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strong Introduction: 6 July 1, Dong Mingzhu Gree Group chairman of the board and on the Gree Electric Appliances General Meeting of shareholders officially announced Gree phones on sale. And plan on Gree store sale on sale, priced at 1600 yuan.Href= last year in March this year, frequently audibles Lei, Duang sound, Gree mobile phone coming true capacity. In June 1st, Gree Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu in Gree shareholders’ meeting officially announced the Gree mobile phone on sale. And plan on Gree store sale on sale, priced at 1600 yuan. 5 inches in 720p screen, equipped with 1.2Ghz Qualcomm quad core processor, combined with 1GB of ram and 8GB of storage space in the fuselage, running android4.4.4 system, also have 200 megapixel rear camera front 800 million pixels. When the price of 1600 yuan to buy millet 4, Meizu MX4 and other popular models of the flagship of the time, GREE mobile phone such a thousand machines configured to sell 2000 yuan price. does not say that memory configuration, and then look at the boot screen, it is
Womens Kevin Durant V Red Whitedeeply imprinted on the GREE brand. From the exposure of the picture is not difficult to see, the boot screen for Dong Mingzhu’s greetings. Greeting wrote, this is one of the Gree stepped into the global top 500 after the launch of the first batch of mobile phones, not only to have interpersonal communication, but also open the door Gree intelligent home. In addition to Dong Mingzhu’s greetings, the phone’s power on the interface, is Dong Mingzhu’s head, the bottom is Dong Mingzhu’s signature. Many netizens Tucao, this phone, and its name is called GREE mobile phone, as well as called Dong Mingzhu. other people have to shake their heads, and self willed sister Dong and GREE executives have been full of confidence in their mobile phone, others say not good, because they do not understand GREE. In the industry view, GREE mobile phone is a farce. In the face of market turmoil, we just want to ask Dong Mingzhu three questions, but also how to end this farce? years to sell only tens of thousands of units, 50000000 of the optimism come from? p according to media reports, on July 19, by the Ministry of science and Technology Daily News co sponsored the science and technology innovation big lecture room, Dong Mingzhu Gree phone can not to sell 50 million depends on our capacity. At present, it seems years sold 50 million is not realistic. but at the June 1st GREE shareholders’ meeting, Dong Mingzhu has said that GREE’s mobile phone pricing will be 1600 yuan, the future is not a problem to sell 50000000. These four words at random changed Dong Mingzhu seems never fear People will talk.. But a review of Gree farce history we will find the mobile phone, this is not the first time changed the wayward sister dong. Dong Mingzhu started his mobile phone industry, name

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Psychological Counseling Case Tutu a pseudonym, female, to do psychological counseling when reading. In her own words, always feel a Air Jordan Shoes Mens lot of things not to learn. In the face of a comprehensive examination questions do not know how to apply the textbook knowledge. The most let
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale her headache is, always feel that the brain is not so good, a lot of knowledge can not remember very easy to remember, in a few days and forget. Always check that they learn not to learn, learning efficiency is very low. She thought I could not learn how to learn, very tired. Always wanted to go out to play, but also dare not play. Nike Air Foamposite Women When she wanted to play, mom and dad will take her to play, but a play, she felt that I do is wrong, others are learning how can I play? So I don’t play well, also afraid to go out and play. Later, also learn not to go, also dare not play, not afraid to play, but also afraid of learning. She’s not so good, so she thought, life is very tired, learning is very tired. She wanted to give up learning, but it is not willing to. This time she was anxiety and depression, irritability, and can not move on to lose his temper, the onset of the textbook hit things, sleep at night, sleep. Go to
Mens Nike Air Max 2013 Punched Hole Gray Navy Bluethe hospital for treatment, the doctor said this is the edge of the schizophrenia, and quickly hospitalized. Mother thought, how is this the edge of schizophrenia? My mother do not agree with this, Blake Griffin Shoes not that, decided to go to see a psychologist, she to and fro changed several consultants. But the consultant said, this problem is too serious, we can not do, Nike Air Force Ones we have to push him away. Finally came to us here, her mother first told me, Han teacher you first look at my family is not a bipolar disorder, is not a schizophrenia? Nike Air Max Mens I have been communicating with the child for 20 minutes, and then said to my mother, I’m with you to ensure that the child is definitely not a mental disorder. Children are emotional problems, she is the problem of internal conflicts. What is the child specific, I said I have done with her one or two psychological counseling, I will give you a specific analysis. Please don’t worry, the child is certainly not fine, not marginal fine state, far away. Before the child to do consulting, run this place to Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice see, run that place to see, have a month did not go to school. The school teacher told her, or do a suspension. The child is not willing to leave. Her mother said that the children used to be a very lively and cheerful girl, since the children after school began to change, become more and more inward, and reserved. Every day to return home is to learn, so we are very distressed to
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale see. She wanted to let her go out for
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale a while, she would not go out. We do parents can feel that she is forced to learn, no efficiency. It might not be better to go out to relax, but we say more, she is very upset, angry with us, we give her a tutor at home, but still no effect. Situations like Tutu are common in the first high school students. The students have good grades, then do not want to go to school, want to learn not to go in, learning efficiency is extremely low. Mood is very bad, irritability, easily lose your temper at home; some is the mood is very low, even shut himself up, the isolation with the outside world, but have not seen anyone. Like this, even in college students.

