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is approximately in about 2004, when the blog craze swept the world, due to the use of a higher threshold then and later became a popular blog 140 word different habits, many users a blog, but do not know what maybe for the promotion of the blog writing mode of the mind, a technique called the game is gradually on the rise, and eventually become transnational social way. rules of the game, Nike Free Run 3 a simple example is a Nike Flex Experience RN blog by user selection of a friend of his, and puts forward five problems in the latter, question Nike Max 90 Current Moire types may involve privacy, but mostly belongs to the people and livestock, such as you hate what movie, the last time you masturbation is in what when, selected users will need to answer the questions one by one, and to choose a friend of his, five new problems attached please him answer. You can put the traditional network, understood as embryonic form ice bucket challenge. written by Tencent emploKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Redyee Xu Zhibin social dividend this book, to refine the Tencent success in social Glow in the Dark Jordan Men field into one sentence: let the flow of information in the relationship between the chain, or encourage get people talking about you. Now looks like, is perfectly suited to this rule, which explains why, when into the China after Chinese netizen called game over it is the most popular undertake platform is QQ space and instant messaging software QQ. Of course, as with all the cultural input scene, game over also inevitably be transformed, by doping some Chinese characteristics. first, Lebron James Shoes the number Nike Air Max Women of roll call problem by fixed 5 turned out not to be restricted, even there are 100 problems striking the editions, Chinese netizens seem difficult to restrain themselves to legal gossip desire; secondly, mechanism of roll Cheap Lebron James 9 Kid UK Online Sale call was imperceptibly into fixed the problem, rather than by the respondents themselves out, this only a ask, copy and paste process, is undoubtedly a more convenient, more selfish; finally, in order to Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale let each call is not lost, Chinese netizens to game increased setting, namely response to call the roll, and the man who answered, can the fulfillment of their wishes can obtain 10 Q can save the world somewhere a precarious life, to guide the direction completely secular. The birth of Twitter, as a social network really gives media properties, especially when celebrities and public was set aside to the same level of the square, private affairs public to replace the traditional newspaper entertainment layout, no longer let privacy privacy, secret no secret. In the Ice Challenge before, this year’s Cheap David West II Kid UK Online Sale Oscar awards ceremony, host Alan? Degeneres from the audience to pull including Jennifer? Laurence, Angelina? Julie, Bradley? Cooper, Kevin? Spacey, one vote popular star collective self timer, and share to Twitter

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recently saw an article in support of Huang Taiji’s article, mention a corroboration of which: sell hamburgers can also sell a fast Cheap David West II Kid UK Online Sale food Empire, why sell pancake fruit Huang Taiji could not? This is an interesting argument, it is worth recalling the history of McDonald’s. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men McDonald’s is 194 years created by the McDonald brothers, however, before doing this thing in brothers, the early twentieth Century hamburger as a popular food, have been Americans enjoy. The restaurant also existed for 20 years. Lebron James Shoes So McDonald’s this business is not what special innovation. McDonald’s truly become the Empire Road, is in force under the leadership of Crocker, the key to the success of it seems today is not what big secret: the production of standardized, plus the standardization to the rapid replication, which is a lot of stores. From the beginning of the massive expansion of Crocker in 1960 on the way, until today, McDonald’s has nearly 4 ten Nike Air Max Women thousand stores in the world more than 100 countries and regions, the global turnover of over $50000000000. what about McDonald’s is a restaurant empire or a reaKids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redl estate empire, has always been somewhat controversial. Because Nike Free Run 3 McDonald’s real estate operating income is very big, in the world more than 100 countries and regions tens of thousands of pieces of gold lots, twentieth Century 80′s, McDonald’s thousands of burger, 60% of the real Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale estate property belonging to the McDonald’s, while the remaining 40% is the main tenant by McDonald’s headquarters to the local real estate. Agree with McDonald’s is a most powerful evidence of a real estate company is, Nike Flex Experience RN in American Croke lecture at the University of Texas said: we do not hamburgers, my real business is real estate. but the opposition will have their evidence, by the end of 2012 the 34480 McDonald’s store of straight battalion for 6598, franchising nature is home to the 27882. While in the latter, and 19869 is the tradition of the franchisor, 4350 homes have been authorized to developers, in addition there are 3663 belong to form a foreign subsidiary. And only the traditional franchise in this vein, McDonald’s will be involved in real Cheap Lebron James 9 Kid UK Online Sale estate. but opponents agree that McDonald’s is not a simple hamburger enterprises. All agreed that the two sides roughly, McDonald’s in the selection of locations, is very important in training employees, McDonald’s Hamburger University, have this kind of vocational training institutions, even the franchising, McDonald’s intervention on this kind of store is very deep, including staff recruitment, daily operation. In the supply chain, McDonald’s is No. Finally, McDonald’s and its join operators, can be said to form a ecological system. this work, in fact is the solid dirty work Nike Max 90 Current Moire dirty work, not a few words of thinking will move, however, to Internet thinking as the sign, indeed to the similar Huang Taiji such enterprises a possible benefits: financing. McDonald’s rapid expansion of the road, is a rapid capital agglomeration path instead of capital accumulation. In order to franchise the way to collect the.

