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This year’s in June not only become the world Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale festival of the fans, more can be said to be a global carnival, the world cup to ignite the passion in our life everywhere can feel. Compared with the last World Cup, the world cup this year we have more watching the way, no television users can see the related program instant live and more on video website, through the mobile phone and other ways to feel the happiness of football and even on the road will be able to. And watch as many more new industry development opportunities, be the first to bear Nike Air Max Women the brunt is video website industry, during the world cup video website becomes a lot without the condition of watching television users first choice, it also greatly improve the video website popularity, closer to the video website and user distance. in all the video site, cool 6 network because access to the CNTV World Cup broadcast rights, and in the world cup live and related programmes to become the biggest beneficiary. According to the authoritative organization of C.R. Nielsen started from June 11th to cool 6 network 24 hours of full flow monitoring of view, Nike Flex Experience RN the world For Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)cup opening game on the same day, cool 6 Nike Max 90 Current Moire network traffic exceeded 387000000, this data to create the history record Chinese video site daily flow since then every day, cool 6 network traffic in tens of millions of more than PV. At the same time, cool 6 in the live matches, also introduced a number of original programming, such as rock the world cup, world cup and the FAI Chang, Wu Zhoutong, Shang Yi, Shoushou, Xu Deliang and other celebrities talking heads to participate in programs, this let a netizen to cool 6 network to not only watch live games that 90 minute, but the complete and TV programs as like as two peas. Nelson is very authoritative research institutions of international rich programs plus no need to worry about the Miss could not see video website compared to the Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale inherent advantages of broadcast television, which become the world cup during the video website constantly hit a critical Lebron James Shoes flow high, in the cool 6, potato launched the programme hosted by Han Qiaosheng Han look, actor Glow in the Dark Jordan Men cruel also launched the non the ball one, use the same game live and related program, hope to further grasp the user’s eye. These platforms although the overall flow data as cool 6, but also growing, make good use of the world cup so that four years after the event, to Nike Free Run 3 expand their influence. Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale , however, in the whole video website prosperous development situation, there are still not so harmonious sound, in the major media have reported video website prosperous, Cool 6 flow innovation high at the same time, also appeared a rival malicious attacks, known as Cool 6 during the world cup by brush flow to appease advertisers, in this article the malicious reports, the author will cool 6 brush flow with the parent company Huayou century listed together, and said the monitoring mechanism of C.R. Nielsen loopholes and technical errors, not only in these false smear to a Chinese listing Corporation, also will be the international authoritative research institutions also to pull in, hitting surface that is so big.

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IPO company or the listing Corporation to eliminate the negative news, contact the Public relations company please media, the signing of the agreement, in order to achieve the paid not smell, paid silent objective. some media fancy this as Nike Max 90 Current Moire a business idea, as revenue main business, to listing Corporation, quasi listing Corporation as the target customer group, not to do negative reports as bait, attract enterprises to advertising, in a protection fees. and even the media executives and journalists will have to delete draft demand enterprises introduced to start its own or relatives of the Public relations Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale company, and earn profit or gain kickbacks Nike Air Max Women from. today, this behavior has become the industry unspoken rule. Among them, enterprise, media Public relations company, three party profit, but the majority of investors and the public right to know some of the loss, the media reports as the profit seeking tool. 9 month 3 days, in the Ministry of public security command, police in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha unified action, capturing network president, editor in chief in twentyfFor Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)irst Century and related business, journalists and Shanghai run Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin two Public relations company responsible person. 