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March 28, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the opening ceremony of the Hainan forum for Asia 2015 annual meeting in Boao, Boao, and delivered a keynote speech. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang photo xinhuanet.com reporter Xu Qian [to learn] in
Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes March 30th, the Bohemia plain eyeful spring, President Xi Jinping’s visit to Czech is over, "The Belt and Road" wrote a vivid footnote. From the 2013 day of autumn, in Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia, North Africa and the Middle East European countries the president’s footsteps. Wherever you go, to promote the "The Belt and Road construction, is an important part of his visit activities. Xinhuanet.com "learning" original brand column "Research Institute" launched the "Xi Jinping" today, promote The Belt and Road beautiful "campaign", "President Xi Jinping" praise." The sea The Belt and Road 10000, take I like Nike foamposite one some Asian economic circle, attracting the world’s most magnificent economic corridor outline, draw a beautiful picture, a common destiny. Three years, not only in China and a number of countries signed a series of bilateral cooperation projects, but also with the relevant national a
Mens Kobe Bryant 11 Shoes 160111078nd regional development strategies to achieve docking." The Belt and Road "instead of" private "in Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the road, the development of globalization, the fate of mankind is bound together in a common cause. China moves towards the world, big ideas, more countries want to become a win-win cooperation, the establishment of a society of human destiny." The principle of sharing The Belt
http://zakupki.gov.ru/forum/user/profile/1189545.page and Road closed joint, construction
Cheap Merrell Shoes and maintenance, but open and inclusive; no Chinese solo, but in the chorus." Xi Jinping spoke at the Boao forum for Asia annual conference interpretation of the 2015 nature ", active Belt and Road Initiative". March 28, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Hainan forum, the opening ceremony of the 2015 annual conference in Boao, Boao, and delivered a keynote speech. Xinhua News Agency reporter in a speech at National I love Nike air foamposite pro University of Singapore, said: This is the initiative, cooperation, initiative, openness, initiative, emphasis is to establish a way of I buy Nike air foamposite one equality and mutual benefit." When 2015 people attended the Sino British business summit, Xi Jinping said that this road is not a party, but we work together to promote the road. Cooperative building and sharing, a win-win situation, but not a separate, chorus, rather than private roads, but the road 2013 road "concept Nike Air Max Sale For kids put forward. It was full of wisdom, great thought, extraordinary courage, Xi Jinping’s visit, a conversation, a speech, such as silence. salutary influence of education�� Welcome to the "China train" cooperation, strong, weak, "The Belt and Road" this great cause, need friends, need to partner, not a solo symphony, gymnastics is not a one-man show. 2014 to Mongolia, Xi Jinping enthusiastically said: "China’s common development opportunities and space to the neighboring countries welcome aboard the Chinese development of the train,
Cheap Dwyane Wade Shoes take the express train, we are welcome." January 21st, Chinese President Xi Jinping in Cairo, Arabia 6

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Shanghai cracked fake milk powder, the original title: State Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau: support consumers "false" Abbott "says bein the milk business, Beijing, April 6, Xinhua (Xinhua) (South) Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men according to the Shanghai public security organs cracked fake" Abbott "and" North "brand infant milk powder, State Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau spokesman said today, through cheap milk I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women collection criminals and deformation of the packaging process of I like Nike foamposite one canned milk fake milk powder incident. The State
Cheap Merrell Shoes Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau April 6th announcement showed that the production and sale of fake and shoddy infant milk powder, belonging to the commercial fraud,
Cheap Dwyane Wade Shoes illegal, illegal and infringement of intellectual property rights, once found, quality of, whether for public health pose a threat must be immediately involved in dairy cattle
Mens Kobe Bryant 11 Shoes 160111077 hide and support the counterfeit consumer products and production operators according to claim. April 4, the official website of the Shanghai food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate
http://brooklynatlantis.poly.edu/view_profile.php?userid=58303 three branch, food and Drug Investigation Corps against the production and sale of counterfeit Abbott milk powder case City Public Security I love Nike air foamposite pro Bureau has been arrested six suspects involving. In April 6th, the State Food and Nike Air Max Sale For kids drug administration further showed that local brands Beingmate also affected. The State Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau spokesman stressed that on April 4, according to the food safety standards, in accordance with
Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes the food safety standards processing products, but belong to counterfeit and shoddy food, mainly in order to remind consumers to buy fake and shoddy products, do not panic too much. At present, the National Food Safety Bureau has in Henan, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui and other of fake and shoddy I buy Nike air foamposite one products, further tracing the products involved, and punishment of infant fake milk powder production and sales behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the protection of the rights and interests of consumers. Editor: Sun Ailin sn146 article key words: Food and Drug Administration food safety fake milk powder

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Original I buy Nike air foamposite one title: Beijing is expected to peak yesterday afternoon in Beijing Yuyuantan Park tourists 2. Figure /CFP Beijing news (reporter I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Guo
Cheap Merrell Shoes Chao) today is the last day of the Qingming holiday, is expected in the morning, in the park attractions of the cemetery, high-speed road traffic is still relatively concentrated. Especially the Golden Sun Zhongshan Park, Futian cemetery Jisao traffic Xiangshan, botanical garden, traffic accidents, which will increase the
Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes northwest ring, such as road traffic pressure, eight o’clock in the morning to 11, pressure is the most prominent. High speed as a whole to run a good "intercept" yesterday, traffic pressure than the previous day, by the impact of the Changping agricultural carnival, Beijing Tibet expressway was tucao. According to the Traffic Management Bureau Command Center news, yesterday morning 8 when the left and right sides, Beijing high-speed Beijing Qinghe Tibetan, Changping Nankou segment, in the Ming Tombs, the Juyongguan short-term congestion, about in the morning queuing Badaling Great Wall at the I love Nike air foamposite pro entrance to the parking lot in ten. Traffic control department yesterday morning in the North sixth ring to take diversion measures to limit the vehicle from the six central Beijing Expressway direct, to assist managers from the east to the west of the vehicle to the new height of Beijing, Changping development direction. Yesterday, reporter
Mens Kobe Bryant 11 Shoes 160111072 in the interview found, navigation software, high-speed Beijing appear red or severe congestion "purple red", Beijing new high speed driving is very good, from the east to the Changping Nankou is hardly blocked. The most congested area is the road to Beijing. Changping agricultural Carnival scene, leading to the four pass, Chang Jin, the Fourth Ring Road and the six ring road adjacent to the road from 9 am to 4 pm, there are more
http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_display.php?teamid=160983 cars running slow state. Pinggu Peach Blossom Festival, playing a day Yunshan, Beijing high-speed vehicle export lines on flat, day Yunshan scenic Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men road vehicles Nike Air Max Sale For kids waiting for the crowded. Miyun Gubei town also ushered in the peak passenger flow, a large number of self driving tourists also caused the road connecting the long-awaited slow. Yesterday, back to the peak of the arrival, there is no "fierce", afternoon 5 when the left and right sides, Beijing Tibetan high-speed, high-speed Beijing bearing Hong Kong, Macao expressway, Beijing Tianjin high-speed holidays often return to high-speed road traffic peak congestion, parking is very good, short time delay caused in each part of a series of accidents. Around 2 pm yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Beijing, Tibet Expressway to the 100 bridge Luqiao Road, 5 times in a row 2 car collision. Road No. 24 station free return to Beijing car this afternoon is the Ching Ming Festival is "one day", is expected in the morning, the cemetery, the surrounding park attractions, and high-speed road traffic is still relatively concentrated. Especially the Golden Sun Zhongshan Park, Futian cemetery Jisao traffic Xiangshan, botanical garden, traffic accidents, which will increase the northwest ring, such as road traffic pressure, eight o’clock in the morning
Cheap Dwyane Wade Shoes to 11, pressure is the most prominent. In addition, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau, according to the expectations of this afternoon, two points, high speed road welcome back I like Nike foamposite one to Beijing. The main traffic node position of the main toll station in Beijing. Especially in Beijing open high-speed Huang FA bridge, Temple Road, high-speed Beijing Liulihe Road, Xi Dao Kou Lu Beijing Tibetan high-speed Hong Chong Road, Juyongguan high-speed Beijing Chengde Expressway road after the sand valley, Huang Honglu, the peak reflux

