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this morning, executive vice president of sina, editor in chief Chen Tong said the release microblog, for personal reasons to resign, Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale the future will be the new Blake Griffin Shoes Sina consultant. The message is issued, the industry a shocked, some people think that the end of evaluation the departure of Chen Tong represents the Sina mode, represents the traditional portal has become history of the spectators. In any case, I think we should let go of the past, look to the future, to explore a practical problem: who will take over from Chen Tong, the editor in chief as sina. in my opinion, Nike Air Foamposite Women Sina editor in chief candidate new has been decided, or to the character of Chen Tong will not go so relieved. So who is the Nike Air Force Ones second chief editor of sina, Sina led rise again? I guess: the internal promotion, Deng Qingxu served as the editor in chief 60% probability we know, sina Chen Tong is the local cattle is that since the sina net was set up 17 years in the 4 as the editor in chief of CEO, but it has not changed, no one can shake the editor in chWomens Jordan 12 AAA Black Anti Fur Blue Pinkief Chen Tong post. The Chen Tong initiative dimission, according to Sina strategy, if the internal mining editor Nike Air Max Mens in chief, should meet the following requirements: in the sina net work for many years preferably more than 10 years to the grassroots work experience that is from the beginning of Chen Tong’s idea of people received baptism done editor of the candidates in the important channel Science and technology, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice sports, finance, news center the position is the deputy editor in chief three deputy chief editor of sina in 2011 promoted are Zhou Xiaopeng, Deng Qingxu, Lu Yang According to the requirements of four, we are not difficult to speculate, Sina if internal selection editor’s words, we should choose in the weeks Xiao Peng, Deng Qingxu, Lu Yang three people, of which the people of Shanxi Deng Qingxu is the best candidate. Deng Qingxu joined Sina in 2001 April, she served as the channel of Finance and economics editor, deputy editor of science and technology channel Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale channel of Finance and economics, deputy editor in chief, deputy director of the financial center, since 2007 as financial center director, in 2011 upgraded to deputy editor in chief. although Deng Qingxu is old Sina, experienced Chen Tong model into the mold learning, new pulse but the people active Air Jordan Shoes Mens thinking can be more to the development of the Internet, I am very optimistic about and support Deng Qingxu as the chief editor of sina. Sina vice editor in chief Deng Qingxu above guess two: external airborne 30% probability Sina after Chen Tong left, also have certain may select editor new through external recruitment Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale way, although unlikely. Since 2013, we can find someone a lot of traditional famous media editor and editor in chief have left business, cause everybody knows print dying. At the same time, we found that many from print runaway Niubi media people into the door four

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I was never quite believe that Internet enterprise provides the digital and traditional industry, this field is not the same, the hightech nature makes one is nobody Nike Air Foamposite Women tube, two are unable to manage, to do with the management of enterprises under the same degree of line supervision level, first of all to regulators have superb technology and strength, but apparently they did not possess. nearly 30 years ago, I saw in Shanghai Xinmin Evening News when a message, sell yellow croaker selfemployed promotional exaggeration, said today bought 4 boxes of yellow croaker, the last remaining a box we hurry to buy ah, tax tax by staff, but had to admit to lying, and grievance ground says: who knows brag also pay taxes? In this case, does not exist in the Internet industry, nobody is going to tax, no one would be on the digital seriously. At that Blake Griffin Shoes time the most intense a few years ago portal competition, a program was announced the visit quantity spring day, that sure anyway, announced after a little more than the earlier published, you 100000000 people visit, I 120000000. This two years application of various mobile Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale phone distribution, assistants and all kinds of treasures will announce a wave of a wave of high ratio of distribution of digital, there are different approachesWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Red Black Clear Sole but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful Nike Air Max Mens and the circumstances. So Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale is the business, we are keen to put satellites, all want to be the first platform, so the more reliable digital to moves in the direction of. But this is not reliable, no one can have what regulation, cattle can blow to much, and inversely proportional to the integrity and lower practitioners. said bluntly, the comparatively low number of blows to the relatively high, reflecting is a kind of ability, is directly related to the advertisers put the amount