9 month 3 days, the wellknown financial media in twentyfirst Century the domestic network has become the news. on the same day, including editor in chief in twentyfirst Century, President of the network, the management, operation, journalists and Shanghai run Yan, Shenzhen Xin Kirin two Public relations company responsible person, on suspicion of major Nike Free Run 3 news extortion by the police to take compulsory measures. according Lebron James Shoes to preliminary police investigation, twentyfirst Century network executives and a few journalists, in twentyfirst Century net as the platform, in order to not report negative news as bait, Nike Flex Experience RN attract advertisers joint Public relations company. Whatever its advertising agreement signed customers, site no longer publishes its negative news, or delete negative reports have Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale access to Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale the internet. This way has become the management ideas, the industry called protection fees. also, according to people involved in the case statement to the police, in twentyfirst Century net a few executives and journalists to set up a Public relations company, to delete draft business operations, to earn post profit. industry insiders say this with advertising for opinion security behavior, has been flooded, as between listing Corporation and Glow in the Dark Jordan Men media company IPO, unspoken rules. 21 century network president and several people were arrested insiders said, nearly 100 homes are audit listed companies are forced and the twentyfirst Century net signing advertisement contract, from the society and enterprise reporting constant 9 month 3 days at noon, Zhou Bin in twentyfirst Century on the network reproduced day an article for a listing Corporation’s negative reports, and the message the blade too water without a trace. 21 blades is a twentyfirst Century net brand survey column, to expose the listing Corporation mining violations kyo. Zhou Bin is the editor of the total twentyfirst Century net. according to internal sources, Zhou Bin when

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this year double 11, a Beijing bank employee Sun Xue in the Taobao Tmall bought 3 pieces of clothes, seller, with two giving her return freight insurance in the guarantee period, if the deal for Sun Xue’s return, the insurance company will according to the claim amount agreed compensation policy, produced in the process of return freight. No gifts that, I simply spent 2 yuan to cover a. Taobao shopping return is common, the risk is still quite useful. Taobao shopping the achievements of years of sword of the myth, but also achievements in the insurance overnight legend. This year’s double 11, Taobao Tmall sold a total of 186000000 copies of the return risk, refresh the China insurance insurance transactions with a single day record of a number of policy. Internet insurance surging. Data show that from 2011 to 2013, the domestic business of Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Internet insurance business of the company from 28 to 60, with an average annual growth rate of 46%; the size premium increased from 3200000000 yuan to 29100000000 yuan, an increase of 3 years total reached 810%, with an average annual growth rate ofFor Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!) 202%. The first three quarters of this year, implementation of Internet insurance business income of 62200000000 yuan of insurance industry in China, more than 195% annual business income of last year. Internet insurance innovation is impressive. In view of the Internet consumption of fragmentation and small amount, large batch, high frequency inferior characteristics, many companies for consumers to design highlights the risk point, the security function of strong products, such as the return shipping Nike Flex Experience RN insurance, delays in delivery risks, COD denied insurance, personal account funds safety insurance, credit guarantee, personal funds account security risks, mobile phone broken screen risks etc we six months launched 35 insurance. People insurance general manager Chen Jin told reporters that the company in the domestic first micro guarantee insurance into the business platform, Taobao, poly costeffective electric Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale business sellers relief 14000000000 yuan capital pressure; in addition, and launch safety liability insurance market first and App binding, accident to Nike Max 90 Current Moire provide risk guarantee for P2P platform and many borrowers trading on the platform, etc These categories based on the Internet platform, service grassroots economy, get the market response and the rapid formation of scale. Chen Jin said. Professor Tuo Guozhu of the Capital University of Economics and Business Department of insurance that Internet insurance Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale is formed Liaoyuanzhishi, it Lebron James Shoes is mainly to adapt to the trend of Nike Free Run 3 Internet economy booming, keen to capture the Internet economy of the parties involved in risk insurance. These products are grounded, low premium, insured convenient, such as Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale freight insurance, at least a few cents, but more than three five yuan, has completed the insured dub mouse, easily won the recognition of Nike Air Max Women consumers. low cost, faster innovation, forced the traditional insurance industry to enhance the service capabilities of 2013 years, the name of the banner of Internet insurance, some companies shout risks haze football insurance risks. For these gimmicky products, consumers do not buy it, the market a playful voice, CIRC quickly to stop.

