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Hotel. Data chart weekly Times reporter Chen Wen Lu Yifu from Guangzhou, the soles of the feet of thousands of I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women embankment, the collapse of the ants point; 100 feet of the room, with the smoke burning sudden gap." Especially in the hotel industry is very attention to detail. Late April 5th, Beijing Wangjing 798 hours hotel customer attacks. The hotel is a well-known chain hotel brand, is the high-end commercial brand of domestic and international hotel I like Nike foamposite one group. In the later of this week, the seemingly isolated events after public censure, police intervention, hotel apology several rounds of fermentation, causing the domestic chain hotel management confusion of consumers to discuss. Behind this incident is reflected in recent years, the rapid expansion of capital in recent years, the rapid expansion of the domestic Econo hotel." One of the highlights of the event can be seen as the H Hotel hotel industry confusion." Analysys International analyst I love Nike air foamposite pro Ma Tianjiao to times weekly reporter said, "not only the existence of such problems, reflecting the such a thing is confusion in the industry, as a whole, regardless of whether it is safe or other reasons, industry need to study I buy Nike air foamposite one and reflection. "Why" "an event"? What is the deep reason behind it? Die Zeit reporter through various surveys found that after years of expansion, and at the time of the domestic
Womens Air Jordan 11 AAA 150924021economic type hotel ills obscure: on the one hand is the rental rate continued to decline, profits diluted the hotel group in a large extent dependent on the franchising business model, on the other hand, promote capital, hotel management level with not with the rate of expansion
Hardaway I Shoes Men of the hotel. As a group, in 2008, if the home straight battalion inn and join
http://trainersone.com/Blog/cheap-jordan-shoes-china-would-provide-cushioning-higher-on-air.html in inn proportion is about 7:3; but as of the end of 2015, home, if the total number of hotel to 2273, among them straight battalion Hotel 1580, joined the hotel 693. Both the ratio of 3:7. In addition,
Penny Hardaway Shoes limited profit space to upgrade the space, such Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men as domestic, China and Jinjiang, China’s three major domestic economy chain hotel group has launched a their own high-end brands, every capital market competition layout in the high-end market. But "Heyi hotel incident", the high-end brand
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men chain hotel management loopholes. With the expansion of his family in the event of a hotel, in April 8th, if the domestic group of this incident to apologize to consumers and all the hotel group’s requirements for rectification. This incident will not affect the future of the family business strategy, we will increase investment in high-end hotels, Sun Jian, President of the group, said in a text message to reporters. Beijing police in "and cheek hotel incident" investigation results show that involved in prostitution card prostitution, encountered also female victims, mistakenly believe that this is "peer", affected the illegal activities of his gang, then drag the female victims, the driver’s intention. After the resistance, the victim to seek help, involved fled the scene. Through this incident, the hotel has been the existence of security issues finally surfaced." The emergence of the H Hotel event is the total confusion of the hotel industry liquidation." Colorful Hotel adviser Nike Air Max Sale For kids Co., Ltd. chief knowledge management expert Zhao Huanyan accept times weekly reporter interview said, "the hotel industry seems to be in accordance with the law to deal with many problems and needs, go down for a long time, the law is not responsible for the masses." In some hotels