and direction, but also related to whether the businessman will pour into your platform, is also related to the investors on your business ideas, and then affect the capital support. You a low point that is not, the high point, the difference between income and the size of the financing will not that a little problem. in this industry has also formed a common fraud specification, user quantity 10000000 blown 30000000 is no problem, there is Air Jordan Shoes Mens a moral point blow into 15000000, 1000000 users are blown into 10000000 extreme Nike Air Force Ones cases, may be very rare, because in Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the future when the round investors accept review is not the past. Investors will consider the relationship between nominal and real digital digital in determining investment, no one’s going to really believe that out of the number, the number is to be to provide care and strictly, not to do sth is a traditional business owners to create make sale online in a released figures when the staff to see the figure is 580000, suggested as change 600000 gather together a whole, by their boss flatly refused, saying is how many is how many, not false. The practical example on the Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale entire Internet environment, instead of a rare bright spot, such as the heroic deeds is generally called the tao. According to common practice in this environment to manipulate numbers, no change 1200000 had fortunately, not to mention just add twenty thousand gather together a whole. The problem is, the only digital publishers to charge, can understand, can discern, can modify

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since 210 years so far, Xi Jiu forward at a 40% annual growth rate. In 2013 the national second XI Jiu liquor Starving people fill the land., old tree shoots, it Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice exudes a strong vitality. The acquisition of wine in the liquor talent showing itself, because it has the advantage be richly endowed by nature. superior geographical conditions Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale is located in Xi Jiu Zhen Xi wine producing area of Xishui County, company plant Yishanbangshui, stretching ten, ten it is referred to as the city of wine. Xi wine producing area has the special terrain and climate environment, There is nothing comparable to this wine. winery in and Moutai apart 50 kilometers Erlang beach ferry, the Nike Air Force Ones factory has a clear and sweet spring, used here spring brewing wine has unique flavor. Wineries around the world the best preserved Danxia landform, clever Xijiu people obtain raw material locally, with Danxia stone was made into a fermentation pool, plus special geomorphology of Danxia gave birth to the brewing raw materials needed to local small sorghum. The terrain here four week high middle low, forming a natural fermentation tank. here’s warm climate, yearround snow, the annual average temperaturWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Red Black Clear Solee of 20.5 degrees, the highest temperature can reach 42 DEG C, and the wind speed is slow, the favourable conditions to promote the growth of microorganisms, very conducive to the Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale wine culture fermentation. addition, the main battlefield of the birthplace of Xijiu or when crossing Chishui campaign, is China’s earliest Chishui River Valley wine history records, the birthplace of today and brandy and whisky wine brewing and called treasure of world class. Because the Blake Griffin Shoes Chishui river was been prime minister Zhou Enlai to strengthen the protection of the instructions, so there are no upstream industrial and mining enterprises and power plants, high quality, rich in trace elements in wine suitable, have valuable resources outside can not be copied. unique geographical conditions, make once at the junction of Sichuan Guizhou can feel that kind of feeling of Xi wine wine aroma. I’ve been to Guizhou, Maotai Town, Nike Air Max Mens Xi wine which is the first to go, it has too many impressive place, such as its craftsmanship and wine Nike Air Foamposite Women making process, and such as its craftsmanship and Jun product culture, Xi Jiu people personally practicing Xijiu essence. The traditional manual process in Xijiu people, liquor is still belongs to a kind of traditional handicraft industry. The making of Xi Air Jordan Shoes Mens Jiu followed the brewing process complex, winemakers emphasized harmony, yin and Yang blending, is fastidious about the Dragon Boat Festival tread Qu, Chongyang Xiasha, fermentation to slow before, in and after the very slow fall. After a year of manufacturing cycle, base liquor was nine times after cooking, plus eight times the song, eight times eight times into the pool accumulation of saccharification, fermentation, seven to take wine, three years of Chen Chu, in order to blending factory. although the artificial is half the cost of operation of mechanization, but the acquisition of wine people insist on the use of this method, but is stressing the manual operation. For example, on curved link, although industrialization can greatly improve the yield and efficiency, but according to the Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale method of brewing wine, but always much less than the manual operation.