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Original title: Beijing tomb burial in Hebei Cemetery outside the update booth filled with firecrackers, incense and other items. This version of photography / Beijing News Network reporter Wu Zuotian, sacrifice in Sanhe City, Hebei cemetery, burning joss paper ritual items wafting billowing black smoke. From Sanhe, Lingshan, 50 kilometers from Beijing, Hebei temple, there is a 760 acre cemetery. In April 3rd two day Qingming holiday, Beijing is a private car parking lot. The cemetery management office staff said, there are more than 80% graves here to the people of Beijing. According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, the future is no longer a traditional Beijing buried, there are as many as 2050 can be used in the grave. In recent years, the number of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the cemetery Beijing cemetery has not, the rest of the cemetery prices also have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of. At the same time, Zhuozhou, Huailai, Hebei I love Nike air foamposite pro and other large rivers and other large tombs, they aimed at the Beijing market, the lowest price in the tomb, but in 1 million, sales unpopular. At the same time, some of the customs in the graveyard, indicating more and more. In this case, how to promote eco funeral, test of modern human civilization, more and more government departments test. Beijing
Womens Nike Free Run 3 WFR3011 cemetery tomb can sell green funeral figures released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs released data, the Beijing funeral consumption averaged 4 million yuan, urban residents reached 800 million yuan. Recently, the reporter visited the Beijing main cemetery, began about 50 thousand tombs, the highest price of one million. Fengtai District Prince Valley cemetery, the price of 0.76 yuan, a maximum of 2 square meters and 0.99 square meters of the tomb of the 55 thousand and 800 hole price
http://connect.syracuse.com/user/trainersone/index.html of more than 9 million. Chaoyang cemetery launched 0.7 square metres of small tomb, priced at 48000 yuan. The traditional Haidian District traditional "double tomb" is 90 thousand square meters, the price range of 60 thousand to 0.9. West Park Cemetery highest 1 square meters of the tomb, the highest price for 15 million. This does not include a 5% management fee and pay according to the cost of the cemetery area. Daxing District paradise cemetery, 1 square meters of granite tombstone minimum. And the location is good, the tomb of the materials, the highest price of one million. Changping District Ling Dong Bi cemetery
Cheap Nike Free Flyknit Wholesale 550 million, introduced the salesman, 779 and one million, the most expensive, mainly to see the size and location of the. At the same time, the tomb of Beijing also has a continuous reduction of the amount, some of the cemetery can not be used for the sale of the tomb. Reporters call Babaoshan people’s cemetery, one million cemetery and Fukuda cemetery, the staff said, do not sell the grave". According to the relevant documents, the future will no longer be a new traditional tomb in Beijing. Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, funeral management department, the person in charge, the existing cemetery will be used in about 2050. Cemetery Co., Ltd. will increase the cemetery price. Beijing relevant person in charge, in the past 10 years, the city did not increase the land as a cemetery. The city’s 33 cemetery area has not increased for several years, the rest Nike Air Max Sale For kids of the land is scarce, "Beijing land, especially urban land, some local cemetery price is more expensive, it is inevitable." Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs said the official said that the land is non renewable resources, the development of the funeral industry in Beijing

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Original title: Beijing is a test of voluntary implementation of new network Beijing April 2 report (reporter Duyan) (Xinhua) 2016 Beijing City mid-term exam proposition scope of the examination will be more extensive, and the focus of the investigation is the ability and high quality quota allocation proportion will rise to 50%. Automatic reporting of test roads after the first implementation. Beijing City Board of education to do a good job in Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men 2016, high school < < I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women college entrance examination opinions > > > > (hereinafter referred to as the "2016 opinions") officially released. 800 million to 30 million people in 2016 middle school in Beijing is considering changes in the number of candidates, the economic and social development of talents in science and technology, industrial transformation of high-end technical talent demand based, in the needs of ordinary high school about 5.5 million people of high quality education resources. In the secondary vocational school enrollment of about 8 billion people, according to the "2016 opinions". Secondary vocational education enrollment five years of Vocational Education (including through training) 900 thousand people, 700 thousand ordinary secondary schools, vocational high school enrollment of 600 thousand people, technical college admissions 600 thousand people. Compa