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Original title: Tongzhou Jackie studio female big two floor underground 2 serious injuries, Plaza commercial center two floors, two floors, the door is locked property and posted on the notice. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo Luhe hospital intensive care unit, injured her boyfriend and his mother tightly embrace together and wait for news of the injured. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing taken yesterday Beijing News Network News I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women (reporter Hou real Li Yudong), users in the commercial center of Beijing Tongzhou Liyuan said his friends from the first floor of the slumped from a second floor underground and injury, still in the hospital for observation in the intensive care unit (ICU). Today, the Chinese property manager confirmed this, and said that the police have been involved in the investigation, the conclusion of this matter to the police investigation. From the first floor straight down the ground floor of the two women’s multiple injuries at 8:50 yesterday evening, Mr. Yan and his girlfriend Zhang Ting together to see the film Jackie Chan Lai lai." There is no suitable movie, we take the elevator from the third floor of the theater and the stream of people on
Penny Hardaway Shoes the 2 floor of the underground. Girlfriend and intends to go up the stairs, walking on the floor, his girlfriend walked in front, to the first floor. She pushed him down to the two fl
Womens Jordan Future Low 150826023oor." Mr. Yan immediately went to the ground floor
Hardaway I Shoes Men of the two floor, and then his girlfriend’s chin and blood arm, consciousness has not been very clear, has been shouting "hurt" sound. After Mr. Yan to his girlfriend to Tongzhou Luhe hospital. According to Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Luhe hospital ICU doctors, Zhang Ting arm comminuted fractures, pelvic fractures, "hurt her very heavy, because the liver is affected, has been in the intensive care unit." Incident warning corridor found a suspected straightening
http://ask.buffalostate.edu//index.php?showuser=170119 machine this morning, reporters at the scene to see, Mr. Yan and Zhang Ting corridor door has been closed. At the door there is a "this door is not open," prompted. This is the door, explosion-proof door, corridor is I love Nike air foamposite pro fire channel." A man surnamed Chen Huaye
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men property manager told reporters that the ground floor of the three export, ordinary stairs stairs instead of the event, "fire events when using the stairs, I like Nike foamposite one door close to suggest a period of time, don’t know why they have to take the stairs?" In this regard, Mr. Yan told reporters that his girlfriend last night and error to the second floor underground, due to the area near the site of the incident, the studio behind, see the stairs at the exit lights, so go on the shortcut, choose the stairs of the incident. The door has been posted on the "ban" prompt, Mr. Yan denied. Reporters saw the scene of the incident in the photo, in the corridor on the 2 floor and a layer of the door has not been a "no pass" reminder. The reporter saw at the scene, a written warning A4 clean, just posted in doubt. Reporters at the scene of the incident to see the building, affixed to the construction of the "investment" banner, in the vicinity of the three movie theater is under construction. The floor corridor is Nike Air Max Sale For kids construction, Huaye property manager surnamed Chen denied: "as far as I know, the recent two or three months no construction." Property manager said that the police have been involved in the investigation of the matter, will be based on the results of the police investigation to deal with the matter. Today, the Tongzhou police also confirmed the matter, saying that the I buy Nike air foamposite one matter is under investigation. Editor: Li Xueying Liu Zhe editor: Zhang Chun sn182 the key words: Beijing film studio

some people use the fire extinguishers and other equipment. In this regard2016.06.03. // Uncategorized

Video loading. Please wait… Hebei I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Academy of fine arts students do a "meat shield advance and retreat of the photographs of the scene, the picture page screenshot [Hebei Academy of I buy Nike air foamposite one fine arts and the villagers from the outbreak of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men conflict, the students" enclosure "appeal as a I like Nike foamposite one meat shield] this morning, Hebei I love Nike air foamposite pro Academy of fine arts with local villagers of cultivated land expropriation cost does not agree with the outbreak of the conflict. Last night, Academy of Fine Arts, Hebei issued a message to
Penny Hardaway Shoes all the students, they are at 7 in th
Womens Air Jordan 4 GS Denim AAA 151110010e morning at
http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/team_display.php?teamid=38844 the school gate collection. Many students admitted that they don’t know heart set, wait until
Hardaway I Shoes Men the scene, just know is the school "the paddock", Nike Air Max Sale For kids "when a meat shield. Students said
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men the scene of the villagers threw bricks and mortar to the students, playing a dozen personal security. The school used to disperse the villagers forklifts and other vehicles. In the exposure of the video, some people use the fire extinguishers and other equipment. In this regard, Hebei Academy of Fine Arts did not respond. JINGWAH reporter Han Linjun editor: Chen Yan sn225 article key words: Conflict