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gradually fade out the entertainment scene in front of Quan Ren, began eyeing hot field. Investors, is his latest title. star as the investor is not a fresh thing. Hundreds of millions of the fee for their accumulated wealth, but how to spend it is a problem. Obviously, for university graduates is aware of the need to borrow money to do business, Quan Ren, have been satisfied to buy a house to let wealth. 36 krypton Internet entrepreneurs conference, although little rice has arrived, but no end of meaning. The site nearly a thousand audience are waiting for a person, Quan Ren. Not the actor Quan Ren, investor Quan Ren. dominates the Quan Ren I am an entrepreneur, from the beginning of this year is also an investor. Nike Max 90 Current Moire Neat words, and the theme of the conference is echoed, theme and announcement. Forget the meal of the audience into the role within the shortest time. Internet circle site layout Nike Flex Experience RN can always increase the audience listening desires, large screen, the speaker stood in the middle of the stage there is no shelter. At this time, only a person’s limbs and language charm to keep the audience. No doGlow in the Dark Jordan 4 Black Whiteubt, Quan Ren is to adapt to this kind of occasion. behind him on the screen, a barrage of a row after row across, mostly praise Dressed in a black thin body suit, hair also retained when the actor fashion degree. Although at the moment is to appear as a businessman, Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale but he also clearly show their different. yes, he is get by the people of entertainment circle. Although the fade out of the tent of meeting, Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale but he knows clearly that he entered the entertainment circle is the cornerstone of investment circle. The Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale short 20 minute speech, the five time he mentioned Li Bingbing. This did not appear the venue of the female classmate, director of Quan Ren always from a restaurant owner to today’s investors. I graduated from the University of without first act, the first job is to open a small restaurant, and that is to borrow money, but also to persuade people Now is not the angel money? The beginning of the transformation Nike Free Run 3 of Quan Ren is today buried the reasonable logic. He said that he is not willing to go to acting at that time, because to be director of the election to election, not own a little initiative and control. a man in your most energetic, most want to develop business, being in control is Nike Air Max Women a very sad Lebron James Shoes thing. so, the beginning of the story the figure of Li Bingbing. Quan Ren opened the first restaurant a total investment of 100000 blocks, then he wants to let Li Bingbing take 40000 dollars to buy shares, become the major shareholders. But Li Bingbing chose to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men lend money to Quan Ren. After many years, this restaurant is the rate of return has been a hundred times, missed the opportunity of Li Bingbing, after which she will vote what Quan Ren. for this let yourself make life first bucket of gold of the restaurant, Quan Ren said: do not think that has been the restaurant can give how much money I earn, it changed my life and gave me a lot of ideas and confidence is the most important

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iResearch consulting will be released 2014 end video industry research report in the near future, the report has combed the China Mobile end video industry chain and profit mode, the provider of the content industry chain, content aggregation, license plate, side business operators, channel operators, online video broadcast each link platform for detailed elaboration, simultaneous contrast the forward charge based operators video mode and backward fee based online video mode, analyzes the opportunities and challenges facing enterprises’ two kinds of profit mode, and Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale then make a prediction on the development trend of the whole body of China Mobile video industry. This report Nike Flex Experience RN for the industry, relevant Nike Max 90 Current Moire personage reference, please pay attention! Glow in the Dark Jordan Men China Mobile end video: operators video and online video coexistence of two line China Mobile end video refers to the mobile to mobile phone, Pad and other equipment operators or online video company provides to the user for the use of the terminal, to stream media playing format video broadcast, on demand service, industry chain to Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale content providers, conteGlow in the Dark Jordan 4 Whitent aggregation, multiple links by party content business, integrated broadcasting licence control platform, operators, channel operators, online video broadcast platform, mainly including operators video and online video Lebron James Shoes two kinds of mode. operators video mode refers to the content provider through the integration of broadcasting platform and business cooperation, in the promotion of channel, the video content service users, the main participants is the content providers, Nike Air Max Women content aggregation, license plate manufacturers, operators and channel business. Online video mode refers to bypass the licence and operators, content aggregation party directly through the online video broadcast platform, provide video services to users, the main participants is the content providers, content aggregation and online video companies. Two kinds of modes to take the difference of development strategy, the expected future will coexist for a long time, and Nike Free Run 3 jointly promote the development of the whole industry China Mobile end video. operators video VS online video: differences in game development, symbiosis China