will be shortterm index breakthrough direction, especially brokerage and banking plate, whether this arm a callsign called popularity will be pivotal week index does not effectively defeats 2340, key ambush brokerage, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men aerospace industry, high iron, nuclear power and high send turn offensive direction, which is expected to be below the concussion isao. Strong Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Australia Online Sale periodic plate brokerage stocks is still worthy of close tracking. Heavy weak periodic plate medicine or concern, with the further fermentation Ebola epidemic, is expected there will be active again opportunity. The analysis of the theme from the investment point of view, as the three quarter report disclosure Blake Griffin Shoes of annual report and the adjacent trailer, A shares market eternal investment theme’s high send Jordan Nubuck Men turn, will usher in a new golden period of speculation. According to historical statistics data show that in November each year to March the following year, speculation is a good time to send high theme. recent disk as wowu biological, Erkang pharmaceutical, Lida photoelectric, CNAC photoelectric, Fujing technology, telecommunication, Keming industry face, step by step potentially high send turn stocks, the recent strong midday, shows high send turn stock subject has begun to enter the Kobe Bryant Shoes preheating stage. We can focus on the following characteristics in advance according to the selection of potential high delivery stock, bargain latent, specific high turn sent the subject you can also pay attention to my micro letter yours5188 exchange. The history of the high dividend has the following characteristics: 1,

with the Japanese and the European and American manufacturers trade and growing in the Latin American auto parts and materials manufacturers have started to enter the asian2014.10.29. // Uncategorized

with the Japanese and the European and American manufacturers trade and growing in the Latin American auto parts and materials manufacturers have started to enter the asian. For example, located in the American backyard Mexico, mainly as a base for exporting to North America before, but now the Air Jordan Shoes Mens very strength of the suppliers have been born. Brazil suppliers have begun to enter the fast economic growth of asia. Use of the existing relations of cooperation, the automobile industry in South America and Asia in large arteries connected new is born. The Nissan is located in central Mexico Aguascalientes plant we only at the end of 6 joint venture with Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Germany’s Daimler announced prMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackoduction. 1 months later heard that BMW of Germany Nike Air Foamposite Women and South Korea KIA automobile new factory. We are very surprised. Nissan’s vice Nike Air Force Ones president Shika Toshino said in July 24th that held in Mexico, Mexico Japan business seminar. auto giants Mexico Mexico with the help of the 45 countries signed a free trade agreement FTA advantage, has grown into a major exporter of cars. Automobile production in 2013 amounted to 2930000 vehicles, domestic new car sales volume Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Canada Online Sale is 1100000. The Blake Griffin Shoes domestic new car market scale in Nike Air Max Mens the world ranked Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Canada Online Sale fourteenth, while the export volume was ranked fourth. production car core components of the Metalsa opened the business and technical support office in 2008 in Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Canada Online Sale the Japanese city of Yokohama, it is an opportunity to deal with TOYOTA. Before the Metalsa from Mexico to TOYOTA’s North American factories to supply the automotive chassis, but since 10 years Metalsa acquired the American enterprise business department deal with TOYOTA expanded. The Metalsa also obtained a Nissan orders for this opportunity.

teaching in the new pool day Chen Linsen when I when the teacher of run by the local people in the home2014.10.29. // Uncategorized

teaching in the new pool day Chen Linsen when I when the teacher of run by the local people in the home, in the life most trough, a friend introduced me to a new pool of Xingzi County commune as top coding and Nike Air Force Ones substitute teacher. So I from the east coast of Poyang Lake Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Canada Online Sale over to the West Bank, began a cycle of my. new pool from the county only 30 Li, but across the bay. At that time also did not pass the car, can only take a ferry over ten mile lake, then walk 20 miles. This is a small commune, barren soil, hillside in addition to pine, no other plant. Tan hills, fields and villages around some, meandering Qiu Luan on almost all the pebbles. This soil has one advantage, is to repair the road without cement is also Nike Air Foamposite Women very hard. My hometown in rural areas, those who deserted fields everywhere clustered Jing hazel Nike Air Max Mens wilderness; here the garden around, in order to prevent the chicken, to implant some BA mao. The school was built in a plain, near the commune in two, from three in the back street town, only around three five Blake Griffin Shoes households. I did not engage in campus greening, behind only a few trees. Lowlying north school put down a shMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackallow wells, one Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice to rain, the water of a muddy, workers choose the Sheung Shui to be precipitated, long time, burning out the water is still not too clear. To the southeast overlooking the visible colors of Poyang Lake, but there is no get nature much grace, but year after year flooded fields and villages. I would note here is a tuyere, wind to pedestrians can be overturned on the road. The village houses, corrugated are gland with bricks, to prevent the wind to the roofs. On the north slope of pine trees, under sustained wind, long, shaped like a hunchback, seem insignificant. In addition to old school classrooms, a two story office building, also live in the staff dormitory. The downstairs room Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Canada Online Sale facing south lived an old teacher. Originally, let me live upstairs room facing south, but at that time wanted to study painting, thought the room light change north of the small, is conducive to practice sketching, forsook the southern north. Then of course is the boomerang. The roof is no ceiling, oldfashioned windows can not stop the wind invasion, sleeping in bed at night, the eight winds, often in the middle of the night can’t sleep warm. The night wind was even kerosene lamp, lamp also is not, chat, I went downstairs and the old teacher in the dark. The old teacher surnamed Cao, was also only reached middle age, is the text leather before the students, hit into counter revolution in ten years there and was expelled from office, sent back to the origin of labor, shortly before the implementation of the policy, assigned to the remote teaching. He was disabled, early polio, seriously bent thoracic vertebrae, longin volt line, this is not suitable for the station platform, but he is cautious and conscientious, hard working. He is also the county people, has become Air Jordan Shoes Mens my most loyal partner, is my school mentor. Although he is Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Canada Online Sale a science background, knowledge of literature and history are very rich, can even write a letter in the writings in classical style, leisure when lying on the bed to copy Kangxi dictionary. The teachers here are that dialect, only from Mr. Cao in the mouth can hear some idioms. I often consult him, from his mouth didn’t get no answer time. that’s the earth have not become now so warm that Chinese industry also