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214 years mobile medical enterprises bumper harvest year. Statistical data shows, 2014 mobile medical enterprise cases a total of more than 80, is 2008 2013 number in the field all the financing case of the sum total Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale of nearly three times, the amount of financing these mobile medical enterprise was in the millions of yuan to tens of millions of dollars between. Forecast according to AI media consulting, 2017 health care market scale will reach 12530000000 yuan. Although the mobile medical APP at home to already amounted to 2000 a variety of, but which can truly recognized by the market and gradually the application it is very rare to find profit pattern. industry insiders said, although the market capital is frantically driving mobile medical profession fast development, but the mobile medical treatment was not a money can wayward industry. The development of mobile medical treatment has been from the shallow entrance to severe vertical medical. By 2015, the shallow entrance mobile medical market after the fight will be only four or five giants monopoly, and severe vertical mobile medical in 2016 will usher in the outbreak. the use of mobile medical APP, the effect is vMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Orange Blackery Use of the diabetes school nurse Han Jing Nike Air Foamposite Women big hospital in a Bo medical help APP software to manage diabetes patients have been more than 4 years, but really make her feel comfortable use up, is nearly two years, she use this application is manages nearly 300 of patients with diabetes mellitus. using the APP program management of patients, the biggest advantage is able to realize the management of the patient whenever and wherever possible, change the past relied on telephone or back to the hospital to review other return forms, a comprehensive inspection of the patient is very flexible, but also makes the patient compliance to the Nike Air Force Ones doctors and nurses is improved Air Jordan Shoes Mens greatly, for monitoring and treatment effect of the disease is very good. Han Jing for through the mobile medical means to conduct the daily management of diabetic patients, and help to realize the powerful function in Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice patients with diabetes self management is recognized, compared with the traditional medical Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale treatment, more interactive relationship between doctors and patients, the treatment effect was improved remarkably. the reporter understands, Bo medical help patients as long as regular input their blood sugar, diet, exercise, medication and other data, through the data accumulated generating a personal records can feedback to the relevant physician. But doctors according to user data, provide personalized health management program for the same. Professional personage explanation, Bo medical help in the design of fully take care of doctorpatient interaction, in addition to the data records of each module by the user and the physician participation: for example, users can customize a life list, also can receive physician for detection, your customized drug project; can be in the knowledge base independent browsing, also can see the Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale related article doctors push. From the doctor end, interactive function is corresponding to the user end outside provides a set of management tools. Physicians can achieve user group, statistical statements, personalized Blake Griffin Shoes education and remind work relatively simple. in health and medical information on more easily Nike Air Max Mens today, user

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Fake is a comprehensive management of social engineering, online source it under not on line. Network times, more easily through the platform, use find counterfeiters. following the release of 214 joint police crackdown after the report, December 23rd, fake model of large data group public Ali, and released the next trend line linkage fraud. This is Alibaba was founded 15 years ago, to the public for the first time the full range of unlocking its anticounterfeiting work mechanism. At the same time, Ali is considered, the future is released regularly Taobao fake data obtained national line distribution and circulation of fake map based on. Taobao as online Internet trading platform to participate in the fake behavior under the line is an important background reasons. At present, the line line of counterfeiting, counterfeits has become a link of fake circulation market. Virtual network, low threshold of access and loose supervision system makes the network selling has become a new phenomenon in recent years. In this situation, the legislature increased the special provisions of the responsibility of network transaction platform in revising the consumer protection law, the transaction platform provide the seller the true identityMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Yellow Purple Black of the obligation, and in the fake and counterfeiter shall bear joint and several liability. in the data context, all the data transaction platform with sellers of network behavior in theory, it is difficult to prove that I was not informed Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale of the possible sale Nike Air Force Ones of fake. Therefore, the network trading platform the legal risks shall bear joint and several liability and selling fake infringement, rather than waiting for the it, save as early action to do. At the same time, electric business platform to full participation in the fake behavior, but also to ensure the credibility of corporate social responsibility platform, make an example, only purify the network transaction environment, in order to attract more users, achieve winwin platform and user. since China’s consumer protection law and the product quality law, highpressure crackdown has been more than thirty years, repeated more than playing, repeated. Taobao fake report shows, individual regions of the fake fake has formed industry chain, and even the emergence of regional economy characteristics. This fully reflects the existence of institutional reasons of China’s anticounterfeiting