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Abstract: regardless of Party A Party B, media or enterprises, today if you habitually dependent reporter produced, the dissemination of the Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale contents, may constitute a substantive impediment on new media and new communication; marketing improper back also not easy to appreciate the real reason other people’s success, but it is a different way of thinking, rather than Nike Flex Experience RN look at new channel and new form with old eyes. The test driver’s license when years ago, coach Nike Free Run 3 sister sincere words and earnest wishes to me and said: young man, like you Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale so drive now, if sitting in the back of the words of the passengers, their faces have posted to your back. is pleased Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale the coach did not use you should the usual tone; if said to her teaching and a little more to look forward to, I actually expected she would say: young man, if you want a passionate driving, it will continue to do so! But if you want another safe and comfortable driving, the in reality, most people do not need others to tell him should be how to drive, that is the attitude of their own; people just to fully undWomens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blackerstand, different driving mode will bring different results; An argument the same scene happen in today’s circle Nike Max 90 Current Moire of friends, for many authors now active on your site, a science and technology media founder T to give them a name the free press, tech blogger W thinks said commentator has almost, because the expression is not reported, the facts also not view; they further escalation of the http://www.disneyann.com/news/html/?3398.html controversy: T: who said the commentator is not a reporter? Who says that the reporter provides only the facts do not provide a point of view? Who said the commentator wrote in things not everybody does not know the facts? W: there are very few commentators will be repeated to Lebron James Shoes verify facts if it is a hand. This word is more appropriate some commentators. I like the freedom to reporters free two characters which represents the spirit of independent critics also. Spirit born in the first two words rather than after the word. Nike Air Max Women T: professional reporters are journalists, a freelance journalist why can’t be a reporter? Have a professional when reporters called professional journalists, not the reporter when professional freelancer free reporters why not? To know the guest in New York and the Atlantic monthly magazine best articles are mostly from the global freelancer reports. Since the spirit born in freedom, the reporter itself is a kind of spirit, then why the tangle is a freelance journalist or professional journalists. see Glow in the Dark Jordan Men later I gradually found once in this argument, there is no accident, we just entered a similar what is love topic discussion, the reporter began to grow and love, became us to life of a kind of direct experience, become a kind of attitude. this let me come to express their point of view of interest. called on the socalled free press, people how to look not to know, but I don’t like, if happens to be in line with the conditions to the accolade, I

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a few days ago I and friends to chat a few companies in the domestic software industry, which talked about the topic of enterprise informatization. Just recently attended a UF SMEs information related meetings, which talked about the domestic enterprise information from the three course theory, technology to the wisdom of change, very interested in the. So in today’s blog, the above argument like to turn their eyes on the small and mediumsized enterprise informationization understanding suggestions. the past: the informatization construction of misunderstanding is often hard soft Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale ever speak of enterprise informatization, people first thought is often the computer, Internet, office automation, computerized accounting and so on, now on enterprise informatization is a lot of, promote enterprise online today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is Nike Flex Experience RN the realization of office automation, ERP, CRM, the new term, new concepts emerge in an endless stream, let Nike Air Max Women alone the traditional enterprise Glow in the Dark Jordan Men information circles to contact is not much, is the industry also is squandering is to charming eyes. Most of the enterprises in the informationbased construction process, are generally willing to spend money in the purchase of the Womens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blackhardware, the software application, implementation services, advisory services, training and publicity often enough, most of the Nike Max 90 Current Moire funds are used in the hard, into the little soft, the result often said that the information superhighway is no car run or running on empty problem. This and people in Zheng resemblance. Practice has proved that the information really doing good business, often spending implementation services in software and so much more