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Fake is a comprehensive management of social engineering, online source it under not on line. Network times, more easily through the platform, use find counterfeiters. following the release of 214 joint police crackdown after the report, December 23rd, fake model of large data group public Ali, and released the next trend line linkage fraud. This is Alibaba was founded 15 years ago, to the public for the first time the full range of unlocking its anticounterfeiting work mechanism. At the same time, Ali is considered, the future is released regularly Taobao fake data obtained national line distribution and circulation of fake map based on. Taobao as online Internet trading platform to participate in the fake behavior under the line is an important background reasons. At present, the line line of counterfeiting, counterfeits has become a link of fake circulation market. Virtual network, low threshold of access and loose supervision system makes the network selling has become a new phenomenon in recent years. In this situation, the legislature increased the special provisions of the responsibility of network transaction platform in revising the consumer protection law, the transaction platform provide the seller the true identityMens Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Yellow Purple Black of the obligation, and in the fake and counterfeiter shall bear joint and several liability. in the data context, all the data transaction platform with sellers of network behavior in theory, it is difficult to prove that I was not informed Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men Canada Online Sale of the possible sale Nike Air Force Ones of fake. Therefore, the network trading platform the legal risks shall bear joint and several liability and selling fake infringement, rather than waiting for the it, save as early action to http://qicaipaozi.com/news/html/?299.html do. At the same time, electric business platform to full participation in the fake behavior, but also to ensure the credibility of corporate social responsibility platform, make an example, only purify the network transaction environment, in order to attract more users, achieve winwin platform and user. since China’s consumer protection law and the product quality law, highpressure crackdown has been more than thirty years, repeated more than playing, repeated. Taobao fake report shows, individual regions of the fake fake has formed industry chain, and even the emergence of regional economy characteristics. This fully reflects the existence of institutional reasons of China’s anticounterfeiting counterfeiting, stop at the monitoring, industrial and law enforcement check to fine, the fake crime punishment from the highpressure crackdown originated from The formality of the anticounterfeiting measures never really effective in shaking the fake pursuit of Air Jordan Shoes Mens ambition. Of course, economic protectionism of individual local government also gave the green light for the fake, false or not so concentrated Nike Air Foamposite Women area. Fake Nike Air Max Mens is a comprehensive management of social engineering, online source it under not on line. The Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice network era is to make selling more convenient, but also convenient crackdown. Because, any network fake behavior will leave traces in the network, Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men Canada Online Sale through the platform that these traces, counterfeiting, counterfeits are found using a large data, joint law enforcement departments of unified action. This is not only the responsibility of business as a network trading platform, also should be the social responsibility category of each large network service providers. hopes to Taobao fake behavior can Blake Griffin Shoes be used as a new beginning, is also looking forward to Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men Canada Online Sale more Internet service providers can join

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