Mens Nike Free Run 3 Nubuck MFR301red with last year, this year’s enrollment has declined. Examination proposition will be more extensive, according to the "2016 points", Beijing this year to carry out the junior high school graduation examination and high school graduation examination carried out. All high school students must take part in the 2016 Beijing high school entrance examination. High school entrance examination by the Beijing education examination of the unified proposition. The subjects of cultural courses are Chinese, maths,
http://brooklynatlantis.poly.edu/view_profile.php?userid=58355 English, physics, chemistry and other subjects. Among them, Chinese, mathematics, foreign language 120 points, 100 points of physical and chemical scores, total score of 80 points. Physical examination scores out of 40 points. The high school entrance examination date is June 24, 2016 26. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the person in charge, the examination of the contents of the reform, will continue to adhere to the students as the center, to stimulate the students interest and confidence in, learning, more extensive examination materials, school education, family education and social education, test the students the basic knowledge, basic skills and problem, analyzing the problem, ability to solve the problem. This year will pay more attention to the choice of examination questions, pay more attention to reading tests, pay more attention to the experimental study. From 2016 onwards, the first implementation of the college entrance examination, Beijing high school admissions candidates to fill in the way to adjust the knowledge test. Applicants need to fill in the relevant information, and according to the situation and requirements of the network for further research. Beijing education examination will be announced at the same time the I love Nike air foamposite pro examination results, published scores distributed in the field, to provide reference for the candidates to fill in the volunteer service. Premise in the knowledge of the voluntary reporting, the implementation of the Beijing is the national examination and enrollment examination reform, the views of the new initiatives, new attempt to ensure fairness, I like Nike foamposite one open and fair, is beneficial to the examinee chooses the school (Professional), decreased with an increase in voluntary risk of loss of chance, is conducive to the examinee pro forma. test

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Bridge I like Nike foamposite one collision microblogging website picture [screenshot net exposure Shuangliu Airport passenger flights March 31 night, friends broke the news in Chengdu Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Shuangliu Airport, a frame Boeing 737 on the bridge. Currently do not know the
Womens Nike Free Run 3 WFR3025nersone" >http://intensedebate.com/profiles/trainersone specific circumstances of the aircraft I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women damage. Civil aviation resources network is currently working with
Cheap Nike Free Running Shoes Wholesale the relevant aspects of more information related to the work. (source: Civil Aviation Resource Net) editor: Chen Yan sn225 article keywords: Shuangliu Airport

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Normal, or to replace the original title: funeral parlour accumulation body serious body 21 years is not buried in Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April 5, new media news: many funeral funeral home accumulation body serious body 21 years is not buried in the Xinhua News Agency "" China Press of traditional Chinese funeral culture always pay attention to the death of, but reporters found that in the festival, the arrival of the investigation, after death, some people were buried in a timely manner, but morgue morgue, funeral i love jordan nubuck men for a number of years even decades no one tube, resulting in many countries the morgue, zombie cabinet emergency situation, facing the cost of superposition operation difficult. How to deal with the body, breaking the morgue regardless of difficulties, has become a big problem in hospitals, funeral management department. The funeral funeral corpse accumulation serious body is 21 in Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College hospital morgue in the lonely corner. The 51 year old morgue official Zhao Kang (a pseudonym) between the cold side of the cabinet by the side of the body, disinfection check. In the reporter’s visit, Zhao Kang saw the sadness and sigh. Hospital a total of less than 50 of the deceased, which has more than 30 years can not handle the body to occupy, and the rest of the daily use of the place is enough! Now, th
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Grey Blackere’s a new body that can only be rejected or coordinates to his office." Zhaokang said that due to the relevant departments of more than 30 institutions issued a death certificate, the funeral home not be cremated bodies perennial put in the cabinet body. Electricity, labor costs, disinfection costs to make hospital pressure. It is understood, at present, Hohhot City, about 200 institutions due to the lack of processing and perennial
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck mortuary funeral funeral home, short five or six years, 21 years