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Original title: flower pollen allergy was high, next April 6th, Yuyuantan Park, the Sakura night tourists take pictures. Beijing news reporter Xue Jun photography reported in April 3rd, Beijing botanical garden tulip. Beijing News reporter Wang expedition photo Beijing News (reporter Deng Qixin Na) next week, peach blossom, Chinese flowering crabapple, lilac flowers will usher in the flowering period, the public can go to Xiangshan, Yuyuantan, Beijing Botanical Garden, Taoranting Tachun flowers. Recently, the Xiangshan park flowers open. Xiangshan Park relevant person in charge, this will use more than 50 kinds of flowers and plant flowers, nearly 20 million trees of the I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women flower exhibition, covering more than 5000 square meters. This is called "such as opium poppy as beautiful flowers. Xiangshan Wang Shan, this year there will be 20 thousand pots. In Yuyuantan Park, the recent rise in temperature, later also ahead of the opening week, the best viewing period. It is understood that I love Nike air foamposite pro in the park planted
Hardaway I Shoes Men 15 nights, the number of nearly one thousand trees. Yuyuantan Park responsible person,
Penny Hardaway Shoes the late Samantabhadra as the
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes 14061014ornamental value, color variety, plump buds. Petals ca. 20 to 50 petals, and with time, the flowers last increased from white to deep pink. It is understood that in the East Gate in the park look like samantabhadra. Need to be reminded, Beijing Municipal Meteorological Station yesterday informed the
http://www.betmaret.com/index.php?page=user&action=pub_profile&id=64062 Beijing the trichosanthin concentration I buy Nike air foamposite one increased, pollen concentration monitoring results show, April 8, the average per square millimeter Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men of 1050 grain, high concentration. It is understood that the pollen concentration is less than 30 / 1000mm2, the sensitivity is weak. When its concentration is greater than 100 / 1000mm2, the pollen concentration is
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men high and the severe patients go out to be based on the appropriate protective measures. I like Nike foamposite one And the city’s Meteorological Observatory is expected next week is spring flowering, while the sky fly Xu, the pollen concentration in Beijing will remain at a high level. 10 the number of pollen grains per 1000 square meters in 330 to 600. City meteorological station to remind, pollen allergy is a serious harm to human health of the common disease, frequently occurring disease, allergic to pollen friends, as far as possible not to the local lush activities. A good place to take the flower Buttercup: Xiangshan Park Holiday Park Scenic Sakura night take: Yuyuantan Park in the east gate, Cherry Park East Lake, West, cherry Yuanshan technology hut on the east side, Cherry Park, "Tang Ying Chunxiao spots of things of Begonia flower on both sides of the point: Taoranting Park Nike Air Max Sale For kids East gate, north gate Tangqi flowers scenic peach and plum point: Beijing Botanical Garden, peach garden, Cherry Valley Lin Metasequoia, spray, garden editor: Ni Zijian article keywords: Beijing pollen

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Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men Academy of Fine Arts in the relevant notice issued late method depth instant land conflict (manuscript overall Zhu shunzhong intern rock) this afternoon, the official website of I love Nike air foamposite pro the Hebei Academy of fine arts "land acquisition and students as a I like Nike foamposite one notice, meat shield" of the conflict. The full announcement is as follows. 4 pm 14 PM I buy Nike air foamposite one 2016 PM,
Penny Hardaway Shoes I held a meeting room Nike Air Max Sale For kids in the office of the leading cadres meeting, the central and the principal town of loyalty schools and villagers to inform the conflict. (late micro channel ID:fzwb_52165216 52165216 52165216 on the morning of
Hardaway I Shoes Men the eleventh day, villagers in southern West wall and barrier blocked our school, the trouble of the villagers with brick, salute, shovels and other to our school staff and construction vehicles. In April 10th the school security was hit, construction vehicles were thwarted
Womens Air Jordan Future 150924032, some instructors and workers called students to the scene. After hearing the news, the school leaders immediately reported to the Xinle municipal government office and rushed to the scene to discourage students from returning. Subsequently, the Xinle municipal
http://www.peacockroom.wayne.edu/myomeka/posters/show/13947 government and the public security departments have also rushed to the scene to control the situation of the expansion. At the meeting, the Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men town Chung said that the principal, the school will be according to law rights; secondary schools in the emphasis on teaching at the same time, we must pay special attention to the safety management of students. It is understood that 2009 school obtain land use rights (Ji Xinguo in 1542), but bu Dong Yang Jia Zhuang Cun Bei all, part of the villagers for the. February 2016, some of the villagers in the wall, the wall, my school will Xinle City People’s court. In April 5, 2016, the Xinle Municipal People’s court ruled that the villagers made clear the land on the bricks, walls and other ground attachments and returned to the land of the school. (legal status: fzwb_52165216) in the afternoon, the reporter learned from the Xinle municipal government, the city government is investigating the matter, if the results will be announced to the public. Editor: I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Masawa Dongminmin sn184 article key words: land acquisition conflict