counterfeiting, stop at the monitoring, industrial and law enforcement check to fine, the fake crime punishment from the highpressure crackdown originated from The formality of the anticounterfeiting measures never really effective in shaking the fake pursuit of Air Jordan Shoes Mens ambition. Of course, economic protectionism of individual local government also gave the green light for the fake, false or not so concentrated Nike Air Foamposite Women area. Fake Nike Air Max Mens is a comprehensive management of social engineering, online source it under not on line. The Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice network era is to make selling more convenient, but also convenient crackdown. Because, any network fake behavior will leave traces in the network, Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale through the platform that these traces, counterfeiting, counterfeits are found using a large data, joint law enforcement departments of unified action. This is not only the responsibility of business as a network trading platform, also should be the social responsibility category of each large network service providers. hopes to Taobao fake behavior can Blake Griffin Shoes be used as a new beginning, is also looking forward to Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale more Internet service providers can join

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, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electric business giants battle war just dispersed, online travel market and smoke. In December 3rd, the CEO that carry Cheng the amount invested 1000000000 yuan, first pull in start double 12 promotion this year, will launch 10000000 zero profit product. The same day, road ox submission of documents to the securities and Exchange Commission plan America SEC, recent issuance of new shares the highest financing 100000000 dollar, double 12 prices combat plenty of ammunition. With the process of tourism slogan is directly referenced tuniu, oath in the outbound tourism to use 12 months time beyond the road ox. Asinine mom also announced in December 4th 3 of bank credit 10000000000 yuan, launched the exit double 12 presale activities. According to go ah relevant responsible person said, the company will launch 120000 super cheap tickets Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice 1 yuan in double 12, and sent 30000000 yuan worth of transport during the Spring Festival red. last Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale year, Ctrip highprofile December 12th defined as tourism Carnival, tourism products also started to become make trouble under a certain pretext in the offseason Blake Griffin Shoes sales, in order to compete for market share, the online travel companies have invested Nike Air Force Ones heavily in the war this year double 12, from half price explosMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Yellow Purple Blackion models to 1 yuan Seckill tricks, mistakes. Festival creating the product from a ticket extends to the hotel, is extended to the scenic spot tickets, continuous elongated front. And each year, sales promotion of double 12 flagship products naturally become the main battlefield of next year’s price war. reportedly, tourism business platform of these activities are nationwide promotion line, covering Eastern and Southern China, North China, Southern Nike Air Max Mens China four departure, people across the country are able to find the corresponding line. The departure time most lines concentrated in December this year to January next year, whether to want to relax at the end of the year or be very careful in reckoning the commuters travel peak group, are very attractive. upgrade edition 1 yuan war Ctrip has been in the website and APP officially launched the double 12 Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale yuan to play the global activities, including 1 yuan tourist routes launched places Maldives 12120 top 16 popular destination, and each of the highest 900 yuan a full set minus red envelopes, declared that 1 yuan outbound entire network the most favorable price. from the beginning of the 1 yuan tickets to start, the online travel market around the 1 yuan the topic has Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale done what the article, reporter discovery, the 1 yuan to play the global activities, the range of 1 yuan has been extended to the free line and swim with the group, even the guest unit price of the highest exit the amusement field. With the previous part of the travel agency Nike Air Foamposite Women limited reduction, the discount is different, online travel platform to carry Cheng to represent a collection of thousands of travel agency discount products, coupled with their huge subsidies, occur in tourist sites and APP 1 yuan largescale outbound tourism products, the 1 yuan tickets this year is pushed to the war climax. brand independent of less than two months up to Ali travel ah also enters online travel entanglement has been a long time in the double 12 1 yuan of war, and will be the main force from the ticket to the ticket Air Jordan Shoes Mens area expansion. Go ah says, will launch 120000 pieces of 1 yuan in the double 12

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who is outside the BAT fourth Internet giants? a year ago, the answer to this question is still hovering between tens of billions of dollars in the market value of the Qihoo 360 and billion dollar valuation of millet; a year later, Qihoo 360 is now valued at about $7000000000, Jingdong market capitalization of more than $30000000000 in the aftermath of the IPO, to become the Internet camp new pole; and the most recent $45000000000 valuation of millet. December 29th PM, millet founder Lei Jun finally in microblog formally announced a new round of Nike Air Max Womens financing. He revealed, millet, valued at $45000000000, the Kobe Bryant Shoes total amount of the financing of $1100000000. Millet is a new round of investors including AllStars, DST, GIC, Hopu investment and Yunfeng fund and other investment institutions. previously, had the millet insiders confirmed to Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale reporters in the sixth round of financing of millet. Air Jordan Shoes Womens With a $45000000000 valuation calculation, millet will become China fourth