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as a marketing hot phenomenon, Huang Taiji left many people of the topic, many people love to talk about this really delicious pancakes, it seems to me a little deviation from the core things should pay attention to. Of course I don’t think the product should be despised, but in the case of Huang Taiji, I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to how they are going to user. Huang Taiji can be involved in the big user attention, is not itself the pancakes taste, more may be ascribed to: manufacturing a user easy sharing environment, or experience, and aroused the users of the brand of a in an industry exchange recently, I asked Huang Taiji CEO He Chang raised three questions, want to find him at stimulate the user curiosity marketing details. Yu see: you mentioned that Nike Flex Experience RN in his speech, to let the user to take the initiative to find you, referred to a socalled third character, namely how to establish an emotional connection with the user, I noticed Lebron James Shoes your speech in a page is Slide written: emotional regression. , my Glow in the Dark Jordan Men question is, if a brand is very concerned about Nike Air Max Women this, I am reKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smokeferring to establish Nike Free Run 3 emotional contact with users, it should be where to start? If the CEO or entrepreneur, he doesn’t like you so eloquent, and can talk to aliens, his itself is Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale not what notable characteristic, then how to do? He Chang: This is the problem of methodology, if you do not have very much interest, it is difficult for you to become a more interesting person. Some things can I made on my own today attract people, because we have some of the accumulation of the past, to Nike Max 90 Current Moire let others see a bit different. and I had very little schooling, after returning home in Baidu, because Baidu is eclectic use of people, have the opportunity to enter this circle. I like you learn, study things. My speech has more than one thousand pages of PPT yesterday, about 7 hours, this thing is very difficult to copy, and I don’t think you should direct replication; enterprises have different characteristics, we do our feature, this aspect should adjust measures to local conditions, in your current condition, as far as possible to the customers and to generate that kind of emotional value relation to development direction. hundreds of thousands of word article in my years in the micro Bo, made several conferences like this, but you don’t need this, methods are not mechanically, sell pancakes and you sell Cheap David West II Kid UK Online Sale cars, cellphones, if you want to ask is not able to produce emotional relationship with customers, I think organic will. Yu see: before we hear some of your speech, what impressed me most is a sun and black hole micro Bo operation, or the content of construction, want to hear you talk about this. He Chang: Cheap Lebron James 9 Kid UK Online Sale the brand must be considered to have their own point of view, for example, such as our own service industry, I wrote an article called the soul of service, we think about how good the service, and we will think that the service should be a spirit of contract, in this customer before, should

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