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good fate again towards the crossroads. Multiple sources to Tencent technology said, good working Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale with local listed marketing Service Corporation Huayijiaxin acquisition of negotiations, or is close to a deal. informed sources said, good ye not sold as a whole, but will spin off of its Nike Air Max Mens business: positive and Huayijiaxin negotiate the sale is good business, namely the integration marketing division, the good product department, also is the effect Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice marketing division, will be on the table still can make nothing of Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale it. good sale behind conceal large shareholder cash impulse. At present, Allyes shareholders is America investment institutions run investment group Silver Lake, the company in 2010 from the good control of Party Focus Media hand wheel, a good control. insider pointed out, good and Huayijiaxin approached two months ago has begun. The current domestic Internet industry Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale mergers and acquisitions of unpopular, the other is the price is very high, saying the good sell can sell a good price. Tencent technology related to verification. Good Lord chairman, Silver Lake IMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Grey Bluenvestment Director General Manager Chen Xun said no Air Jordan Shoes Mens comment before the announcement of the good Lord, CEO said, good and other agencies have been approached, investors have any choice, also need to return on investment. : another protagonist Huayijiaxin over the past few years in the Blake Griffin Shoes acquisition of field hand rarely. In November 25th last year, the company with a major reorganization of assets and suspended, after several times a deferred stock to resume trading notice. Analytic personage points out, this shows the negotiations could not Everything is going smoothly. good destiny: the repeated impact IPO failure Allyes is China Internet industry veteran, established in 1998, has repeatedly come to market window, but all fail on the verge of success. Concomitantly, good management and controlling shareholder between many contradictions, resulting in weak, good scale development limited. as early as 2008, the once secret submit Allyes listing application, but due to the outbreak of the Wall Street Nike Air Foamposite Women financial crisis, Allyes listing dream die again. Since then, with the shares, plus the interior modulation is blocked, the loss of a large number of good highlevel core members. , 2009, Allyes cofounder, President turnover, its competition with good marketing solutions provider Jusheng Wanhe MediaV. After the departure of Yang Jiongwei, general manager of Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places good region have followed. before the acquisition, OK also tried separately listed. Yang Jiongwei once said, the 2007 good or listed, or sell. I advocate sell, so you can breathe. The final good is Nike Air Force Ones the acquisition of the limelight strong. but good is the acquisition, sign found on the management of VAM, stable good performance, can’t risk. The company to ensure that the interests of shareholders often have no innovation. The sprint IP for good

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