Internet Co, after Ali, Tencent and Baidu. In China Hard Suits Inc, millet is almost equivalent to Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale three of LenovoKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Brown Group the current Blake Griffin Shoes market value of about 15000000000 U. S. dollars. Lei Jun end behind the stand which investors? What they are optimistic about the millet, was worth over 180 times in 4 years time make millet? These are the industry’s most concerned about the topic. Lei Jun behind the investors in millet maintained an annual completed a financing rhythm. Almost every round of financing is completed, its value will be three jump. 2010 April, Lei Jun and team, Morningside venture, Qiming venture investment founded millet; by the end of 2010 and completed a new round of financing, the investment side more than IDG, the valuation of the company for $250000000, the annual cumulative financing of $41000000; 2011 December, millet won a $90000000 financing, valued at $1000000000; at the end of 2012 6, millet Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale announced financing $216000000, valued at $4000000000; 2013 August, millet, a new round of financing valued at $10000000000. Jordan Nubuck Men this time, millet, valued at $45000000000, and $250000000 in 2010 compared with an increase of nearly 180 times the valuation. news, this time millet overvalued once away large investment institutions. And be most willing to give 4 years old millet valuation of $45000000000 investment, by a former Morgan Stanley Asia managing director, star analyst Ji Weidong operation technology investment fund AllStars face is new investment circle. last March, in the field of TMT deep for many years Ji Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Weidong left Morgan stanley. When the industry rumors that he joined the magnolol fund. But the public information, he and Morgan Stanley’s former colleague Fu Mingxia teamed up to form AllStars, and got the license fund at the end of last year. has ed foreign media

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Start Nike Air Max Womens 4 month 20 days, and the biennial Beijing auto show, auto show, Baidu data research center issued a 2013 Car Industry Research Report, to a search engine perspective, combined with the large data left Chinese users every day billions of times after clicking, analysis of the current situation, trend, change Chinese car industry, and netizens around the car and stay Jordan Nubuck Men online habits and demand. said the show for example: 1, Internet content related to the automotive field search, the wireless terminal is gradually catching up with the PC terminal; 2, experienced low sales growth for two consecutive years after 2013, China passenger car market demand pick up, annual average daily search index of over 10 million; 3, from the origin, the netizen on import car search attention increased year by year, and the economic developed provinces of imported cars much more attention; 4, from the models, users of SUV search attention quickly upgrade; 5, from the car on the crowd of geographical distribution, three or four line city user ratio is higher, in the big city is restricted to buy policy causes the car city cooling condition, the thrKids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redee Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale or four line of the market concern; 6, the independent brand Blake Griffin Shoes in the highend car in the field has not been based on the heel, brand image and technical ability needs to improve; 7, northsouth Volkswagen and Shanghai GM users pay most attention to automobile manufacturers, Changan Ford prominent 13 year performance; Compared to 8, and the car users, Air Jordan Shoes Womens 30 years old and above the crowd car more partial practicality, space. , combined with other more detailed details, for the automobile enterprises, believe the report of the judgment Chinese automobile market should benefit from on Kobe Bryant Shoes macroscopic, because these conclusions, are searching behavior from hundreds of millions of Internet users on the Internet, at least in the real objective is credible. These data not only reveals the subtle changes in Internet search demand more from a certain extent, reflect the heat expansion of the industry, it is worth playing with the automotive industry carefully. Internet companies can introduce special report guidance like automobile manufacturing industry, which means that Glow in the Dark Jordan Men rise Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale with the Internet, social networks, mobile Internet, marketing has entered the big data era of marketing, enterprises can according to leave Internet users on the Internet for data mainly from search engines, electric business and social Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale networks to analysis of consumers at different stages, we should use what kind of marketing can effectively, resulting in more rapid erected brand, more directly drive sales. in the traditional manufacturing, automobile industry has always been to the local tyrant known, because of its very high barriers to entry, the more difficult the poachers, and in the use of the Internet has always been conservative. But now the situation is, the Internet has been under no land of idyllic beauty, Tesla such Internet enterprise already through threshold, in the automotive industry to fight our way out, if hesitate go, miss this feast to large data marketing, the future outcome, probably is the local tyrants variable woodlouse. introduction of big data can really for car enterprises with