http://lebronjamesshoeswholesale.weebly.com/ nobody cares. " Products to dead serious problems, in every city in Inner Mongolia, in the hospital morgue average per county funeral home save at least ten perennial cannot handle body. " Wang Qingmin, deputy director of the Ministry of civil affairs and social affairs of Inner Mongolia, said. Reporter visited
Womens Jordan 5 AAA several provinces and city found that many countries, mortuary funeral homes are facing the same problem. At present, Ji’nan City funeral home and Lotus Hill funeral home with more than 80 dead bodies perennial treatment, some of the remains of the body for more than 10 years of storage. In Kunming, only Kunming City funeral home on the long-term storage of more than 70 bodies. In Guangzhou, due to discount lebron james website the large commercial base, more mobile population, Guangzhou City funeral home every year more than the body can claim to be as much as 1300 to 1400. Lotus Hill funeral home business in Ji’nan, Zhang Tao, the general view, the body can not be a long time discount kids air jordan shoes processing will produce a lot of problems. First of all, there is no respect for the dead." Even if the body is well preserved, it also faces problems such i like air jordan shoes men as dehydration, discoloration and so on. The longer it is, the harder it i like lebron james 2016 is
Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA to keep it. Secondly, the body of the long-term occupation of public service resources, leading to the body counter rotation, some of the original can normally enter the Museum of the body can only be sent to him. Third, good long-term storage costs will become the mortuary and funeral home is more drag heavier burden." Museum memory put 12 years body count and ordinary freezers daily i love cheap jordans wholesale charge 50 yuan, 1 year of 180 million yuan, plus artificial daily check and equipment scheduled maintenance costs, the total cost about 20 million yuan. " Zhang Tao said. Do not want to move, not to move the morgue

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Original title: six months, officials in Anhui i love cheap jordans wholesale province the rule of "clean" wantonly extortion Yangxian Jing has long been obsessed with power. 2000, the Bureau of Geology and land consolidation for the Provincial Department of land and resources deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Bureau of statistics, province. With 20 years of Geology and mineral resources of "qualified", he will and mineral resources administration Master in their hands, in work involving prospecting, registration, transfer, change, renewal and multi link, accounting for the half of the National Land Bureau, can be said to be "high priority". 2005, 54 year old Yang Xianjing hope that when the Department inspector, but also means that in the next few years he will retire. Since then, Yang Xianjing thought
Womens Jordan 5 AAA gradually changed, began to consider their discount lebron james website own
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck "posterior" problem. He was asked to be the owner of a mining company, to enter his circle of friends". Anhui Province Higher People’s court verdict, Yang Xianjing to miners work can be described as a "special", but in the office almost never accepting property, pretending to be a "clean". In fact, Yang Xianjing is not less than the power of greed for money, he is ready to do long-term transactions". As he said: "in the office, because of the power
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Red of my hand, so many people become a billionaire. After retirement, I will do everything possible to get them to give me the corresponding return." In 4 years time between 2007 and 2011, Yang Xianjing three bar, help Geely Chang, i like air jordan shoes men Anhui Dacang Mining Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors resolution. To transfer, sell iron i love jordan nubuck men ore mining rights. Because the boss in private benefit at the same time, this
Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA is the loss of
http://georgesantana365.wix.com/lebronjamesshoes2016 18.9 yuan of 100 million yuan of state-owned assets. In a relationship between two people, Geely often repeatedly said to send money, Yang Xianjing although there has been no promise, but left a word, and the words of retirement." After investigation, Yang Xianjing received a total of RMB Yuan Ji Chang bribes, $2000. In addition to the 1 million 400 thousand yuan and 2000 dollars in this part of the work period, the rest are retired requirements. The case of the prosecutor pointed out that Yang Xianjing accepted bribes or the most concentrated in the retirement of more than 1600 yuan in their retirement. Before and after he left and after the continuous execution or prior to his resignation, after the implementation of the form, in the six months after retirement. "Time difference" and IOUs, and get a lot of property. Especially after retirement, Yang Xianjing according to the size of the office to help the boss to help them get a number of benefits, respectively, 200 thousand yuan per person, more than 10 million of the return of more yuan". As we all know, when the investment to achieve, but also can not turn back the day. Comments: people have not yet retired, heart defection, the rule discount kids air jordan shoes of appointment and retirement of bribery "" option corruption ", in i like lebron james 2016 Yang Xianjing performance is particularly evident. After a word and retirement, fully exposed the Yang Xianjing "early" the essence of corruption, and safely, to realize the power "cunning mind. Yang Xianjing was arrested again warning, only party leading cadres moment "fears, saying that you want to quit, line only," to respect as the beginning of the end, in order to avoid the tragedy of wanjiebubao. Common bribery