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Original I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women title: I am a father’s Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men right leg on New Year’s Eve firecrackers scraps before cleaning, in Nongan County,
Penny Hardaway Shoes Jilin Province three Gang Xiang Shan Tou Cun of an average peasant family yard, has a small figure in the shuttle busy. Feed I buy Nike air foamposite one the sheep, I like Nike foamposite one transport fuel, spreading Valley, turn the shovel fermented Nike Air Max Sale For kids grains, firewood, I love Nike air foamposite pro cooking, everything done so well. He is the only child of the family, Zhao Yunhe, 8 years old this year. He’s forty years ago dad cloud vaccination accident, cause lifelong disability right. For so many years my father has been to
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men replace the right
Mens Hardaway Shoes 15112607m/Blog/riders-should-make-sure-that-these-features-in-their-nike-shoes-china.html" >http://trainersone.com/Blog/riders-should-make-sure-that-these-features-in-their-nike-shoes-china.html leg with crutches difficult labor, to maintain a livelihood. This is in the cloud he young hearts carved deep imprint. He was too early to mature, and he was a man of his own family. Although the family is not rich, but it is a warm family love. Husband and wife for many years to support each other, the common face of difficulties, cloud he also know for
Hardaway I Shoes Men parents to share. Although father’s faltering life bumpy, but this eight year old little boy already used his thin shoulders hold up the family’s dream. Source: China Network Editor: Zhao Yaqi

expelled from the school is also recognized as a student2016.06.02. // Uncategorized

CNR network Beijing June 1, news (reporter Bai jago Zhou Yifan) Central University for Nationalities identified three undergraduate admission fraud, decided last week Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men to cancel their student status. The school the confirmed that the three students are from Henan, obviously because of the after school English placement test scores with college entrance examination scores I buy Nike air foamposite one gap, caused the attention of these schools, after after an investigation confirmed. The school has issued a notice to them. I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women The Central University for Nationalities in the last
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men week of the principal’s office decided to cancel the three undergraduate students, the school, on the grounds that their admission fraud. The school admissions office Nike Air Max Sale For kids of the teacher Pang Jianchao, the three students after admission test scores with the college entrance examination scores gap is obvious, cause the attention of the school. Pang Jianchao: we have an entrance exam, the placement will be used. Reporter: which subject? Pang Jianchao: english. College entrance examination is a total score of 150, basically fold after the synthesis of one hundred points system, but also with the results of the entrance examination is a difference of
Hardaway I Shoes Men about 50 points. For
Penny Hardaway Shoes example, college entrance examination 80 points, entrance exam may test the 30 points, 40 points. We feel that this difference is relatively large, and further to see their final
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304020 examination is also this, the results are compared with the college entrance examination, which is more obvious a suspect, a clue. We then chase down, look down, really. After that, the school through further investigation, to master more evidence. Pang Jianchao: it includes some handwriting…… Reporter: the school can be retrieved to them when the college entrance examination? Pang Jianchao: Yes, these channels are open. But some of the specific standards, practices can not say too much…… Insider introduction,
http://www.jyj578.com/comment/html/?153960.html these three students are enrolled in 2012. Minzu University of China confirmed that they are all from Henan Province, but did not disclose specific information. Reproduced on the official website of the Education Department of Henan Province "Henan Daily" the report said: "the 2012 college entrance examination, Henan Province standardized exam achieve full coverage, ‘each examination room video surveillance, each camera has an invigilator glued to the examination room trend…’ A series of new initiatives to escape the violation of fraud "fayan"." Henan media reports at the time, each of the candidates must be in the examination room within the specified region of the visual camera two seconds for the video recording, so that suspected violations of candidates information comparison forensics and preventive and deterrent effect of training to candidates. Video storage period is half a year. As of press time, the Central University for Nationalities did not confirm if contact with Henan local entrance examination department, retrieval of surveillance video and other related evidence in the course of the investigation. Minzu University of China this I like Nike foamposite one week has begun to send three students to deal with the notice. The school admissions office of the teacher Pang Jianchao introduced, cancel school punishment with the dismissal is different. Pang Jianchao: expelled from the school is also recognized as a student, but because you have a problem in the process of school, you take away, that is, one from the root there is no one from the root. Reporter: cancel is to say that the root should not have had a. Pang Jianchao: right. The three students I love Nike air foamposite pro in 2012, respectively, into the Minzu University of China three different professional, one of the students of the students, she has passed the graduation design and defense. The student told reporters: her professional hydrics