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marketing is a very good words, however, is easy to yield the same marketing, sales equal, inevitably reminiscent of bad side. If you know nothing of marketing, if you don’t want to be a company or your own good business, the bias can also understand. In fact, in a lot of things happening around you, and marketing related, just be your brain quietly ignored. do you not see, in Lei Jun packaging, dare to challenge the same Gree! Don’t you see, a small Durex dominate the condom quack! On the web in the limelight, Nike Air Max Womens good sound of the singing China These are not off relations and marketing. fact, marketing does not belong to the modern category, in ancient Chinese still have successful case of bright! Jiang Ziya straight hook fishing Wang, Shang Yang reform let Qin rise rapidly, Shen Wansan achievement enemy wealth From can be seen in the shadow of marketing. most people prejudice on marketing, mainly in which Air Jordan Shoes Womens there is a pin word, however, the focus of this partial positive words is Mens Lebron James 11 Shoes Black Peachnot on the pin, and in the camp. Camp and then pin, is the key to marketing. The national strategy, the company brand, personal image and marketing has a close relationship. From the above examples of success for having heard it many times, we can see the marketing powerful Power, however, how to achieve Kobe Bryant Shoes successful marketing? Glow in the Dark Jordan Men to clear the cognitive products the product and your external display things, policy, brand, product, person can be who are mainly depends on your sales target. On the product in the clear cognition, including: the characteristics, categories, quality Clearly, what about show!The adaptation of the on the promotion of environmental move Blake Griffin Shoes when the life is easy, and political reform is needed. Our ancestors had been know changed over time, advancing with the times. Different environment, the formulation of the marketing strategy of course not static. The company brand to cater to new audiences, personal promotion also need timely adjustment according to the target. The network media have reported, a job youth show himself to creative Flash, received much attention. There are many creative proposal has also let you shine at the moment. In the new situation, new forms of marketing, new content, new marketing promotion strategy will get beat all effect. personal promotion to see the environment, product promotion. Attention to environmental factors. The appearance of the product Jordan Nubuck Men design, packaging, promotion, promotion of language form and so on if all belong to the category Cheap Lebron James 10 MYP Women Australia Online Sale of twentieth Century, I am afraid that very few people will buy you. for the formulation of marketing strategy of promotion group Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale this point is easy to say, hard to do, because everyone has everyone’s face, everyone Cheap Lebron James Soldier 7 Men Australia Online Sale has everyone’s attitude, want to learn specific individuals, it’s not realistic.