than in hardware input. And this http://www.zgszlsm.com/news/html/?1070.html is the most of enterprise informatization construction of large investment, the heavy theory, technology is higher than the actual application, it can not really meet the key problems in the application of leading to the final failure of the. so, this also was a wakeup call to the company and many enterprises want to implement enterprise informationization, makes more and more enterprises recognize their in informationbased construction must distinguish between what is beads and what is Du, otherwise it is easy to repeat the Zheng mistakes, misunderstanding into the end of the Lebron James Shoes inverted cause the necessary errors, then affects the normal operation of the enterprise. The theory of Technology: focus on the wisdom and practical information construction is currently subject to the impact of the economic crisis for the majority of small and mediumsized Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale enterprises, due to the decline in domestic consumption capacity, Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale the overall costs rise, credit Nike Free Run 3 tightening and other factors, the market competition becomes more intense. So the question in front of the majority of small and mediumsized enterprises, how to quickly response to the market changes, to establish the need of production, production in the enterprise management system in order to reduce the operation cost, at the same time, time to meet customer demand, to maximize the benefit of enterprise management. And this is the software development company put forward higher requirements, is from the actual enterprise informatization starts, not only from the theory of technology to be more intelligent, from the application up to be more close to the actual situation of the users, in order to

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recently Samsung $30000000000 flash project located in Xi’an, and obtain the Xi’an government news 200000000000 yuan support in the industry caused heat to discuss, the vast majority of Internet Lebron James Shoes users think that this practice is not desirable. The message in the fermentation through the media and some microblog opinion leaders, causing a bad effect. However, Samsung official finally made a reply, said the investment is far from reached US $30000000000, and the government Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale subsidies 200000000000 yuan more weakness lends wings to rumours. but this is a false news before Samsung official denial why can spread so wide, influence is so big. The main reason besides some contradictions behind the news may lead to the outside, the more important reason Nike Free Run 3 to care about microblog on some known and opinion leaders push. the night Nike Max 90 Current Moire of March 14th, the famous media person, the original magazine editor in chief Shen sound made a $30000000000 microblog: why Samsung flash project landing Xi’an, the local government to send 200000000000 Yuan Hao Li? Give land to plant ten years exemption ten years half, who agreed with them? Why Venture Company even three years of Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale Womens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blacktax exemption do not enjoy, why ask us when the false foreign devil, Chinese need most is super plant? I on Shen sound can be issued so ignorant microblog expressed regret, then act on impulse in handling things, in microblog reply burst foul: $30000000000 pure rumor. According to the Samsung Corp’s cash flow may be how $30000000000 on flash memory. The board of directors are http://www.disneyann.com/news/html/?3398.html not eat shit. I think $300000000 is almost. And the 200000000000 support the government more nonsense, this person calculate 200000000000 or organizations have ulterior motives! Samsung’s history in the Nike Air Max Women whole of China, all provinces of all projects, total investments all the items have no more than $30000000000, the sudden a city a project is $30000000000, Shen sound do you think the 30000000000 Kaopu do? here I because my words Nike Flex Experience RN and apologize of course, my point remains unchanged, wait for the calm down, I can think of some things quiet. until the 17 day, Samsung aspects of denial, about the 200000000000 yuan subsidy events only gradually stopped talking. I put the link to Shen sound in the morning, Shen sound in micro Bo gave me the following reply: this single source of news, only interviewed Samsung party was teacher Ding as critical evidence on me, I don’t know your news is how to learn? Don’t give me buckle known Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale hat, I am just a citizen is only a right to know what we need. In the absence of more authoritative third party information before, this figure I’d rather accept 200000000000. the whole incident, and Shen’s voice like Internet big many, here I unified response to these people’s point of view. Of course, the following text is not especially for Shen Glow in the Dark Jordan Men sound person, I just because many bosses of the viewpoint misdirect many netizens. So do a little of their elaborate, and Shen sound microblogging is I want to write the following words power and reason.

