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important message: 1, General Lee: i like lebron james 2014 by replacing business tax with valueadded taxVAT as accelerating the reform of the taxation system highlight, stimulate the vitality of the market; 2, the Commission cut three new board out of the platform, the regulatory direction of the turning point; 3, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice to promote the implementation of corporate annual report disclosure requirements; 4, first 7 companies to apply to the 29 day will focus on Guangdong, accounted for 4; 5, the central bank put huge amount of work, funds i like air jordan shoes men face increasingly wide interest rates down; 6, the central bank: 2015 stock index volatility, the volume of the two cities are a substantial increase; 7, China Insurance Regulatory Commission: in 2016 launched the tax extension of the pension insurance pilot; 8, in 2015 the total profit of stateowned enterprises fell 6.7%, revenue fell 5.4%; 9, the State Council approved the establishment of the service industry development of the inter ministerial joint conference system; 10, 2016 Shanghai intends to implement 100 major projects, with a total investment
Air Jordan Shoes Men Wholesale of over 800 billion yuan; 11, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments will conduct a serious investigation of new energy vehicles cheat up; 12,
Mens Air Jordan 12 New Black Grey China joined forces in the Middle East sovereign wealth fund, to try the three party cooperation. yesterday Shanghai that opened at the bottom discount lebron james website of the 5th line of a slight concussion, although before midday rushed on the 5th line moment even stood on the daily 10, but then all the way down. 14 after the stock index once turned green, and refers to the weaker influence of late continue to rebound in crude oil futures rebounded slightly lower. The final stock index closed out the high shrinkage of small Yang Xing, still in line 5 below today is flat open station. U.S. stocks fell last night, the international crude oil futures fell back to $30. News plain. today morning stock index opened. May counter 5 days after dropping, but may be difficult to continue downward after the fall. Due to the international crude oil futures plummeted again, will have an impact on the global stock market trend, rebound to come to an abrupt end, Europe and the United States stock markets last night has been the first to be reflected. p Shanghai refers to has been in 2900 points near the sideways the 7, 8 days, has not received above 3000 points, seemingly in the bottoming, but only with a quantity to break through the 3016 in order to confirm that the double bottom was established and if shrinking breakthrough, can only be suspected of a double dip. Is currently in the annual report of the market speculation, the market seems to have no how much down the reason, but the oversold bounce after plunged again the international crude oil futures, shortly after the operation is likely to is an important factor to affect the future of the global trend of the stock market. p Prev Close it, never again innovation low, otherwise it is possible to platform Powei again fell, in the month of online form C wave adjustment. The current stock index 5, 10 daily will coincide, but on the 5th line still at the bottom of the daily 10, there is no signs of improvement, need a candle to reverse the decline, but it seems not any external force to break the deadlock. So can only: and the line and cautious.

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