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287813_13396_261 287813_13396_261 261 XX units granted certain glorious title, or say a product on the market, immediately triggered an upsurge of purchase. What is more the foreign brands to pull out of Huyou consumers, said what African raw materials, technology from Germany, Italy workshop, American manufacturing, accordingly to meet people’s demand for public consumption. Headline: XXXX lift mad male passion storm Wen: effect of passion, only XX minutes, let a man full of passion; price shock, each box only to sell XX Yuan,
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale buy x box, gift box x finished serving x box with XX, x xx international group of male science laboratory, the famous scientist XX Professor proposed the famous theory of XXXX, through the experiment to the world that XX capsule fundamentally improve male human endogenous androgen secretion, male male endogenous androgen secretion ability enhancement, sexual dysfunction Nike Air Max Mens symptoms of
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale natural clear. XX drug essence X minutes direct focus, let love surging excitement, passion in an hour.
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale XX drugs all natural non hormone, no dependence, no toxic side effects. Only 12 times a week, the vast majority of patients regardless of the history of the disease, the condition of multiple
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 White Red Black, X after treatment, the symptoms improved markedly, disappeared. Take the first day. Second days. One week. January. Miracles come slowly. This article is very convincing, very representative of male health products, the soft, speculation is the fire, based on our years of health care products, soft operation experience study, fiery deficiency, argument semi. Serious false, exaggerated, big title give the exaggerated feeling, lift mad, the storm such words almost in Pianpian soft can be seen, can Nike Air Force Ones be described as customary tactics of business, is the word itself really hot, yet in the end how is perhaps the only they know best. The text Air Jordan Shoes Mens referred to price shock, gift box X, miracle of discourse, without exception, to cater to the patients psychology and fierce medicine, virtual very iffy. As for what panic buying frenzy diagram with text part is still in the rally and manufacturers chaozuo. Above not only in the male health soft the hype very Blake Griffin Shoes representative, in the surgery to lose weight, Runchang Nike Air Foamposite Women pass, in the treatment of various diseases have the same operation methods and forms, differing only in the content. Through the text to see the essence, speculation on the 2 words: virtual, exaggerated! Of course, we are not a taste of this kind of empty heat relative to the twentieth Century 90′s not only did not cool the trend, but the temperature rise, there is a growing trend. A few years ago 5 months or so media in a certain region appears a name is XX blood Kang of the product, the soft Wen is very fierce, but careful scrutiny we Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice found that some soft text lines through a somewhat empty and gone with the wind. For example, there is a problem for the XX blood to conquer high blood fat, it looks like it is perfect, but can not afford to weigh, how can XX blood to conquer the high blood lipids? A winding, just listed products have since ancient times, all from the west.

