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if there is no mistake, SuperSofter is the first concern of the whole network Micro message reading since the media number, July 22nd issued Micro message public account test open reading and the number of support points of praise the tiger sniff network platform such as: This is to microblog of rhythm? elaborates my viewpoint, but the Nike Flex Experience RN industry attention on reading number it is still more than I expected. Starting today, Micro message has entered and apple brush list, Mo Mo pornography as adversarial mode number, reading it, endless. last night because of Micro message system suddenly upgrade, Taobao brush reading business across the board to suspend, much home Taobao shopkeepers have been released at one upmanship war language, is expected within a week to restore. Micro message tonight issued a notice, clearly related to the punishment and prevention measures, rhetoric is not intense, presumably Micro message Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale anti cheating team is expanding human, new deal with brush Micro message team. but the wisdom of the masses is infinite, Micro message counter measures will increase the cost of brush data, but will not prevent this kind of behavior. In extreme cases, human sea tactics under the brush Lebron James Shoes data behavior cMens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Black Blue Yellowan not prevent. Taobao sales, AppStore brush list these industry has accumulated a large number of practitioners and combat experience. look at the notice from Micro message, its want to demand from this end eliminate brush data needs, shock the public account, if you brush data checked out, will encounter a number and other penalties. The question is: can you to brush their own data, also can Nike Free Run 3 give other public account brush http://www.106salon.com/news/html/?56160.html Micro message data, how to judge who is brush data? Micro message then is likely to uphold the rather victimizes not missed strategy to maintain the clean platform, which is also in line with the piece of dragons in the micro the letter in the process of growth consistent authoritarian attitude, because Micro message is Micro message Tencent, not your. Micro message also banned jump links to third Nike Air Max Women party is not safe or malicious marketing, but how to define and Micro message to do. Although you can develop the masses system, but still need to micro letter team for the final In short, the micro letter will invest more and more operations on dealing with these very boring trivial issues, and finally into the twitter like the situation, the team continued to invest, anti cheat technology upgrading, but still unable to ensure that the data are clean. Compared to micro Bo turn a blind eye to the laissez faire attitude intentionally or unintentionally garbage Glow in the Dark Jordan Men data, micro letter is data cleanliness. Perhaps this is the micro letter to brush data defend reasons, like AppStore trying to Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale blow the brush list routines, would rather kill wrong, not leakage kill. another Nike Max 90 Current Moire way is blocking as sparse. micro letter through open reading Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale several key data to guide the operators to create more good content, let you enter data oriented operation pattern, like the team management, KPI drivers always have advantages and disadvantages. Since the micro letter think clear, should not go back, have thought of all the risks and disadvantages. In addition to the interception of cheating, micro letter will probably take some leading measures.

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