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reporter noted, take it has similar products and credit card payment function, the user can first consumption, longer repayment. However, at present, the function is still in the testing stage, only a small number of active users can login the web version to see the CHANT interface and apply for trial. for the Hua Bai whether to belong to a virtual credit card question, pay treasure to stakeholders told reporters, first, the service is the ant micro credit launched, not pay treasure, pay treasure to provide the underlying funds borrowed channels; Air Jordan Shoes Womens secondly, this Jordan Nubuck Men is not a virtual credit card, it is just a consumer credit products. a number of industry analysts pointed out, the launch of flowers Blake Griffin Shoes chant, for consumers, is more than a line of credit; to Ali, increase the viscosity of platform and consumers. At the same time, based on the accumulation of large data Alipay, the launch of the similar credit card credit consumer service, intention Ali into the Bureau Electric charge of the market is very obvious. in addition, message personage discloses to the reporter, before with a virtual credit card payment is sMens Lebron James 11 Shoes Black White Reduspended with twodimensional code, many agencies are already doing, the central bank did not stop Cheap Lebron James Soldier 7 Men Australia Online Sale again. The central Nike Air Max Womens bank for the payment of the twodimensional code draft has conducted several rounds to seek the views of the last feedback to institutions, the draft should be officially released before the final round. is currently the highest amount to 30000 yuan the reporter understands, Hua Bai by ant micro credit Cheap Lebron James 10 MYP Women Australia Online Sale to provide consumers a buy this month, next month, service. The user can shopping with flowers chant in, lynx, to confirm the receipt of goods next month repayment amount of consumption can be 10 days, according to the comprehensive situation of network users and. Hua Bai, lynx Lynx staging, try before you buy, Tao Baoxian paid after the Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale service share a consumption credit. The user using one of the service, will occupy Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the consumption credit. After the repayment, consumption credit will recover. In addition, Hua Bai the longest interest free period can have 41 days, associated with the account balance, debit card, Yu Ebao automatic payments, if overdue per day will be charged a late fee of 510000. ‘flowers chant’ with virtual credit Kobe Bryant Shoes cards, overdrafts business has essential difference, just a consumer credit products, that is, the user consumption, ant micro credit to individual user to release an interest free loan, the loan in advance to the merchant, expired, individual consumers to ant micro loan to repay the loan. The Alipay personage introduction road. the pay treasure source further pointed out that the current Hua Bai limit is 1000 yuan 30000 yuan, user testing is carried out on a small scale, as to when to all users pay Bao promotion, temporary no clear timetable. it is worth mentioning that, following the February 15, 2014 Jingdong ious officially open beta, Ali ant gold service innovation of financial business group president Hu Xiaoming has publicly said, pay treasure the first product credit will be released in April.

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market index December USA number of nonagricultural employment chain add 74000 people, far less than the market expected, the lowest since Cheap Lebron James Soldier 7 Men Australia Online Sale 2011 January. Is beyond all expectations, the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7%, which indicates that the labor force participation rate continued to reduce. December employment data so that investors feel confused, because the pre economic data showed that the economy is still in the recovery is on track, changes in the unemployment rate is probably not the real reaction of employment market. Corporate earnings season arrival gradually, the financial data of the enterprise’s performance will be more than economic data representation in the short term, become an important factor affecting the trend of u.s Ai Ruizhong almost index in the game plate created the highest point of 2366.7 point positions. Ari in the internet almost index rose 69.2 points, or 3.1%. The Nasdaq composite index rose 42.8 points, or 1%; Standard amp; Poor’s Nike Air Max Womens 500 index rose 11 points, or 0.6%; the Dow Jones index fell 32.9 points, or 0.2%; the Hang Seng Index rose 29 points, or 0.1%.Mens Lebron James 11 Shoes White Black Red Research on plateThis week iResearch internet almost index rose 69.2 points, or 3.1%. 30 constituent stocks in a rose 24, which is a perfect world, free cutting and air network rose more than 18%. Game plate prices across the board, have contributed to rising this includes not only the factors of the Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale policy level, also includes the industry Cheap Lebron James 10 MYP Women Australia Online Sale level factors; OTA plate down across the board, carry Cheng to maximum rate dropped 14.5%, Blake Griffin Shoes the main reason for Ctrip and elong the domain is booked in the hotel will make price war greatly, but also has the potential to spread to the field of the ticket booking, caused investors to OTA enterprise future worries about profit margins. board game : the U. S. this Glow in the Dark Jordan Men week and Hong Kong game plate are outstanding, which is Jordan Nubuck Men a perfect world, air network, rice, dragon and wandering holdings rose more than 10%, grand game Rose 7.1%. The positive factors to make the game sector stocks rose Kobe Bryant Shoes across the board because both contain the policy level, also includes competitive industry level factors. The State Council 6 days policy level : 1 month issued a notice, that allow foreign enterprises engaged in gaming and entertainment equipment production and sales, which means that the game ban for up to 13 years to officially lift, longterm in Air Jordan Shoes Womens a gray area of the broad masses of the console game market is expected to be thriving. Perfect world is the layout of the host game earlier enterprises, in 2013 the perfect world sold Chinese network aspect under the flag and the acquisition of domestic host game media, a strategic layout in the perfect world host game domain reflect a buy between. Subsequently, a perfect world of North America Division announced that it would launch a Never Winter host version, reported 2014