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Visit the blog: 115 people blog points: 15 Bowen number: 3 opening time: 20150718 you struggle
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale with once the delivery is a woman’s life is the most important and the most unforgettable experience. Unprecedented fear, pain, suffering, hope The birth of OR cesarean section? Every pregnant women are concerned about the issue and consider. The choice of delivery mode, to a certain extent, will have a certain effect on the health of the mother and son in the future. Birth of the baby what are the benefits? 1 childbirth uterine contraction to exercise your baby’s lungs function, the surfactant increased alveolar easier expansion. After the birth of respiratory system diseases occurred will be reduced. Delivery canal extrusion is in favor of the fetal respiratory tract in amniotic fluid and mucus discharge, birth birth occurred asphyxia rate greatly reduced. At the same time, neonatal pneumonia occurred rate will
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale be reduced. 3 labor analgesia in uterine lower segment thinning, thickening of the upper, dilatation of cervix. These will make postpartum uterine contraction force stronger and is conducive to lochia eduction of uterine recovery. 4 immunoglobulin protein G LGG in vaginal deli
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 Black Orange Whitevery immunoglobulin will be passed to the fetus through the mother, so the birth of baby resistance force Nike Air Foamposite Women is stronger. Birth is also a requirement! Tips, many women are afraid of cesarean section, not only Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice to bear the operation pain, also need to longer time to restore the body, more terrible is that will leave an ugly scar. So, want to had consistent with what conditions? 1 young age requirements at any time is an advantage. Whether it is physical or physical recovery, between Nike Air Max Mens 2530 years old female had a higher success rate., of course, even women over 30 years old, but as long as the physical condition good and pregnancy did not any abnormal situation, can also choose to have a vaginal birth. 2 production inspection essential production inspection is during pregnancy is an important step! Pregnant women with regular prenatal Nike Air Force Ones examination, in favor of early discovery early correct treatment, for pregnant women and fetal can smoothly through pregnancy, successful delivery. The actual development of 3 fetal smooth birth, fetal development is one of the decisive factors. If the baby in the womb of the pregnant woman’s position is not normal, the head is too big, the weight is too heavy, will affect the normal delivery process, induced labor. 4 maternal self situation is also one of the decisive factors in their own situation. Maternal uterine muscle contraction and birth canal is suitable for birth is also very important. Normal contractions have certain regularity, and near
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale birth gradually increased, among which Air Jordan Shoes Mens uterine regardless of is too weak or too strong may cause dystocia. Spontaneous pain let treasure mom flinch! Great mother comes to nurture life, part lies in the courage to production, the production of this pain is a male will never be able to understand the. Women are afraid of giving birth because of a lack of scientific understanding of the process of birth, followed by fear and pain Blake Griffin Shoes sensitivity. Can you shout out the pain in childbirth.

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check the rational pursuit of life line,
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale a speech at the 2015 session of Air Jordan Shoes Mens the student’s graduation ceremony July 1, 2015 Northwest University of Politics and Law president Jia Yu dear graduates, teachers, ladies and gentlemen: good morning, crape myrtle flowers, rings, we held here every year for the Western ceremony the graduation ceremony. Today the sacred ceremony, belonging to you 2015 year 4647 graduates, it is you graduate, academic successful coronation, and your devotion to the society, the voyage of the
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale expedition set out on a journey. Here, I wish to extend, on behalf of faculty and staff, the majority of alumni and your Shidishimei, extend the warmest congratulations to you and best wishes!, p during Calcifer learning life, for which you will not take youth, together to chase the dream forward, the harvest of knowledge, Blake Griffin Shoes a strong physique, improves the ability, establish the emotion between teachers and students, the classmate friendship, will also be Calcifer spirit, strength of character, moral tradition deeply into your blood, here left many good memories. Together
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale we witnessed, school ups and downs for doctoral, cheer
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 Dark Deep Sky Blueed for the teachers and students, alumni of the moving scene; witness the, the school became the number not much to training all types of excellent legal talents in Colleges and universities; together for the school approved for northwest area the first law a level discipline postdoctoral mobile research station applause; and together they witnessed the, the school this year to achieve an enrollment in the vast most provinces cities, districts. You personally involved, experience this time, western big leap, you left the school, should be full of pride and pride. , of course, as Nike Air Max Mens the blood of youth, some of you are Nike Air Force Ones in school, and have left another mark. For example, night, 22 December 2014, the collective unconscious of catharsis and carnival, you roar loudly, downstairs fell countless thermos, the school was immediately on the net, clean health master janitor who toil until the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the school dormitory restrictions abuse of electrical power is to consider the safety of students, even if defective work of the school, the students Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice put forward this form of opinion opposing the also has nothing to do with the belief in the rule of law, rule of law and the rule of law thinking mode, this should not students Calcifer’s acting style. I mention this memory in such a happy occasion, not to criticize my classmates. Teacher just here Taoxin Tao lung to remind everyone, today the school gate, after never to do such a thing again. His alma mater is deep in love for the students. The two days you the matter was referred to the fast, the school did not pursue the responsibility of any one of the students, today there is no any students for that matter carrying the burden of even a page of paper to leave his alma mater. But today out of his Nike Air Foamposite Women alma mater, the door, if there are students in this way to express their wishes, the results must be very different. Remember!

