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curse them not and wait until they get better I defy all microblog bursts of two days, unruly and unreasonable people. p the first day said, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, a Chinese old man took out domestic and habitual noisy policy and requirements are not its own airline checkin counters to do their own tickets, reason is going to be late, he Nike Free Run 3 roared to the Chinese, let me ashamed to lift his head. The next day, after returning to China for the first time car trip, to anger road disease, want to make those random variable way to jump
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale the queue does not hit the steering lamp driver mow down, so did the tutor, and let the bad urban traffic becomes less efficient. Shortly after , I met with a classmate in Central Europe who talked about these phenomena. He smiled with me said: 66, you know? Nike Max 90 Current Moire I grew up in the countryside, in my junior high school, I most yearned for
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale the life Nike Flex Experience RN is like my uncle as a formal unit, took the national wages, riding a bicycle to work, summer afternoon have free labor popsicles. I don’t think that, one day, I will have the money, the world runs
Womens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Black Red White, and live in the present. At that time, the distance now, less than thirty years. this thirty years, how much China has changed?. When I was in high school, every day to eat the same food, are under the food, can eat very well, do not want to have a day to eat meat, but also pay attention to the body. Before I was in college, I could take a shower for four times a year. The first time I saw a flush toilet, I don’t know how to use it. I never thought of this life will have their own car, not to mention luxury car, to go abroad, the scheduling of billions of dollars. These changes, thirty years have been completed. and thirty years ago, most of us are still struggling on the food and clothing line. Now we have the hardware environment, and the inner culture has not kept up with. Those who have just bought a car, do not understand the order of the traffic to the efficiency Nike Air Max Women and convenience of the important; those who have just sat on the plane, but also did not understand the difference between a plane and a tractor The only thing we need to do is to be tolerant, and to make time to change them. I heard him this, he Glow in the Dark Jordan Men smiled and looked, suddenly very guilty. I felt myself on the microblogging loudly scold others unruly rude, in fact, their performance, and no much better than they are. Rebuke and complain who Lebron James Shoes will say, and compassion, but not everyone has. social growth, like children. Parents always remember that their children either to speak too late, or long teeth, but forget the child’s early walking, coordination and good, and so on. We are too harsh on our environment and our familiar relatives. we hope they are good, but we have no patience to wait for them to become good or even help them to the good. I all anxious and rebuke behind, is my own culture
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale is not enough. I don’t have the society deeply love and waiting for a commitment to improve it.

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