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January 11th, by China sugar wine group, the Chongqing Municipal People’s government to join hands together to create group of the national sugar and wine culture festival peak forum in Chongqing International Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale Exhibition Center held a grand panda. The forum invited the industry elite, marketing executives, electric market platform for the international 4A advertising company responsible person and channel terminal enterprises, multi angle mining media era demands of enterprise marketing and brand development strategy, to discuss all media era and wine industry marketing future, promote efficient communication and integration food industry Nike Air Force Ones and media industry. anchor: invite us to now is the cabinet guest media Wang Shikai Wang, Wang hello. Cabinet guest media under the banner of the guest cabinet journals for a location retailer, had you is how Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the opportunity to think of doing such a magazine? Wang: I have been a media observers, we either traditional media or new media, are now very prosperous, various positioning are. As in the Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale past, we in the recruitment to find work, also had specifically localized Nike Air Foamposite Women in the youth recruitment page, like the economic observer, positioning rational intellectuals, tMens Dwyane Wade II Black Redhe orientation of all kinds are. But our retail classes, emotionally speaking, the lack of respect for the media, not a special media to record their lives, to record the class state. So we make such a magazine to promote commercial activities in this group China forward a group of people. I would like to ask the host, when you buy cola, mostly because you are Nike Air Max Mens thirsty, pass by a shop to ask the boss for you to http://shjfsz.com/news/html/?1126.html take a bottle of cola, give him three dollars, he put the bottle of cola to you. So not only is coke, these all of the fast consumer goods, tobacco and sugar tea are their hands over the hand to pass out, whether it is moving or web site to pay Blake Griffin Shoes how prosperous, offline retailers of consumer already occupy a lot of Jiangshan, that is to say, we all FMCG retailers through the flow with temperature. CocaCola sold each year how many billion bottles in Chinese, they hand in hand is handed out. Like the wind, develop so powerful, is Air Jordan Shoes Mens the use of small tricycle push them out, as the Huai Hai Campaign, is the old people’s car out of the. They are the grassroots, but they also describe Chinese FMCG era, so we make such a special guest Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale cabinet magazine, free delivery to their counter to. anchor: listen to you so introduction, so we can understand, you use the word comparison is one of popular feelings, mentioned feelings words, more likely to think of Internet product, but the magazine you do is a paper, it is also referred to as the traditional media, you how to consider the use of the Internet is thought to do the traditional media? Wang: we put the guest cabinet paper called banner, flag is a guide, it can quickly occupied Beijing all counter, at the same time we are also other modes of transmission. In fact, this magazine has Internet thinking also has a mobile Internet thinking. For example you see the cover, the cover is a Select

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side is Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the bull market the stock market soaring, one side is a road at the end of the year the Nike Air Force Ones scale of war and Monetary Fund earnings decline in the attack, Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale in the fund company is almost edge edge sad joy. , who also have never thought, from the born to lead the financial turmoil so far, baby so quickly is not the scenery. Is once again amazing or as a shortterm financial products like back to normal, perhaps has not mastered in the hands of baby. with 2015 approaching, the funds are to be eager for a fight for next year’s investment Paibingbuzhen, the recent part of the fund Nike Air Max Mens company issued a report of the strategy of the fund next year, a Nike Air Foamposite Women subsidiary of asset securitization is expected to fall to the ground or the first fund companies listed, most fund companies for next year’s market cautious optimism. pre 1 Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale The foundation to seek listing to attract talent of listed banks, insurance companies, trust companies listed, listed firms backdoor listing listing Corporation, financial industry, seems to lack of public fuMens Dwyane Wade II Black Rednd. 2013 years to Blake Griffin Shoes securities investment fund management companies after the revision, the concern of the one was to allow the fund company by stock and the lifting of the following shareholders holding 5% of the administrative examination and approval, the parties are of Air Jordan Shoes Mens the view that the management of this interpretation is listed on the space for the fund company, and this requirement also in the public offering of the fund industry cause for concern. then, Tianfu exchange will be action, in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the enterprise name approval notice, appeared the name Tianfu health fund management Limited by Share Ltd, the industry analysis which implies the Tianfu exchange is starting the jointstock reform, the listed pave the way for the future. fund listed companies, equity incentive, perhaps is a way to solve the current fund industry brain drain. Display the latest statistics, the first nine months of this year the industry turnover fund manager of up to 146 people, more than the sum of the previous two years. a Shanghai fund industry practitioners to the Beijing News reporters, the public offering of the fund industry personnel turnover is increasing the fund company is a major dilemma, when the public offering fund company in order to retain talent, strengthen incentive and headache, listing is the attracting talents, encourage talents in an important way. pre 2 Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale subsidiary exploration of Asset fund company scale rapid expansion, and the fund company subsidiary also because the channel business too flood caused the market to multiparty criticism. From the No. 107 to 26 article to the 127 man, one of the most important change is the regulators have in the purge of the pool and channel business, standardize the shadow banking. at the end of 9 this year, the SFC issued securities companies and fund management company subsidiary of asset securitization business management regulations Revised Draft after the draft, the industry