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curse them not and wait until they get better I defy all microblog bursts of two days, unruly and unreasonable people. p the first day said, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, a Chinese old man took out domestic and habitual noisy policy and requirements are not its own airline checkin counters to do their own tickets, reason is going to be late, he Nike Free Run 3 roared to the Chinese, let me ashamed to lift his head. The next day, after returning to China for the first time car trip, to anger road disease, want to make those random variable way to jump
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale the queue does not hit the steering lamp driver mow down, so did the tutor, and let the bad urban traffic becomes less efficient. Shortly after , I met with a classmate in Central Europe who talked about these phenomena. He smiled with me said: 66, you know? Nike Max 90 Current Moire I grew up in the countryside, in my junior high school, I most yearned for
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale the life Nike Flex Experience RN is like my uncle as a formal unit, took the national wages, riding a bicycle to work, summer afternoon have free labor popsicles. I don’t think that, one day, I will have the money, the world runs
Womens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Black Red White, and live in the present. At that time, the distance now, less than thirty years. this thirty years, how much China has changed?. When I was in high school, every day to eat the same food, are under the food, can eat very well, do not want to have a day to eat meat, but also pay attention to the body. Before I was in college, I could take a shower for four times a year. The first time I saw a flush toilet, I don’t know how to use it. I never thought of this life will have their own car, not to mention luxury car, to go abroad, the scheduling of billions of dollars. These changes, thirty years have been completed. and thirty years ago, most of us are still struggling on the food and clothing line. Now we have the hardware environment, and the inner culture has not kept up with. Those who have just bought a car, do not understand the order of the traffic to the efficiency Nike Air Max Women and convenience of the important; those who have just sat on the plane, but also did not understand the difference between a plane and a tractor The only thing we need to do is to be tolerant, and to make time to change them. I heard him this, he Glow in the Dark Jordan Men smiled and looked, suddenly very guilty. I felt myself on the microblogging loudly scold others unruly rude, in fact, their performance, and no much better than they are. Rebuke and complain who Lebron James Shoes will say, and compassion, but not everyone has. social growth, like children. Parents always remember that their children either to speak too late, or long teeth, but forget the child’s early walking, coordination and good, and so on. We are too harsh on our environment and our familiar relatives. we hope they are good, but we have no patience to wait for them to become good or even help them to the good. I all anxious and rebuke behind, is my own culture
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale is not enough. I don’t have the society deeply love and waiting for a commitment to improve it.

Yonggang lawyer sinus collection Supreme People’s court announcement p the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of disputes food and Drug Regulations has on 9 December 2013 by the Supreme People’s court trial committee the 1599 meeting through is hereby promulgated2015.07.31. // Uncategorized

Yonggang lawyer sinus collection Supreme People’s court announcement p Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the Supreme People’s Nike Max 90 Current Moire Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of disputes food and Drug Regulations has on 9 December 2013 by the Supreme People’s court trial committee the 1599 meeting through is hereby promulgated, implemented since March 15, 2014. ; amp;nbspSupreme People ‘s Court Nike Flex Experience RN December 23, 2013 method 28 2013 the Supreme People’s Court on the trial of a number of issues concerning the application of law of food and drug disputes 1599th meeting of the Supreme People’s Court of the Supreme People’s court in December 9, 2013 p to the correct handling of food and drug disputes, in accordance with the provisions of the infringement liability law of the people’s Republic of China the people’s Republic of Nike Free Run 3 China Contract Law of the the people’s Republic of Nike Air Max Women China consumer rights and interests protection law the law of the people’s Republic of China Food Safety
Womens Jordan 1 Air Cushion AAA Deep Red Black Law the law of the people’s Republic of China Civil Procedural Law and other laws, combined with judicial practice, these Provisions are formulated. the people’s court shall accept the case for the acceptance of the conditions of civil procedure law, and the people’s court shall accept the case. second as a result of the quality of
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale food and drug problems caused by consumer damage, consumers can sue or sue both sellers and producers at the same time. consumers only sue the seller or producer, if necessary, the people’s court may add the relevant parties to participate in the proceedings. p Article 3 due to the problem of food and drug quality disputes, buyers claim the rights to producers, sellers, producers and sellers who knowingly to purchase food, medicines exist quality problems and still buy on the grounds of defense, the people’s court does not support. p the four food and drug producers, sellers provide gifts for consumer food or drug quality and safety problems occur, causing damage to the consumer, consumer rights advocate, producers and sellers to consumers not gifts of payment of price on the grounds of exemption plea, the people’s court
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale shall not support. p Article 5 consumers prove that fact that food and drugs purchased and the purchase of food, medicines do not conform with the contract agreement, advocates of food and drug producers and sellers bear the liability for breach of contract, the people’s court shall support. p the burden of consumers that due to consumption of food or drug use damage. The results showed that
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale harm associated with the consumption of food or drug use causal relationship, and ask for food and drug producers and sellers bear Lebron James Shoes the tort liability, the people’s court shall support, but food and medicine producer