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with a hammer smashed Siemens, old feelings hit many consumer’s heart, his hammer mobile phone is also accompanied by feelings get plenty of orders. Recently, Luo Yonghao and his hammer mobile phone again focusing all the people line of sight, but this time, he wielded hammer is hit in his feet, though not fatal, but at least it will hurt for a while. a hammer pin 1.0: Foxconn question production capacity of the past ten days, is probably the most difficult since the hammer technology was founded ten days, our production capacity is worse than the worst plan results. Luo Yonghao with his hammer in microblog said, at present the hammer in the production line under running, assembly operations are not skilled workers, quality control standards are not unified problem, but, as the product of pride, shame for the capacity. put the blame on the body and debt capacity, more than the body of Foxconn share the responsibility, skillfully use the crisis defuse a half, at the same time through very sincere customer service, so that the majority of Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes Whiteusers very quickly accepted their explanation, and again to the hammer and old Nike Air Max Women and their feelings of trust the crisis hit, 1 feet, can be said to draw a more satisfactory full stop. At the same time, have to say, if the hammer is a Public relations company, then the company will be excellent anomalies, their public relations crisis than the average Public relations company do more professional, can be in production, the performance is quite amateur hammer. find Foxconn OEM looks to be key action to promote the product character, when the phone has just pushed out, Luo and his team did not take less Foxconn endorsement, but such a small 200000 orders for the Nike Flex Experience RN massive Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes Men UK Online Sale Foxconn, Lebron James Shoes sure that attraction is not too large, the more impossible Nike Max 90 Current Moire to come up with mature Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes UK Online Sale team Glow in the Dark Jordan Men do Iphone to hammer in operation, so can be expected in the business environment, the good product rate of hammer phone normal level should be much lower than the industry is to be expected, but to digest the existing order, still Nike Free Run 3 need a few months, more is revealed his nondefective rate should be lower than tragic situation 50%. a hammer pin 2: public opinion and relieving pain, into the business? Foxconn out and live with a bullet although only said for the capacity of shame not named Foxconn, but for most people the capacity that who has clearly cannot clear, possibly for the hammers foot stop pain, but is the three drug toxicity truth who all understand, bear fruit sooner Cheap Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes UK Online Sale drug toxicity is more big, the drug is the pain, however, has greatly enhanced the risk occurrence probability of hit the pin 2. factor 1, Foxconn against : first of all, to 200000 single profit, its own brand to catch was black, Foxconn executives certainly do not want to do the business; secondly, you wantonly complaints a waiter, still there

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has a literary youth once joked: a thinking human beings, God laughs, probably means more humans thinking, the truth from the farther we, mankind more thinking, more lonely soul. But with the development of science and technology, ordinary people are not thinking, we are only responsible for the laugh, from first lady Peng Liyuan to Foxconn production line worker, all in laughing and playing mobile phone, this small thing is left to god. In fact, Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes Men UK Online Sale every revolution of science and technology will be varying degrees of releasing human inertia: Car bound feet; electric cut consumer’s shopping desire; combine harvester, let a new generation of farmers shoulder did not like father like solid; self Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Sogou input method available, no students recite five etymon. more than just physical laziness, and large data concept, is devouring human instinct to think. The core idea of the age of big data a Book: Nike Flex Experience RN give up the exploration of causal relationship, turned to the pursuit of. The concept of non decent argument is: the future of mankind will be and pig like, without thinking, data will tell them the truth. So, we are in one cannot extricate oneseMens Scotty Pippin Shoes White Redlf, the most direct manifestation is overly dependent on electronic products, entertainment, social networking, communication, pay. And our health, all extrusion on a 5.5 inch Nike Max 90 Current Moire screen, we get up every day the first slogan: small screen, hello. rigid demand, health beautiful App usher in blowout health and longevity is a natural human instinct, the ancient emperor at Lebron James Shoes the whole financial to everyoung medicine; generation