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recently, learning greatly chaired the central comprehensive reform leading group for the Kobe Bryant Shoes fourth meeting examined and adopted the guidance on the promotion of traditional media and new media fusion development. This study greatly speech stressed that we must focus on creating a number of morphological diversity, means of advanced, competitive model of mainstream media, new media built several powerful and communication capacity, credibility, influence. The meeting aims to work together to implement, the real push forward the reform, a good start for the reform in the next few years. In this context, learning greatly to the propaganda force, to strive to build a batch of new media, what is the intention? Concrete and how to operate? Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale media group needs to strengthen the idea that central comprehensively deepen reform leading group discussion on media reform Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale rare, indicate the current media has become a resistance of the reform, thus reform in charge of the implementation of the meeting, put forward the construction of new media group. As for the media situation how to hinder the reform, there are a variety of views from all walks of life: is a kind of viewpoint thinks, the official mouthpiece of the currKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smokeent slow changes in the era of role function, besides rules media free in the age of the Internet, do not understand the new era of Internet attitude, habit of playing on the problem of moral didacticism and ideological attack. The barrel of a gun and pen has been regarded as an important tool to capture and maintain the status of the Communist Party of China, and in peace, the role of united front pen is more obvious. But thinking still remain in the revolution of traditional media, always put the pen when the barrel of a gun make, specific arguments to some have no political malicious indiscriminately all political fire, causing many enemies. The rigid means of publicity, not only lose the Air Jordan Shoes Womens ability to communicate with the people, but also weaken the state itself, Jordan Nubuck Men the credibility of the propagation force, influence, when the media need to cry for reform, often counterproductive, not as a propeller, but became a stumbling block. another view, Blake Griffin Shoes the official stereotyped writing habits die hard, add Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale a negative energy for the reform of government image. Now the official articles, often stand on the moral high ground to gush, out of a pile of Marxism Leninism Mao and Deng Jiang’s theory, people can not read rather than watch, totally inconsistent with the requirements of learning greatly and style. Learning greatly I never eight shares, whether in speech or article, can be simple Nike Air Max Womens and clear, easy to understand, even grounded with some fashionable words. More satisfactory, in learning greatly the new office of the year, when many of his speech Glow in the Dark Jordan Men at the turn of news sends, is often the official mouthpiece of the Eight Legged essay out of context, fragmented, ambiguous. The reform of learning which was distinct appearance greatly, in a very long period of time the world has been puzzling buckle on the Maoist hat. there is a view that, whether the traditional or new media network media, there are deficiencies, to make up for. Rigid feature of traditional media make it lose the young readers, not the most energetic in the community,

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as a marketing hot phenomenon, Huang Taiji left many people of the topic, many people love to talk about this really delicious pancakes, it seems to me a little deviation from the core things should pay attention to. Of course I don’t think the product should be despised, but in the case of Huang Taiji, I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to how they are going to user. Huang Taiji can be involved in the big user attention, is not itself the pancakes taste, more may be ascribed to: manufacturing a user easy sharing environment, or experience, and aroused the users of the brand of a in an industry exchange recently, I asked Huang Taiji CEO He Chang raised three questions, want to find him at stimulate the user curiosity marketing details. Yu see: you mentioned that Nike Flex Experience RN in his speech, to let the user to take the initiative to find you, referred to a socalled third character, namely how to establish an emotional connection with the user, I noticed Lebron James Shoes your speech in a page is Slide written: emotional regression. , my Glow in the Dark Jordan Men question is, if a brand is very concerned about Nike Air Max Women this, I am reKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smokeferring to establish Nike Free Run 3 emotional contact with users, it should be where to start? If the CEO or entrepreneur, he doesn’t like you so eloquent, and can talk to aliens, his itself is Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale not what notable characteristic, then how to do? He Chang: This is the problem of methodology, if you do not have very much interest, it is difficult for you to become a more interesting person. Some things can I made on my own today attract people, because we have some of the accumulation of the past, to Nike Max 90 Current Moire let others see a bit different. and I had very little schooling, after returning home in Baidu, because Baidu is eclectic use of people, have the opportunity to enter this circle. I like you learn, study things. My speech has more than one thousand pages of PPT yesterday, about 7 hours, this thing is very difficult to copy, and I don’t think you should direct replication; enterprises have different characteristics, we do our feature, this aspect should adjust measures to local conditions, in your current condition, as far as possible to the customers and to generate that kind of emotional value relation to development direction. hundreds of thousands of word article in my years in the micro Bo, made several conferences like this, but you don’t need this, methods are not mechanically, sell pancakes and you sell Cheap David West II Kid UK Online Sale cars, cellphones, if you want to ask is not able to produce emotional relationship with customers, I think organic will. Yu see: before we hear some of your speech, what impressed me most is a sun and black hole micro Bo operation, or the content of construction, want to hear you talk about this. He Chang: Cheap Lebron James 9 Kid UK Online Sale the brand must be considered to have their own point of view, for example, such as our own service industry, I wrote an article called the soul of service, we think about how good the service, and we will think that the service should be a spirit of contract, in this customer before, should