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This picture
Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA is Liu Shaoji’s daughter, Liu discount lebron james website Aiqin (right two). China News Agency reporter Yang Bo photo of Liu Shaoji’s daughter Liu Aiqin (right four) scan. China News Agency reporter Bo i love cheap jordans wholesale taken on April
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck 2, from across the country
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black Pinkmesshoes2016" >http://georgesantana365.wix.com/lebronjamesshoes2016 more than i like lebron james 2016 100 relatives of martyrs in the rain came to Nanjing
Womens Jordan 5 AAA Yuhuatai Martyrs mausoleum, stood in the quiet dedication of the i like air jordan shoes men tomb of the martyrs, i love jordan nubuck men expressed a family honor and remember. discount kids air jordan shoes Editor: Joe sn098 article keywords Liu Shaoji martyrs cemetery

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Inoculation in the famous American medical historian Elizabeth & amp;; middot; W & amp;; middot; write yiseliji health sentinel, "a text, this description: from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and prevention) half a century of history, their learning activities is how to get enough budget. The plight of the United States, the urgent need to become China’s CDC and the government needs to face the problem. All levels of disease prevention and control center has sufficient government budget, and in the province’s unified bidding, the development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the implementation of the vaccine is a consensus and the actual implementation of the policy. Based on this, the risk of these
Cheap Nike Dunks Shoes Wholesale 2 types of vaccines in these areas has not become a problem. In less developed and less developed areas of the economy? The introduction of single provincial unified bidding procurement policy seems to be cut off the top priority of the
Cheap Nike Free Run Women Shoes Wholesale 2 kinds of vaccines, but with the disease prevention and control center system of the financial problems of the normal operation of the, importance, or more, than ever before. In addition to the top-level design of the above 2 projects, there are other institutional issues, 2 kinds of vaccine risk exposure. For the
Mens Nike Dunks High 151012015 first time in the history of the trauma caused by the plague, the Chinese people’s threat to public health caused great concern in China, began to continue to strengthen public health. Before the reform, the epidemic prevention system of people will not do such things, they are from the formal channels of control of the disease vaccine, whether it is a class or 2 categories. Although the salary is not high, but never thought to make this money. But reform has changed, "said the
http://n4g.com/user/home/lloydmehdi9 former director of the Institute of preventive medicine in China, the Institute of medicine, Hangzhou longevity, in an interview with the first financial. In fact, China’s epidemic prevention system is established on the eve of the liberation of Jiefang District, the establishment of the prevention of the Northeast Group, to carry out the plague, cholera and other infectious diseases prevention and control work. By the end of 1985, the country has established 3410 health and epidemic prevention stations at all levels, an increase of 1965, professional prevention and control stations (stations) 1566, an increase of 744, more than 1965. Health and epidemic prevention personnel 194829 people, an increase of 1965 people, of which 87821 health technical personnel increased by 117650. "In the 1986 day of the health and epidemic prevention system reform, the biggest change is the decline in national financial input, to 1992, more serious is that even in the university education began to stagnation, it was forced to make money to the executive authorities. Due to the staff’s salary, the cost of work I like Nike foamposite one is reduced, to encourage everyone’s income. So is I love Nike air foamposite pro the epidemic prevention system. Now, although the public health system has increased, but in the mechanism of the past did not completely reverse the production of income, which leads to public institutions have such a big problem, "disease control system", "in 1988, fortunately, wages in full government guarantee, you do not have a bonus system of wages, but in 1988 began to encourage income, income generating more money, so all epidemic prevention station started a lot of cost, check, check, sales of the vaccine. In the 80′s of the last century, vaccine sales channels only from disease control, and with the development of commodity economy, disease control vaccine sales into vaccine