doctor to share eternity with Bian Que, Li Shizhen, Zhang Zhongjing, Feng hua. In modern society, due to work pressure, whitecollar health status is worse than Beijing’s air quality, especially the life in a day can enjoy cooking oil, melamine milk, Nike Free Run 3 waste paper a meat bun country health are more precious. Unfortunately, China’s waist is constantly expanding, brain congestion, fatty liver, sexual dysfunction and other diseases of the aged is becoming younger, desire and change the status of a lot of people will be in the spring make Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes UK Online Sale weight loss determination, but the gym will only be intermittent lively, to lonely too much than heaven. we are living in one of the worst of times, at the same time, we also live in the best of times. The bad thing is that human will and hog without thinking, good things are a handful of people continue to create a good product, let the life become more relaxed and enjoyable, including some help us achieve healthy little partner. as mentioned, in the endless pursuit of healthy human way. With the development of mobile phone industry put the game, after the payment, social networking into the Red Sea, is still in the blue ocean health app, a popular rapidly by touch. In fact, the concept of health began to popular from 2012, from Nike Air Max Women Jawbone UP smart wristband record sleep, exercise and mood, began to set off a wave of intelligent health app in the United States, then app usher in blowout: beautiful platforms such as Cheap Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes UK Online Sale Android on a Adidas named mi

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yesterday afternoon, the National Net Information Office held a forum on behalf of the mobile industry. On the meeting, the national network office deputy director Peng Bo revealed, the year will be promulgated the revised Regulations on the management of Internet news information services, he said, it will be in the near future the latest Internet field, the most complete, one of Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes Men UK Online Sale the most important laws and regulations. 527000000 users mobile phone Internet it Nike Flex Experience RN is reported, this is since the National Network letter office set up mobile Internet industry representatives convened the first symposium. From the central news unit, Lebron James Shoes central news websites, news client, 18.5, 0.46, 2.55% guest website, instant communication tool, the enterprise app store enterprise, enterprise, government mobile search public accounts and the public accounts of the relevant responsible ginseng will speak. Peng Bo pointed out at the meeting, from 2012 since June, mobile phone has surpassed PC to become the first terminal end of China’s Internet users. As of the end of 2014 6, China’s Internet users has a total of 632000000, and among them, mobile phone users reached 5270Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes White Red00000. A large number of netizens make our country become the world’s largest mobile Internet market, but also makes the mobile Internet has become a huge public opinion field. Peng Bo said, in Chinese on the Internet, there has never been a period like today, provide so much knowledge and nutrition, at the same time, also filled with trash and slobber. He said, mobile Internet development faster, more need to be standardized in accordance with the law. network security law is expected to introduce Peng Bo points out, in accordance with the law, not only includes the protection of mobile Internet industry development, in accordance with the Nike Max 90 Current Moire law to safeguard the interests of enterprises according to law, also includes the specification of mobile Internet industry development in accordance with the law, crack down on all kinds of illegal behavior by making improper interests. At present, the eight kinds of illegal behavior mainly exist on the Internet, including fake public institutions, media release information; publishing, dissemination of pornographic information; release of violent terrorist information; Cheap Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes UK Online Sale publication of false rumors; release; release undermine national unity speech; slander; infringement of privacy. Peng Bo said, as Nike Free Run 3 the administering the implementation, falls the fine, China has formulated the Internet legislation plan Glow in the Dark Jordan Men will accelerate the network legislation, will be issued revised Regulations on Internet news information service management year. He said it will be in the near future the Internet domain of the latest and most of all, one of the most important laws and regulations. at the same time, network security law, the law of electronic Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes UK Online Sale commerce, personal information protection law, minor network protection ordinance Internet legislation also further study on brewing. Internet of eight kinds of illegal behavior of counterfeit public institutions, media release information; publishing, dissemination of pornographic information; released violent terrorist information; publication Nike Air Max Women of false advertising; released rumors;

