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214 years mobile medical enterprises bumper harvest year. Statistical data shows, 2014 mobile medical enterprise cases a total of more than 80, is 2008 2013 number in the field all the financing case of the sum total Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale of nearly three times, the amount of financing these mobile medical enterprise was in the millions of yuan to tens of millions of dollars between. Forecast according to AI media consulting, 2017 health care market scale will reach 12530000000 yuan. Although the mobile medical APP at home to already amounted to 2000 a variety of, but which can truly recognized by the market and gradually the application it is very rare to find profit pattern. industry insiders said, although the market capital is frantically driving mobile medical profession fast development, but the mobile medical treatment was not a money can wayward industry. The development of mobile medical treatment has been from the shallow entrance to severe vertical medical. By 2015, the shallow entrance mobile medical market after the fight will be only four or five giants monopoly, and severe vertical mobile medical in 2016 will usher in the outbreak. the use of mobile medical APP, the effect is vMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Orange Blackery Use of the diabetes school nurse Han Jing Nike Air Foamposite Women big hospital in a Bo medical help APP software to manage diabetes patients have been more than 4 years, but really make her feel comfortable use up, is nearly two years, she use this application is manages nearly 300 of patients with diabetes mellitus. using the APP program management of patients, the biggest advantage is able to realize http://qicaipaozi.com/news/html/?299.html the management of the patient whenever and wherever possible, change the past relied on telephone or back to the hospital to review other return forms, a comprehensive inspection of the patient is very flexible, but also makes the patient compliance to the Nike Air Force Ones doctors and nurses is improved Air Jordan Shoes Mens greatly, for monitoring and treatment effect of the disease is very good. Han Jing for through the mobile medical means to conduct the daily management of diabetic patients, and help to realize the powerful function in Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice patients with diabetes self management is recognized, compared with the traditional medical Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale treatment, more interactive relationship between doctors and patients, the treatment effect was improved remarkably. the reporter understands, Bo medical help patients as long as regular input their blood sugar, diet, exercise, medication and other data, through the data accumulated generating a personal records can feedback to the relevant physician. But doctors according to user data, provide personalized health management program for the same. Professional personage explanation, Bo medical help in the design of fully take care of doctorpatient interaction, in addition to the data records of each module by the user and the physician participation: for example, users can customize a life list, also can receive physician for detection, your customized drug project; can be in the knowledge base independent browsing, also can see the Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale related article doctors push. From the doctor end, interactive function is corresponding to the user end outside provides a set of management tools. Physicians can achieve user group, statistical statements, personalized Blake Griffin Shoes education and remind work relatively simple. in health and medical information on more easily Nike Air Max Mens today, user

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