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, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electric business giants battle war just dispersed, online travel market and smoke. In December 3rd, the CEO that carry Cheng the amount invested 1000000000 yuan, first pull in start double 12 promotion this year, will launch 10000000 zero profit product. The same day, road ox submission of documents to the securities and Exchange Commission plan America SEC, recent issuance of new shares the highest financing 100000000 dollar, double 12 prices combat plenty of ammunition. With the process of tourism slogan is directly referenced tuniu, oath in the outbound tourism to use 12 months time beyond the road ox. Asinine mom also announced in December 4th 3 of bank credit 10000000000 yuan, launched the exit double 12 presale activities. According to go ah relevant responsible person said, the company will launch 120000 super cheap tickets Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice 1 yuan in double 12, and sent 30000000 yuan worth of transport during the Spring Festival red. last Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale year, Ctrip highprofile December 12th defined as tourism Carnival, tourism products also started to become make trouble under a certain pretext in the offseason Blake Griffin Shoes sales, in order to compete for market share, the online travel companies have invested Nike Air Force Ones heavily in the war this year double 12, from half price explosMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Yellow Purple Blackion models to 1 yuan Seckill tricks, mistakes. Festival creating the product from a ticket extends to the hotel, is extended to the scenic spot tickets, continuous elongated front. And each year, sales promotion of double 12 flagship products naturally become the main battlefield of next year’s price war. reportedly, tourism business platform of these activities are nationwide promotion line, covering Eastern and Southern China, North China, Southern Nike Air Max Mens China four departure, people across the country are able to find the http://cmjdez.com/news/html/?9245.html corresponding line. The departure time most lines concentrated in December this year to January next year, whether to want to relax at the end of the year or be very careful in reckoning the commuters travel peak group, are very attractive. upgrade edition 1 yuan war Ctrip has been in the website and APP officially launched the double 12 Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale yuan to play the global activities, including 1 yuan tourist routes launched places Maldives 12120 top 16 popular destination, and each of the highest 900 yuan a full set minus red envelopes, declared that 1 yuan outbound entire network the most favorable price. from the beginning of the 1 yuan tickets to start, the online travel market around the 1 yuan the topic has Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale done what the article, reporter discovery, the 1 yuan to play the global activities, the range of 1 yuan has been extended to the free line and swim with the group, even the guest unit price of the highest exit the amusement field. With the previous part of the travel agency Nike Air Foamposite Women limited reduction, the discount is different, online travel platform to carry Cheng to represent a collection of thousands of travel agency discount products, coupled with their huge subsidies, occur in tourist sites and APP 1 yuan largescale outbound tourism products, the 1 yuan tickets this year is pushed to the war climax. brand independent of less than two months up to Ali travel ah also enters online travel entanglement has been a long time in the double 12 1 yuan of war, and will be the main force from the ticket to the ticket Air Jordan Shoes Mens area expansion. Go ah says, will launch 120000 pieces of 1 yuan in the double 12

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