lawyer digest 2010 will be a wonderful speech of seven Guo Shiyou2015.07.31. // Uncategorized

lawyer digest 2010 will be a wonderful speech of seven Guo Shiyou, director of the History Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law. Chongqing Morning Post reporter He Yi photo in addition to professional books, also read WenShiZhe Lebron James Shoes p do this speech I very much fear, because I read the book, have few people say I am modest, I said you made a mistake the, not everyone Nike Free Run 3 is eligible to modest. This is not the first to blame me, blame our generation Born Under A Bad Sign, when you want to read no books to read. The age of reading with the thief cannot bear to think of the past do like, I have to read books written on yellow. The first time I heard when will the moon be, Nike Air Max Women partings and reunions is in junior high school, furtive look at water margin the thirty times, banished Wu on the way to sing out. I didn’t know it was Su Dongpo. Now the environment is not the same, Yitiandaowan open this, that, some boring, we the chat, Zhang Sizhi teacher has opened a good start. This theme is initiated by the lawyer’s Digest, which is very strong. I to China University of
Womens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Black Pink White political science and law after the discovery, the gift of the gab, shaoshuoduozuo, Taizhiruoyu less; wind blows, a rib, the law when parents less, this let me for the rule of law is looking forward to bruise. You ask some students to read what book recently? He said the teacher, I have been very busy recently, he didn’t answer my question, I think you were so busy that did not even have time to read, only is not engaged in decent work. So I admire the lawyers in the busy work. what do I say today? I make three suggestions. First, I suggest that younger than my friends, including students of my generation, while also not how to pay attention to you, there is no who put you when the fake celebrity or true celebrity you quickly read, wait for the other person to you when the celebrity, you of the disaster to come. Whether it is political figures, academics, practice character, or do, how many really good people not by refining the reading, and the older will play to the extreme. Zhang Sizhi teacher talked about 106 year old
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale Mr. Zhou Youguang, here I mentioning him, he let we this generation Nike Max 90 Current Moire really ashamed, his realm of thought we learn learn not to. br the second proposal, in addition to other than read professional books of his own field, you can squeeze some time to read a little
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale history and philosophy, including art and religion. These books will let Nike Flex Experience RN you benefit a lot, in addition to your knowledge structure, way of thinking, the ideological realm, including pleasure to your life will improve a little. The total pursuit of fame and wealth, and so on, and so on the real time of these things, when you turn around, you will feel it is just so. Eisenhower said a word, if people just for the sake of food and clothing, it is better to live in prison. We always have a little bit of our responsibility. Through reading this
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale process, we can find some childhood memories, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men we of the rule of law, the civil rights, for democracy and freedom, pursuit of fairness and justice, we also had to be a respected person. In reading

20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of the month2015.07.30. // Uncategorized