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against the yellow chicken stew in a single product prescribe innumerable chain stores, there must be worth learning place famous chain. However, there is no need to be too deify braised chicken Steamed Rice, its pattern is like 8 years ago, soil Diaozha Clay oven rolls, because of low technology content, low threshold, it is easy to be copied after like a swarm of bees, like many shops, consumer freshness is over, some shops may be facing restructuring or closure. wanted to explore the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice because seeing it in my activities within the scope of everywhere, often a few road in Shanghai Huaihailu Road branch of the small street can open a branch road, Lujiazui highrise behind too. It is said that the light around Wuhan University, at least 7 homes, the school canteen specifically the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice added to the menu. The number of stores statistics are hard to come Steamed Rice Blake Griffin Shoes braised chicken, there is a very important reason is that there are various schools of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice. The socalled schools, it is to join the brand name, called Yang Mingyu, called Ji Xiang Zhai, also has completely selfcontained, but common to all signs, is Nike Air Force Ones a laMens Dwyane Wade II White Black Redrge plastic brand, top write Huang Menji Steamed Rice with characters, brand is only a small hanging in the top left corner it give a person a kind of illusion, is called a yellow braised chicken Steamed Rice restaurants opened everywhere. If in search, you’ll find out from the end of 2013, some people in the warning yellow Air Jordan Shoes Mens chicken stew Steamed Rice bubble, Qingdao newspaper wrote Ji’nan three years set up shop 500, big river net was written in Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale Zhengzhou a http://028dswx.com/news/html/?15298.html dish fire in a complete mess. A self chicken Steamed Rice accepted Daily interview with curiosity owner also said, she also saw the number of shops here in Shanghai yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice far less than she where before the city of Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Hangzhou, decided to move. So we should first make a corollary: Braised chicken Steamed Rice is from the socalled two or three line city pop up, finally broke into the first. yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice is a term of the dish, is said to be a Ji’nan manufacturer, the main ingredient is chicken, served with potatoes, green peppers and mushrooms stew, have fullbodied soup. If you eat at these stores, you will get a bowl of white Steamed Rice, then a Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale pot of hot braised chicken. It tastes a little spicy, very well with rice. most people on the evaluation of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice is, feel eat very full. Curiosity daily Nike Air Foamposite Women asked Li Hui called a consumer, he lives in the Hangzhou suburb of Binjiang, the area is small, but there are two yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice and a snack in Shaxian County. Li Hui think this is the Home Dishes: Nike Air Max Mens meat, potatoes, reeky. But more like dinner, because there are Steamed Rice, unlike other Rice noodles noodles what ah. Li Hui usually eat a meal 20 yuan in the next. like dinner, this is probably the most important cause of yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice red up. Prior to this, there has never been a single product can develop so fast. either know or bean have who is to do the business of making money after all, why would a single Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale product structure to make cost control becomes simple. But we

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2324 October, sponsored by the 2014 Shanghai Airui Marketing Summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. As Ereli annual summit of the third stations, 2014 Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit a continuation of the previous Beijing, Shenzhen two summit guard is surprising? Fusion innovation theme, with as Blake Griffin Shoes the breakthrough point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing case and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet Air Jordan Shoes Womens marketing to feel the pulse of the new economic era, the Internet marketing. the following is Yonghong technology channel cooperation deputy general manager Wang Tong accepts Airui net memoir of special interview: host: Hello, welcome to participate in the Ai Rui Shanghai summit. In fact, we know that Yong Hong technology breaks through the many technical challenges, become Nike Air Max Womens the visual data currently relatively leading Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale enterprise analysis. And for many domestic enterprises, still remain in the concept level, you think, this kind of enterprises should be how to change thinking? Wang Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale Tong: many of the traditional enterprise also like you just said in a period of waiting, because we used to do data analysis cost is too high, no matter the cost of money or into the learning cost, or in the middle of the flower of human Mens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whitetime cost, these are very