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check the rational pursuit of life line,
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale a speech at the 2015 session of Air Jordan Shoes Mens the student’s graduation ceremony July 1, 2015 Northwest University of Politics and Law president Jia Yu dear graduates, teachers, ladies and gentlemen: good morning, crape myrtle flowers, rings, we held here every year for the Western ceremony the graduation ceremony. Today the sacred ceremony, belonging to you 2015 year 4647 graduates, it is you graduate, academic successful coronation, and your devotion to the society, the voyage of the
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale expedition set out on a journey. Here, I wish to extend, on behalf of faculty and staff, the majority of alumni and your Shidishimei, extend the warmest congratulations to you and best wishes!, p during Calcifer learning life, for which you will not take youth, together to chase the dream forward, the harvest of knowledge, Blake Griffin Shoes a strong physique, improves the ability, establish the emotion between teachers and students, the classmate friendship, will also be Calcifer spirit, strength of character, moral tradition deeply into your blood, here left many good memories. Together
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale we witnessed, school ups and downs for doctoral, cheer
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 Dark Deep Sky Blueed for the teachers and students, alumni of the moving scene; witness the, the school became the number not much to training all types of excellent legal talents in Colleges and universities; together for the school approved for northwest area the first law a level discipline postdoctoral mobile research station applause; and together they witnessed the, the school this year to achieve an enrollment in the vast most provinces cities, districts. You personally involved, experience this time, western big leap, you left the school, should be full of pride and pride. , of course, as Nike Air Max Mens the blood of youth, some of you are Nike Air Force Ones in school, and have left another mark. For example, night, 22 December 2014, the collective unconscious of catharsis and carnival, you roar loudly, downstairs fell countless thermos, the school was immediately on the net, clean health master janitor who toil until the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the school dormitory restrictions abuse of electrical power is to consider the safety of students, even if defective work of the school, the students Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice put forward this form of opinion opposing the also has nothing to do with the belief in the rule of law, rule of law and the rule of law thinking mode, this should not students Calcifer’s acting style. I mention this memory in such a happy occasion, not to criticize my classmates. Teacher just here Taoxin Tao lung to remind everyone, today the school gate, after never to do such a thing again. His alma mater is deep in love for the students. The two days you the matter was referred to the fast, the school did not pursue the responsibility of any one of the students, today there is no any students for that matter carrying the burden of even a page of paper to leave his alma mater. But today out of his Nike Air Foamposite Women alma mater, the door, if there are students in this way to express their wishes, the results must be very different. Remember!

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