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In Sina, Sina, hand in hand, STO in 14 years in July 15th to launch the O2O community life services platform community O2O electric added a yuan strength of the participants. From Yi joint enterprise situation, benefit is parentage, Yi, Sina, Sina, microblog Focus Media are listing Corporation, STO is one of the main national logistics company Chinese. from the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale product function design situation, the real benefits to the community through the circle circle as the platform, enhance the popularity and viscous products, through the provision of O2O services based on the platform, in order to earn service fee as a means of profit. Possible products after maturity will derive to collect fees mode. Although O2O community is a piece of blue ocean market participants, but the rapid increase, will shorten the development from the initial stage to the rapid development period of time, the growth of regional key city, will be the beginning of the current competitive relationship. IResearch think, from the market perspective, the community O2O is a way to test the better identification of participants, diversity, capital Air Jordan Shoes Mens market acceptance is high; from the busiWomens Nike Free 5.0 Gray Orange Pinkness point of view, the way to increase access to user, businesses can accept degree is high; from the view of users, user convenience life; from the perspective of product life, improve viscous products become exists, the current market is in the state of perfect competition. from the market perspective, the O2O community is an attempt to better ways of participant identity diversity, capital market acceptance is high The community of O2O is Nike Air Max Mens a new http://bygkps.cn/news/html/?1647.html attempt to practice O2O. 13 years began to receive widespread attention, the current market has added many participants, from the participant identity, including real estate companies, property companies, and real estate related companies and emerging entrepreneurs etc From the current capital market situation, the community Blake Griffin Shoes of O2O mode has been highly recognized by the capital market, there have been a number of enterprises and the successful financing, financing amount is tens of hundreds of billion. 001 community currently finished angel and A round of financing, the total amount of nearly Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice two hundred million yuan, Ding Dong Xiao Qu is also get nearly billion yuan angel financing, in addition, residential house, residential carefree also won the A round of financing. from the business point of view, the Nike Air Force Ones way to increase access to user, businesses can accept degree is high; from the user’s perspective, to facilitate the life of from the graphic shows, there is no O2O platform, merchants passively waiting for the user choice, although a Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale variety of new media can actively influence Nike Air Foamposite Women the user, but the ordinary businesses lack the relevant skills experience, still can not use new media impact the user community; in the O2O platform, merchants with Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale the platform through cooperation, with the help of platform marketing, increasing contact the user the opportunity, at the same time the original direct user channel selection still exist. Multi contact users, enhance the business to O2O product acceptance. community of O2O platform, so that users can access a variety of services, greatly facilitate the daily life, the service ability, marketing ability, use experience good

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