Mobile video industry, the main profit pattern operators video is the forward charge, namely the operators to charge users a monthly or per per video content costs, industry chain upstream partners and operators into. Online video to after the charges i.e., mostly owners through advertising platform Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale or advertising Proxy Companies in online video broadcast platform for advertising based, users pay VIP member services and other income supplement. Two charging modes require payment of enterprise support, including the operator’s own payment system and independent mobile payment service providers two categories. operators video home operator system, profit pressure is smaller, which rely on the mobile, telecom operators in three large user base and unique channel advantage, the laying of electronic channels and entity channel, effectively promote the video business operators under the. However, the incomplete market competition makes operators video mode in content Feng

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Chinese leading wireless and company Air Network NASDAQ:Kong announced today will be in 214 years to War Trilogy world of tanks, world of warplanes, world of Warcraft, 2 battle and research since the only Nike Free Run 3 global eSports meteor search new martial arts sword as the core, with the Eutechnyx Glow in the Dark Jordan Men flag quasi Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale real racing game AutoClub Revolution Chinese translation Racing League as a new opportunity, the re integration of its own athletic competition platform of KA KongArena, a full range to enter the eSports community layout strategy, international Esports! at the same time, the air network under the flag of research since the only global eSports net swims meteor search new martial arts sword today released Nike Air Max Women the annual WASD plan, a meteor father said the producer Cai Junsong announced: Opens in 2014 WASD Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale year, strive for Nike Flex Experience RN the game player with a hitherto unknown breakthrough, to never there have been games category, never had the operation experience to the game player only global eSports martial arts! address: WASD theme stand: [the new meteor search sworGlow in the Dark Jordan 4 Black Whited: create a Lebron James Shoes knight errant eSports first brand] as air network core network products, War Trilogy tank world, world of warplanes, world of Warcraft have maintained the domestic market strong competitiveness, the innate sports are also popular players welcome. As the air network of 2014 year the most important research since the masterpiece the new meteor search sword, global only, martial arts eSports localization also indicates the air network will strive to create a knight errant eSports the first brand, it is reported that the new meteor search sword recorded will be carried out a series of large gaming the game in 2014, in addition to its own competition, will also make great efforts to enter the WCG and other international tournament, let the knight errant eSports truly ice world. new meteor sword search for world of tanks World of warplanes The current view of the knight errant net to tour market, although the 9, sword net 3 Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale and other expert, the major manufacturers have begun to build their own eSports game, but the game itself play, operating constraints, few successful cases, did not form a larger spread the Chinese people themselves, the knight errant theme to success among the eSports community still has a long way to go. new meteor sword search the emergence of new meteor search sword to a certain extent, but breaking this impasse: break through the traditional martial arts games to Nike Max 90 Current Moire make the player feel

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Biographical entered the Shanghai 1985 years, 19 year old farmer young Ji Qi first left home to Rudong, go to the University of Shanghai. of this passion, free and easy, simple young people, Shanghai is a very strange place. In Shanghai, Ji Qi strongly felt: he is a country people. When the bus, someone laughs at him beside: country people! he started to feel inferior, isolated, but later is better. Because, as long as they do not speak Shanghai dialect, not the people of Shanghai, all Shanghai people’s eyes, people raised in the countryside, no matter where, Beijing to Guangzhou is also the country people. do poineering work for Jordan Nubuck Men the first time to do it is to carry Cheng, wealth dream, poor boy want to send big money; second time to do home, close to self realization, enter a new industry; Chinese front courtyard now do is to the ideal, in order to have a copy of his loving career. What to do with the money? To a far away place to eat a bowl of noodles, and then take a taxi back. This is the rural poor children to Ji QiWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black Pink University and the students on the imagination. The money, he temporarily miss the love age, really drive Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale full Shanghai, in Pudong a nook and cranny found fermented dough, crisp at the end of the big pot spring PanFried Mantou. in his article entitled two hypothesis life blog article, the choice of Ji Qi Blake Griffin Shoes check record of heart. In this paper, he put forward two hypotheses if your life is only left over 3 days or 3 months, if they have to live 150 years, you will be how to determine their life are. 3 days or 3 months hypothesis tells us: life, what should to Air Jordan Shoes Womens do; 150 years of hypothesis tells us: life, what you Glow in the Dark Jordan Men should not do. The largest reentry 1994 years ago, he is a student and staff, live uneventful. Since 1994, he is the pioneer and entrepreneur, passionate Kobe Bryant