high. This has resulted in many traditional enterprises do not dare to try to do such a thing situation. We used iterative trial and error cost is actually relatively high, the way we want to have http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-helps-your-foot-correctly-on-the-sole-of-the-shoe.html a better now, so that the majority of enterprises are able to relatively low cost, very fast into the process Jordan Nubuck Men of data analysis, realize the data bring them value. Wing Hung things threshold data analysis and iterative cycle costs continue to reduce, low to the previous 110 or even lower, can let more enterprises in the age of big data which join in. anchor: you just said that to reduce the cost, you mean from a very fundamental level to enter into, how have no good share? Wang Tong: to reduce the cost and not only reduce the cost but learning cost, time cost, manpower cost are reduced, many enterprises when doing the analysis, a start is to do a Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale large and very perfect analysis, but an analysis of this, for example, I Kobe Bryant Shoes want to see what index, want to see what data report, actually very difficult time together by the customer or think clearly, it will cause them constantly comb demand, continue to do consulting research, but this thing has been unable to start. The Internet now provides iterative approach is large and all, I no matter what I began to do it, I think I first began to put the several indexes of several data out, then the day watching, along with the data user volume continued to rise, will naturally produce more ideas, that I Glow in the Dark Jordan Men may want to switch to a different view, different indicators to see, find the reasons of these problems, the nature will enrich and perfect the analysis process

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is a man of God Chinese circles, Sohu on track after he founded, he often not on the earth. Encountered major turning point, he will come back to earth again. In 2013 July, Sohu Sohu Video notice Zhang Zhaoyang as acting chief executive, that is to say, Zhang Zhaoyang is coming back this time, personally video. after half a year, the reporter the Blake Griffin Shoes interview with Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang. reporter hereinafter referred to as Sohu 2014 with the power of the focus on what? Zhang Zhaoyang Air Jordan Shoes Womens hereinafter referred to as a: four pieces. Game development, swim well; Sogou competitiveness has improved a lot, and the Tencent resources; video has some improvement in recent months; and a car, the plates are growing well. But the group level, the Kobe Bryant Shoes most important is to create a media platform to guide all the plate. Media platform was present in mobile terminal force, including Sohu News client and mobile phone sohu. Sohu Video in the mobile terminal sends the strength, especially now Nike Air Max Womens with mobile phone movies is more fire, Sogou want greater as in mobile terminal. reporter: Sohu is going to Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale develop in the mobile terminal? : the mobile terminal determines the future Mens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whiteof competition ability of entire firm. The two of us go, one hand is how to make Sohu extended to the mobile terminal in the era of the PC brand value and occupies a position; on the other hand, looking Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale for new opportunities in mobile terminal. The arrival of the 4G will have a new opportunity, we are also exploring. like videos of the applications that require high bandwidth, ushered http://shipinbaijialegonglve.com/news/html/?302.html in an unprecedented development of the times, this time to wait for ten years until finally. Q: can you specifically talk about it? : long and short video video video, high valueadded professional video and share video. For the former, copyright is the only important thing, only to fight piracy, people want to do a good job in the video, and then to produce the corresponding business model, so this thing that Sohu has been walking in the front. In 2009 we solve the problem of piracy played on the Jordan Nubuck Men PC browser, especially the piracy problem of TV dramas. Recently we joint industry against movie piracy. TV commercial pattern is to rely Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale on, in the wake of the piracy, this business model is formed, it can be said that the dramatic changes in the industry as a whole. The movie, must rely on their own fees, in front of a minute advertisement is not strong enough to support the cost of the movie, so do not crack down on piracy, the film industry will not have a business model. To solve the piracy, many will buy a large number of films, because of charges in the channel has been relatively smooth. If you don’t fight against piracy, you money, people there is free, who would like to see you this? This is the second time the copyright wars, after the success, I think will usher in a vigorous development Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of the Chinese film industry, as the Chinese TV industry to flourish in the past few years. China is now a movie’s income depends mainly on cinema, other places on the Internet is basically

