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Qianlong Network Beijing April 7 hearing (internship reporter reporter Ouyang Xiaojuan Zhan Yuping) frozen in the warranty period of the steamed stuffed bun, can taste "fresh" is not normal; food false label production date, premature "has aroused public concern" I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women phenomenon. On July 4, according to the & lt; & lt; the people’s Republic of China Food Safety Law & gt; & gt; the most stringent of history I love Nike air foamposite pro and the relevant provisions, the Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration informed the the country’s debut hanging card ", and the parties qualification
Merrell Shoes Men penalty. Municipal Food and drug administration through the "first response", said the platform, will increase the administrative law enforcement, and severely punish violations of food safety, food production operators if a year cumulative three warnings, fines and other administrative penalties "food safety law", the food and drug regulatory departments shall be ordered to stop business until revoke their licenses. Consumers: in the warranty period, after the steamed stuffed bun in October 2015 eat "problem", people in the nearby supermarket, Mr. Wang bought several bags of frozen steamed stuffed bun, eat when feeling steamed taste strange strange, "my wife complain after eating the stomach is very uncomfortable." However, Mr. Wang repeatedly view plastic bag of steamed stuffed bun, marked production date display buns and
Merrell Shoes has not expired, the label on the packaging manufacturer for Beijing Wanquan the new
Womens Jordan 14 AAA 160112040home with bags of food industry and Trade Co., Ltd., eat a few steamed stuffed bun uncomfortable, Mr. Wang to relevant departments complaints this problem. The companies involved: suspected food false label production date is criminals received complaints related to many people, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of attention to this problem and is located in Beijing Tongzhou District Wanquan food industry and Trade Co., Ltd. food labels "premature" for them to produce the so-called significant food production I like Nike foamposite one date
http://ask.buffalostate.edu//index.php?showuser=170119 of false and illegal behavior to be a criminal. Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau law enforcement officers in the inspection found that from August 2015 to November, total sales of steamed pork and cabbage production false date, purple sweet potato Dousha Bao, spiced corned egg labeling 12 varieties of food, with a total value I buy Nike air foamposite one of more than 9000 yuan, the illegal income more than 2000 yuan. The Beijing Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau law enforcement officers seized Beijing Wanquan the new home food industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a purple sweet potato bean bag production, spiced corned egg and other 12 kinds of "premature" food. The food and drug supervision and Management Bureau: according to the new food safety law "2016, Tongzhou District, the provincial food and drug administration shall make the decision on punishment, at the same time to original legal representative of the enterprise, within five years will not allow for food production, operation and management, as a punishment for enterprise in the production of food safety, food safety management personnel, as the punishment decision, for food production enterprises, as a punishment for food production enterprises of food safety management personnel. For illegal business value less than million yuan RMB actually will lead to hang card, director of the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Nike Air Max Sale For kids of the rule of law, responded to Ji Wei, the newly revised the & lt; & lt; Food Safety Law & gt; & gt; is called the "history’s most severe", whether the administrative punishment of hanging card ", mainly according to the seriousness of the violations, and not limited the number of illegal income and illegal income. In
Merrell Shoes Women this case, the nature of enterprise behavior is not good, if the circumstances are serious, and impose severe punishment on card ". For catering enterprises will be expired food 7

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