Shoes Peng pai. This year, Ji Qi through his work in the United States wife light, quit his job in Shanghai to the United states. the United States is heaven, clear blue sky, the air special fresh, quality of life is high, no money can also live well Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale than Shanghai. Ji Qi decided to venture a gamble, Nike Air Max Womens but obviously, start in the United States have no chance. As a traveler, the environment is not his, it is difficult to melt into the place. However, the thought of entrepreneurship, Ji Qiyi suddenly spirit up, think to find the direction. Entrepreneurship, of course, to go back to china. He that put the United States and Shanghai repeatedly contrast, for entrepreneurs, Shanghai than the United States much better. is in the United States humbled and thinking about a year, Ji Qi in the body the passion completely forced out, out of control, from 1995 to return to 2004, Ji Qi hit Ctrip, Home Inns, Chinese front courtyard 5 companies, on average every two years a. the story characters Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale explanation of

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Jumei Youpin weekend submitted to America listing Nike Air Max Womens prospectus, and announced their numbers, as a vertical electric a beauty makeup, Jumei Youpin future to become the next vipshop or dangdang? from the financial data announced poly beauty can be seen, its own with the intent to vipshop analogy is very obvious, and the results look in many ways than even the only product will have a lot of beautiful. for example, its mobile orders accounted for more than, poly beauty in the mobile terminal sales in 2013 accounted for more than 49%, and the only product will is 23%, Jingdong was 18%, dangdang was 10%. This hot in mobile Internet concept now has increased its beautiful degree. for example, its complex buying rate, poly beauty 2013 repeat purchase orders accounted for 88.9% of the total number of orders, it is a staggering figure, the socalled complex purchase rate than the king of the only product will be even higher 73.8%. Plus poly us and I would also like the sale flash purchase mode, and compared to the only product Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale will, poly beauty is the seven consecutive quarter of profit, is together the United States will be only product that will be the next phantom shares? aWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black shark micro signal: southsharker is of the view that the poly beauty behind the beautiful results, but difficult to hide the fatal secret worry in the industry and the two big aspects, two curse lingering. Looking to the future, if you can not solve these two big problems, poly beauty is not only difficult to become the only product, the future may be more likely to become another vertical electric’s dangdang. is the first big worries about the net purchase cosmetics are fake curse, future development will be a serious blow to beauty business, which bore the brunt of the affected is pure electric poly beauty makeup. In March 1, 2013 the field of beauty and joy together bee of the war, let the two vertical electric hot the whole network, Blake Griffin Shoes however the two fight, attack each other fake also let all beauty business reputation, net purchase cosmetics are fake curse begins to haunt Jollibee and poly beauty, become the lingering nightmare. The curse is a direct result of this year’s 3.1 in Le bees, poly beauty and Jingdong beauty business wars three bit up. actually cause between this fake curse is not the root causes of business battle, but cosmetics manufacturers channel pattern. Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale The current line of international cosmetics brand Jordan Nubuck Men channel is the channel below the line is adopted, the basic no on the electric authorization, this leads to once the user does Air Jordan Shoes Womens not trust in the business buying firstline brand information cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics manufacturers in order to protect the line channel will declare we have no adverse remarks authorization electric sales, at the same time the cosmetics line the channel will also to confuse the user in Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the business and resolute will buy goods is called fake. Even worse, this pattern can be foreseen in the coming years to change. Even worse, the female users for beauty, cosmetics line in pursuit of a more international brand instead of cheap easy to use domestic Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale brands. second Kobe Bryant Shoes the big worry is the curse of vertical electric die, together the United States and the lack of back background, it is difficult to guarantee the future flow input. Electric industry is full integration

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has been the main July 7th, early in the July 7th before it launched an emotional marketing competition, starting from the emotional need, arouse and stimulate consumer emotional needs, to induce consumers to heart, let love marketing win the ruthless competition. By virtue of the men’s life can Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale only be bought once and started the wellknown brand of DR is not miss this good opportunity. DR and the choice of the movie small age 3 cooperation, because the latter audience and target consumers most coincidence, through advertising implanted form, multi screen interactive development, such as in the major sponsor # and you want to see a lifetime movie # sun stub activity. The activities of only limit male sun ticket, and a lifetime movie ticket prize is announced, it caused hot discussion among Internet users. Many DR owners have active @ male and female friends to discuss, over a million record day interaction most, became the hot topic of emotion category