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I had to write a freak article two days before , analyzes the characteristics of it and the isomeric, Obama, a Buddism godness Guanyin behind, demonstrates the neutral society, is conducive to the bridge industry, social division. Then on the second day, coming out the statement issued Kobe Bryant Shoes by Cook, I missed him this case. today, Air Jordan Shoes Womens I think Cook sexual orientation and Nike Air Max Womens apple future innovation, operation trend gives a judgment. simply give a conclusion: published Comrade Cook identity, he and apple a careful planning, a strong will of the individual and the enterprise will Glow in the Dark Jordan Men combine. It implies, Cook is through a psychological catharsis out Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale of Jobs shadow, to the change period of Apple re perfusion youth of color, to Jordan Nubuck Men meet the future requirements of neutral innovation. why I say this is a planning and careful selection. first of all, this is not secret, just to confirm. Media in the past reported many times, even done ranking. Cook himself said, he usually did not conceal the past colleagues. This shows that this time issued a statement more charm. second, contradiction the statement expression. Cook in the first second words, often Mens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whitewith Martin Ruud push myself, now realize, I desire for personal privacy protection has prevented me from doing more important things. this means that he deliberately protection. But behind him and say, over the years, I in front of many people and sexual orientation of me will keep open attitude. Apple’s many of my colleagues know that I’m a gay I have never denied my sexual The context of http://www.jingumall.com/news/html/?43215.html the obvious contradiction. Give people the feeling is, this confirmed that belongs to the natural, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale perhaps to the depths of love, perhaps just as he said, can not interfere with the do something more important. finally, the declaration is not in a personal capacity, but with the apple bundled. If passive disclosure, according to Cook cautious style, should separate the individual Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale privacy and apple. After all, is not trivial, the world has countless against gay people, apple is listing Corporation, stock price and company brand to take care of. he will not separate, but also to sexual orientation and position of the company, apple, emphasizing criticism of government policy have gay. addition, structure and logic statement is complete, the wording of outstanding. Cook’s expression is personal, and I still have large, global vision, finally, did not forget to return to their own. The whole text language, full of poetic, touch the hearts of countless people. cannot deny that CEO has the power of expression. But the combination of the above details, as well as the mature apple PR system, I think that you are not pure passion driven, but carefully groomed, belong to the unified Cook himself, the board of directors and the level of PR Blake Griffin Shoes views of the results. then Cook confirmed to come out, what are the potential commercial purposes or good? I think it should be in the following three aspects. first, it should be Cook to reshape personal status and the brands, marks his huge shadow really out of Jobs. for the past 16 years,

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I do not know is the gay beat so beautiful from the beginning of Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, or Cook come out from the start. Imperceptibly, around you boys have a boyfriend, the girl also has a girlfriend. In some circles to support more men to talk about the level of force lattice. Women want willful have is gay honey and is no longer a close friend. As a single dog, you begin to feel lonely people is shameful. Yes, with the gradual promotion of social recognition, the gay boom gave birth to the pink economy has gradually surfaced. pink economy said originated in Europe and the United states. By referring to the LGBT referred Nike Air Max Women to as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender economy Nike Flex Experience RN produce consumer groups. It is in recent years along with the international gay rights awareness is growing and growing, a new force on the economy. In short, pink economy is Cheap Lebron James Soldier 7 Men UK Online Sale to make gay bill. comrades Nike Free Run 3 tend younger, know how to enjoy life Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Men UK Online Sale to maintain their own the United States study gay out gradually tend to be younger and younger from AIDS Working out the newsWomens Lebron James 10 MYP Grey Black Pink Purple also see young Glow in the Dark Jordan Men people gay ratio is getting higher and higher, especially after 85, 90. They like to flaunt personality, fashion has a very good sensitivity, even know more dressing than women. In addition to homosexual in seeking true love is much more difficult than heterosexual, they also hope with appearance attracted to each other, and recognized by the society. All the more willing to in the fashion http://www.sikawei.com/news/html/?2444.html industry, cosmetic industry and other aspects of spending. compared to heterosexual, they know how to enjoy life, to Cheap Lebron James 10 MYP Women UK Online Sale maintain their own. Likes to chase the senior food and highend skin care products, like to travel. The same is abroad buy on sb’s behalf, the data show the gay community through the overseas purchasing access to skin care products amounted to 15%, and the overseas purchasing is usually more expensive or domestic is not easy to buy highend skin care products. Excellence under, for the fashion trend to have more right to speak, but also gradually with the fashion Nike Max 90 Current Moire trend of hanging sign. LGBT many opinion leaders are engaged in advertising, public relations and fashion industry. They not only become the main consumer tastes and preferences, and personal permeability in a variety of business decisions, but also affects the overall industry trend in the imperceptibly. The entertainment circle many fashion celebrities are gay, such as Kevin Tsai, in the cosmetics sold on the net Xiahe, and then the magazine editor in chief anti underpants front etc These people have become fashionable opinion leaders. homosexual than heterosexual more rich, high consumption ability and promote the pink economy God is fair, although Comrade bear the public opinion pressure, but they are not heterosexual most young people have to bear the family education, housing pressure. Less economic burden of family expenses, therefore have more disposable income and Lebron James Shoes consumption capacity. So the state of the economy, in foreign countries has also been economics is called DINK dual income, no kids’s double