20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of the month, such as the honeymoon trip, Disposable e cigarette the people in the middle of the painting, pilgrimage Karst. The nine horse painting mountains natural carving, uncanny workmanship of nature carved a lifelike, Lijiang River, the clear water and blue sky, constantly emerge in front of us. In fact the claim is dream tour, childhood in the textbook first eye see landscape jiatianxia Guilin, always think have one day be able to see for myself. br couples couples in road couples couples two backpack to eat, a small trolley luggage, my husband and I this appeared on the train to Guilin, thinking is about to reach the hearts of the holy land, even if dusty commuting, nor will my interest weakened half points. Sometimes chat with her husband, hungry to
come out of the bag to wash the clean apples out to eat. Eat sweet apple, looking out of the window gradually away from the scene, with full expectations. After a six hour drive, we are finally out of the Guilin railway station, at the moment, Tetraena dusk, took the luggage in the square in front of the
station in the direction of the road to see, the mountain rainbow flashing, busy. Place is
already booked online in the economy, as in the past the shortcut, just bought two bowls of Rice noodles on dinner. That night was a sweet night, a night without a dream. br couples couples people in the painting in the middle reaches of the couples couples tomorrow early got out of bed, downstairs to the northwest noodle eat the meal very authentic Lanzhou noodles, my husband and Hot E Cig kits I carrying a package with the
mission to Yangshuo. br sitting on a small raft Tour River, people have completely is to attract the Mechanical Mod and RDA surrounding scenery, natural karst seat mountain shapes, Zhang Guo old daoqilv, beacon immortal lifelike. Nine horse painting nine mountain horse darling, like Xu Beihong under the pen of the horse, shapes of running. To look at other cliff, HYAKKI night, playing Baigujing. In the beauty of the painting in the middle reaches of the lies not only in, is more rich imagination, I pointed to the king the king. However, in the absence of imagination in the eyes of her husband, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA but is a heap of stones, naturally he will experience not to the fun. br the next trip will be a bit hasty, moon hill in the tour car in a hurry to skim over, mother moon story was also guide highly commercial publicity and become dull. Hastily visited canoe forest of the big banyan, and visit several attractions, the same time. br couples couples return journey br the next day to seven star park tour a lot, we embarked on the return journey, to return to Nanning, ready to ride booked
the flight back to Harbin. In Guangxi last night not well ahead of the scheduled hastily in Wuyi Road found a call Wei Jing fast, also caught in the shop sweeping micro E-CIG CHINA preferential, the comfortable and E-CIGARETTE CHINA comfortable sleep a night. br aftertaste this trip to Guilin, feel a little hasty. A lot of food did not have a good taste, it is regrettable that a vacation is too short, just want to have holiday again. But to go back with friends also have to show off the blow. To consult with my husband.

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strong: strong in the present, with the rapid development of Internet technology and data applications, technical quantized marketing and advertising procedures has gradually become an important part of modern marketing mode.Href= p Introduction: in recent years, we have seen, the media development from the public to focus to a public, audience reception information also from passive to active and interactive. a href rel = Internet used and the mobile Internet appears, the realization of the a href rel = ad used at the appropriate time, appropriate media, in a proper way, put to the right people, which undoubtedly revolutionized the traditional marketing operation and ways of thinking. AdTime noted that, in today, enterprises are facing increasingly complex media environment, the traditional evaluation system has not applied. At the same time, the difficulty of ensuring and maintaining the effect of advertising is becoming higher and higher, and our marketing system is faced with the deconstruction and reconstruction! traditional marketing of advertising measurement system is facing failure in the pr
Mens Kevin Durant Shoes Yellow Blue Whiteesent, with the rapid development of Internet technology and big data applications, technical Quantitative marketing and programming advertising has become an important part of the modern marketing model. From precision marketing at first, later of real time bidding RTB, DSP demand side platform, and currently stir private DSP, DSP, mobile, commercial WiFi and so on, a variety of new tools, new mode, new concepts emerge in an endless stream, however, for advertisers, whether there is the concept of what a hot, the first to pay more attention to the target is still monkfish in advertising effectiveness. however, the measurement system of the effect of the traditional marketing advertising is being failed, which is based on the differentiation of social structure and the fragmentation of audience. When the fragmentation of the instability of the social structure, when communication channels become platform. The original consumer research tools have failed: the fragmentation of the audience so that the original consumer research cannot ensure authenticity, cannot use these methods to capture the audience really needs and desires; the change of social structure makes sampling survey of the increasingly mature face difficult choices, original sampling design unavoidably error control, expand the number of samples undoubtedly can control error, but lead to uplift the cost and unsustainable; coupled with the different types of outdoor media lack of authority of the effect of the measurement system and tools and so on. therefore, in the new media era of the entire marketing system, the media to reach the effect, advertising to reach efficiency

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