list. DR initiated the sun stub activity in men only ID, once the decision to lovers and photo and drying out the stub, which means that the men are willing to make a statement: and his girlfriend togetheWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Dark Blue Oranger, a lifetime of watching movies. Special provisions, better vision, let the couple split active @ forwarding. The topic of the activity itself has also become Air Jordan Shoes Womens a topic of mutual communication between lovers, has very strong topic viscous; DR love ring men buy provisions are more with small 3 era, powerful alliances, borrowing strength to produce greater dissemination value and. Kobe Bryant Shoes this activity, men only rule out the lady’s regulations, has become a major bright spot and hot spot of the activities of the. Are activities excluded women are more willing to share the Jordan Nubuck Men topic, onlookers guessing, and also in curiosity and concern: getting rewards couples could really work life, a lifetime of watching movie together. The brand and consumer communicate values, establish the emotion, and formed a unique brand recognition is a longterm and continuous process. If DR can seize this point, will Blake Griffin Shoes be for the brand bring lasting attention, reach a consumer brand unique identification. no matter what kind of marketing, marketing will Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale eventually move is. Just as what is said nine type marketing: top brand marketing is no longer falls on the product function of demand, is no longer the broken individuals a fragment, but real from one with emotions, have some kind of belief, a way of life and values of Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale the people began to marketing. So the emotional marketing is more and more advertisers used. marketing feelings like water in general, appears to be weak, but nowhere does not flow, all conquering. The success of emotional marketing, not only in the products allow users to Nike Air Max Womens pleasure, emotionally should also be true feelings, not corporate Glow in the Dark Jordan Men wishful hypocritical. In life, a person can forget many things, some moment emotional shocks are often difficult to forget.

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domestic spot steel city is still falling, the main varieties of steel prices continue to fall. The Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan Men UK Online Sale global iron ore market in the background of weakening demand, supply is in rapid growth, the need for strong weak pattern is taking shape. according to the latest market report, last week, the domestic spot steel prices index down the Lebron James Shoes disadvantaged, to close at 118.2 points, down to 0.64% a week. Rebar futures continued to fall, affect the spot steel city mentality also continued weak, market to go down, the main varieties of steel prices have varying degrees of decline. At present, steel demand has not obviously release, concussion running steel prices will be the new normal. according to the analysis, in the construction steel market, overall is down the disadvantaged. Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places tons of price 10 yuan to 70 yuan a week decline. Market personage says, the forward price of steel futures is not what brisk performance, the spot market transactions is very light, floor attitude is Nike Flex Experience RN very weak, the price can be kept stable in the weak consolidation, is already a strong resilience. in the plate market, but also the overall fall. market shock consolidation, Shanghai, Hangzhou tons price a week gMens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Navy Blue Whiteo down 10 yuan to 70 yuan, Taiyuan, Shenyang and other Nike Air Max Women places rose slightly. In the short term, the steel city environment is weak tone, but hot rolled coil supply pressure is not too big. The market is also weak consolidation, Shanghai, Hangzhou tons price a week go down 10 yuan to 50 yuan. In the Shanghai market, although there are some specifications of shortage in supply, but in the face of steel futures market remains in the doldrums, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men many businessmen in the ation or choose the slight decline in sales promotion. As can be seen, some traders capital situation is not too ideal. Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men UK Online Sale global iron ore market Nike Max 90 Current Moire finally after a relatively long time Cheap Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men UK Online Sale delay, and a downstream steel industry formed the corresponding Weak in the background, supply is growth, the market that had been scenery unlimited international miners have a taste. According to the latest report of the relevant agencies, in the domestic ore market, Hebei area tiejingfen prices slightly loose, tons of price a week down 10 yuan. Steel procurement cautious, the market turnover is weak. Imported ore prices fell slightly for 14 days continuously, 62% grade iron ore per ton Platts index closed at $93.5, down $1.5 A week. Relevant data shows, this year first half of the year, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and other global four mine’s total iron ore production increased by nearly 13%, a record high. The iron ore supply and rapid growth, many contain a little Ore city for the strong to weak situation is gradually forming. Analysis show that related institutions at home and abroad in July macro economic surface with relatively little to become weaker, the steel city, the restoration of confidence has influence. Iron and steel industry itself is in the traditional demand offseason, market sales volume is difficult to improve, enthusiasm poorer downstream procurement. No substantial Nike Free Run 3 improvement in the contradiction between supply and demand situation, the steel city only