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Original title: the tourist class 9 uncivilized behavior will blacklist yesterday, the National Tourism Administration to the Regional Tourism Bureau issued a revised after the National Bureau of tourism on Tourism uncivilized behavior record "Interim Measures for the administration of and issued by April 2015 the tourists uncivilized behavior record" Interim Measures for the administration of cessation of implementation. The new "measures" will "travel uncivilized behavior records" from 6 to 9. At the same time, record the time from the longest 1 years to 2 years, increased to 1 years to 5 years. At the same time increase the requirements for tourism practitioners violations, also included in the record of uncivilized. Damage to the environment of the new records of the original "approach", was
Nike Terra Sert Shoes Men included in the "tourism uncivilized behavior," the behavior of a I like Nike foamposite one total of 6, revised to 9. Added "despite the discouraging, warning in endanger personal and property safety of others and their own people"; "the destruction of the ecological environment, in violation of the wild animal and plant protection regulations"; "in violation of the provisions of tourism places, seriously disrupting travel order." Other uncivilized behavior include: disrupt aircraft, vehicle or other public transport tools in order; destruction of public environmental sanitation, public facilities; violation of I love Nike air foamposite pro tourism to social customs, ethnic habits; damage, destruction of the tourism destination cultural relics; involved in gambling, pornography, drug-relat
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304017ed activities, as determined by the competent department of the state Council in charge of tourism caused by other acts of serious adverse social impact and so on. Newly incorporated into the regulatory scope of the original "measures", the industry did not make provisions related to violations. And the newly revised "measures" upgrades, to expand the scope of supervision, will be engaged in tourism management and service staff
http://www.ovimbundu.org/f%C3%B3runs/habita%C3%A7%C3%A3o/straightforward-nike-air-force-ones-shoes-methods-examined namely "tourism professionals" violations, but also incorporated into the "uncivilized behavior record". The new "procedures" Nike Air Max Sale For kids clearly, tourism practitioners the in business management and service process exist price fraud, forced transactions, deception induced tourist consumption; insult, assault, stress tourists; propagation vulgar, propaganda I buy Nike air foamposite one superstition and caused serious adverse effects of social behavior, will also be included in I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the record. Illegal information storage time increased by 3 years of the original approach, the uncivilized behavior of record information to save for a period of 1 to 2 years. And in the new "approach" to record the information for a period of 1 years to 5 years, and the implementation of dynamic management. The parties in violation of the criminal law and the time limit for preservation of such information for 3 to 5 years; party by the responsible administrative penalty or a Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men court decision, the shelf life is 2 to 4 years; without laws and regulations on punishment, but caused serious impact on society, information retention period for 1 year to 3 years. & gt; & gt; case record row flight delays caused by application of untamed, female, Sichuan people not civilized behavior causes: the visitors on October 19, 2014, take Cambodia Angkor Airlines K6989 flights from Siem Reap, Cambodia back to Chengdu. After boarding, rear seat passenger touched the hair, sparking a verbal dispute, abuse and shoving, flight attendants and with the group leader to discourage invalid. Incident caused flight delays of about 1 hours. Beating the clerk injured Rong Jiaxin, male, Shanghai people not civilized behavior causes: the tourists with his wife
Penny Hardaway Shoes in the evening
Hardaway I Shoes Men of 26 September 2014 10, in Sapporo Hotel near the Lawson convenience store shopping, because his wife before payment is torn packaging food, was to stop the clerk. The tourist considers

gnificance. Xi stressed that the great practice of rural reform since the reform and opening up and promote the great change takes place in China agriculture2016.06.01. // Uncategorized