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time is always unable to prevent human curiosity and exploration, has instead become Nike Free Run 3 the miracle the best catalyst, technology has infiltrated in the invisible, becoming a part of our life, cannot be separated from the. when we are still immersed in the intelligent mobile phone and intelligent home appliances bring us happiness and convenient, the world’s first with emotional intelligence robot was born in thousands of attention. 6, Japan’s Softbank Corp released a new robot in Tokyo, called pepper. It is understood, the robot with the robot is not the same, it can recognize human emotion, and can sing, Cheap Hardaway III Shoes Men UK Online Sale dance, also can dialogue with people, Softbank Corp said the robot is the world’s first with the emotion robot, manufactured by the French company Aldebaran development, Taiwan Fuji Yasumo company Hon Hai group, Nike Flex Experience RN will go on sale in the in February next year. it is understood, the robot is very adorable, height 121 cm, weight 28 kg. A pair of watery big black eyes, a smooth small head, plus wore a flatpanel display, without revealing that a eight or nine year old child is innocent and lovely image, let a person cannot help wanting to go to mMens Hardaway I Shoes Black White Greenake it. But the fly in the ointment is that in order to make pepper Lebron James Shoes continuous working time more long, its lower body did not use the biped walking way, but the choice is more powersaving casters, but this does not affect its lovely image of the whole. pepper can realize the emotion recognition, because its head is equipped with a camera and a microphone, 3D sensor, and have the latest speech recognition technology. Pepper to collect the Nike Max 90 Current Moire human expression and language information from these devices, and then the collected data through the cloud computing technology processing, then the corresponding reaction. Therefore, pepper can under the circumstances to modify their language or change their attitude, and learning in the process of using. in the face of pepper lovely appearance Glow in the Dark Jordan Men and powerful functions, I think many people have been unable to bear wants to take home. But more surprising is the Softbank Corp will pepper presale price of the initial 19.8 Wan Riyuan about 12000 yuan, only need a common PC price will be able to pepper home Cheap Hardaway V Shoes Men UK Online Sale in Japan this on the robot has a strong emotion state, such a temptation hard to resist fear. CEO Sun Zhengyi said Softbank, in fact, the sale of pepper to the price of 198000 yen, even when the original is not profitable, but the future can become a business. Softbank these years has made remarkable achievement in terms of investment, resolutely Cheap Hardaway I Shoes Men UK Online Sale will look at the robot industry, visible, on the Japanese robot market confidence. Japanese robot trip in fact, Nike Air Max Women enthusiasm and dedication of the robot in Japan has not happen overnight, or even can be said to be crazy. These years, the Japanese in the robot research and development can be said to be tactful, but due to technical

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‘s first 100 million at the box office Chinese female director Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Kim Maimoe, who directed night. She is a chick flick a gilded signboard, more than 10 hours a day of work, enjoy along with the movie happy; independent photographer Sean, Beijing 8 years career, always cannot do without the movie circle, looking to use mobile phone to shoot a feature film as their response to the world. Zhang Youxu, glorious life of all, Rolex is unusual the plaything of his childhood, already in his eyes Nike Free Run 3 off of gas of the place; Zhou Qiqi, obsessed Nike Flex Experience RN with the BJD doll, money from the collection to the doll makeup, converted to regular 80 people. relaxation, from the new clothes goddess into public view, the world’s top buyers shop to buy his clothes designer of the Reds,; Hong Yao, the former Asian dance champion, accidental injury, after the transformation of fashion, to create Cheap Hardaway III Shoes Men UK Online Sale their own Nike Max 90 Current Moire tide brand shop YYCT. film, fashion, collection, different areas, love the same; returnees director and grassroots drift north, of everybody and non Nike Air Max Women mainstream girl, the Mens Hardaway I Shoes Blue White Blackrole is different, stubborn as monkfish in 2014 November, Germany Braun to start the life groups, to the story content multiple live, interactive activities and in three levels, called on people to dream action, let Braun be stubborn man as the brand idea of dream. platform and brand integration to build influence as P amp; G’s highend brands, Braun’s target audience is the highend Cheap Hardaway I Shoes Men UK Online Sale crowd of men, and the brand to promote the theme is do the stubborn man for the dream, after Chen Daoming was invited as brand spokesmen to build brand awareness, how to make the brand slogan further support? and the platform together, the integration of the resources of both sides, combined with the content and activity way, let the brand appeal landing from concept to become Braun’s latest attempt. In the gifted and cool after the communication, Braun chose one of the integration of project subject action group. As one of the themes of the integration of product of actor cruel, action group around the questions of concern to both sides, integration platform resources, brand marketing resources, to create a common have social influence events, but the brand appeal internalized in the themes, the maximum spread multichannel Lebron James Shoes and multi form, both brand to achieve brand appeal and social influence. action group is a new subject of actor cruel 2014 online integration of product, it is the positioning of free love marketing force, according to the different population, divided into living groups, sports groups, tours and making group, to people as the core product selling point, together with the same Cheap Hardaway V Shoes Men UK Online Sale hot love, detonate them in love the things of consumer demand and capacity. Based on the Braun brand tonality, both choose to build Braun life groups, line line, integrated model content and activities, to create do a stubborn man for the dream of social influence. The story and activity brand