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High risk sending credit card additional insurance in the middle of the bank wanted of insurance enterprises, banks have huge customer resources, a significant source of policy project is both an insurance company, and is the source Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia Online Sale of business quality throwaway as long as the XX bank credit card you use credit card to pay, my spouse, children and peer full public transportation fare or the more than 80% travel tour. Without any formalities, can get high public transportation insurance company passenger accident insurance and travel inconvenience insurance. This is recently a bank credit card business of Nike Air Max Womens mass advertising. the Hungarian card issuing banks to compete for customers resources, have introduced various credit card additional insurance, including accidental injury insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, credit card fraud insurance, guarantee insurance products such as shopping. insurance company personage says, at present the main local issuing banks are part of its credit cards provide free of charge or additional insurance services. Except for the part of the bank insurance in the flag of the insurance company or association, China life, Ping An, Taibao, Ampang, AIU, earthWomens Nike Free 5.0 Pink Orange White, Huatai Yingda Taihe, Huaan, and other insurance companies are involved in. insurance through credit card sales channels credit card additional insurance as a means of promotion of the bank, has never been cardholders pay attention. And in June of this year’s Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost events, will undoubtedly become the credit card will be additional insurance into the insurance consumer’s view fuse. The horse boat accident, some bank http://nisefel.com/news/html/?91255.html credit card center of customer investigation work, then consumers realized that the original credit cards also have insurance. the bancassurance personage expresses, at present the dangerous business and bank credit card business cooperation has two main categories. A class is Blake Griffin Shoes that the risks of enterprises in order to ensure sales channels of life insurance products in the silver free bank credit card holders of the various types of accident insurance; another is that banks through the Buy mode for the cardholder to buy accident insurance or special insurance. it is understood that generally reach commercial cooperation insurance institutions and the card issuing banks, insurance agencies to provide insurance for credit card holders, and Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Australia Online Sale access to the cardholder’s personal information, provide free customer resources for other insurance products sales. part of the Department of banking insurance enterprise cooperation Jordan Nubuck Men in the credit card is more thorough, this kind of insurance enterprises will be specifically designed some cardholders exclusive insurance. Such as the Bank of China Insurance Kobe Bryant Shoes for the Bank of China Credit Card Cardholder launched the Bank of China the Great Wall cardholder family occupied the motor vehicle theft insurance products. insurance mechanism not only can design some private custom products Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Australia Online Sale as the cooperation of the bank credit card customers, but also according to the bank to provide information of active electric sales of insurance products, the credit Glow in the Dark Jordan Men card customer development two times. By credit card insurance is more concise, insurance institutions through Air Jordan Shoes Womens the credit card overdraft function will be designated to direct insurance companies premium

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