Video loading, please wait for a period of time… Xi
Hardaway 6 Shoes Men Shoes Jinping presided over the reform of rural areas, to promote and backward Xi Jinping held a rural reform forum in Anhui County, Fengyang, and delivered an important speech.
Hardaway III Shoes Men Xinhua news agency, April 25th, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, Anhui County, Fengyang, the chairman of the forum, presided over the work of rural reform, and made an important speech. Xi Jinping stressed I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women that the farmer’s land contract management rights are divided into contract management and management rights, must realize the contract management rights and management rights in parallel. To respect the wishes of farmers, to protect the rights and interests of farmers, to choose alternative farmers, can be carried out demonstration and guidance, but not to engage in force orders, no wind, no one on all the people. No matter how to change, they can not change the collective ownership of rural land, arable land can not be changed, can not change the grain production capacity is weak, can not harm the interests of farmers. Xi Jinping in his speech pointed out that Xiaogangcun is the main source of rural reform. On the basis of the
Hardaway Shoes Men agricultural production responsibility system, such as the large package of Xiaogangcun, is the foundation of the family contract management system, and is I like Nike foamposite one the important foundation of the rural policy of the party. Forum held in Xiaogangcun, has a special si
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Yellow Blackgnificance. Xi stressed that the great practice of rural reform since the reform and opening up and promote the great change takes place in China agriculture, I buy Nike air foamposite one farmers and the rural landscape, made significant contributions to the China’s reform and opening up and the socialist modernization construction. These huge changes, so that the broad masses of farmers Nike Air Max Sale For kids to see the bright prospects for prosperity, our Party firmly embarked on the road of socialism with Chinese
http://www.bcminiclub.com/discussion/6548/core-details-of-nike-air-force-ones-shoes-updated characteristics. Successful practice and experience of rural reform, adhere to long-term, continuous improvement. China is better than agriculture, China must be a beautiful country to the United States, China should be rich farmers to get rich. To solve the problem of "agriculture, countryside and farmers", rural areas and farmers is the work of the party and to promote rural reform and strengthen under the new situation of urban and rural, to fully implement the kulak policies to strengthen agriculture I love Nike air foamposite pro and benefit farmers, promote agricultural solid foundation, and harmony and stability in rural areas, farmers in peace and stability. Building a new socialist countryside three key tasks is to retain rural Xi Jinping, to speed up the development of rural economy must firmly grasp the development of modern agriculture, increase the income of the farmers, and building a new socialist countryside 3 big jobs. The development of modern agriculture, in a stable food production, safeguarding national food security, focus on the construction of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men modern agriculture industry system, production system, management system, accelerate the construction of a professional team of farmers to form a good team for the agricultural production and operation. Increase the income of the farmers, to establish a long-term policy mechanism, through the development of rural economy and farmers’ organizations of migrant workers, increase farmer’s property income and so on many kinds of ways, continued to narrow the income gap between urban and rural residents, so that the farmers become rich as soon as possible. In the policy to consider how to improve the efficiency of grain production, increase farmers’ income, farmers’ grain production and increase the income of the hand, do not let the farmers suffer from the economy, rather than suffer from financial. To build a new socialist countryside, we must plan ahead, follow the laws of the country’s own development, supplement the rural short board, improve the rural advantages, focus on local flavor, to have

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Yangzi Evening News
Hardaway Shoes Men Network April 30 hearing (reporter Ding Bo Liu Mengxue) on the 30th of April 2016, 10, 15, is located in Wuxi City Huishan Qu Hui Cheng Road, West Road and Auxiliaries Factory Wuxi Tong’an fire department. At noon 12:30, according to the fire squadron feedback scene, the fire was completely extinguished, the scene has no fire, no casualties. Command center immediately I buy Nike air foamposite one deployed Squadron, Tan Liuhui, feather road Squadron, Secret Squadron, Xing Yuan Lu Squadron, full-time, 17 cars, this young team, road construction squadron and a squadron of I love Nike air foamposite pro the secret six vehicles rushed to I like Nike foamposite one the scene disposal, Liu Tan squadron in 10 minutes and 29, arrived at the scene. According to reports, there are 23 Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men fire engines to I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the scene. According to

Mens Hardaway III Shoes Yellow Black href="http://md-bomber3000.com.ua/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/4638/a-look-at-easy-systems-of-kids-nike-nba-star-shoes" >http://md-bomber3000.com.ua/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/4638/a-look-at-easy-systems-of-kids-nike-nba-star-shoes the feedback of the squadron, plant area of about 1000 square meters, about 20 tons of plant, about 200 square meters, an area of about square meters, the scene is full of a lot of smoke. At present, trying to control the fire squadron rushed to the scene. As of noon 12:30, the reporter learned from
Hardaway 6 Shoes Men Shoes the police,
Hardaway III Shoes Men the fire has been controlled, there is no casualties. According to the people’s Government of Wuxi District, Huishan City, Jiangsu province people’s government official micro-blog news: 11 points to 30 points, the Nike Air Max Sale For kids fire has been extinguished, the scene of all personnel evacuated to safe areas. Factory no casualties, odor, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Editor: Zheng Hanxing article key words: Wuxi Jiangsu auxiliary fire