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in recent days, with the CCTV weekly quality report broadcast, the word false broadband hot again, why do I pay the money Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale rate of 10M, but only 4M? Why does the day night speed fast, slow speed? My saying is 20M broadband download things, why only 1MS? someone once said, in China, two things Glow in the Dark Jordan Men can always scold, but who is going to get you in trouble, a football, a Nike Air Max Women telecom operator. So when a CCTV put the word false broadband, the various telecom operators, mention don’t tube to investigate whether show, lay shot in the, even some people who calculated the annual China netizens have 75000000000 yuan broadband fee boondoggle. users why mind false broadband. Nothing but is felt to spend money. From the contract perspective, once the operators to reach the promised bandwidth, Internet users have the right to claim. But at the same time, the contract means that the Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women UK Online Sale rights and obligations of the two parties are equal, if the operators to fulfill commitments in its service range, then broadband users also can not on its lower false broadband Mens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 LIght Coffeeconclusion. the issue then is, operators promised bandwidth should be calculated? Either the Ministry brewing in the fixed broadband access rate test method, or the like blue news Nike Free Run 3 independent third party IDC, including speed site operators themselves, rate basically testing are end users to rate from its recent operators room. This test method is reasonable. The whole world operators’ false broadband ‘, although this rough, it is a fact. The reason is very simple, many factors affect the rate, set the access site purchase bandwidth, router and the server and bandwidth, access methods, even including computer recency the users themselves, if not consider these factors, only request speed to meet the standard, this is not a scientific attitude. Another reason for users mind false broadband Internet experience is, too, the video is always in the card, web page open speed has no obvious promotion, highspeed bandwidth claim doesn’t seem to be much to change the. So another question is why speed results cannot be closer to the user’s actual experience? But Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale , we really need to speed the results like this? As noted above, the speed influence factors, see why no video, perhaps Nike Flex Experience RN the site can not support largescale visit at the same time, if the speed test is zero, to whom should responsibility? If you are the site paying users, then, according to the contract between the two, the natural sites to the chase, request a refund; if you are just one of the free users almost 99% users are such, what is the right responsibility? and so on, open the Sina speed much, much, see hill of broadband speed speed how many potatoes Even if the Nike Max 90 Current Moire user can master a lot of velocity measurement results, means to Lebron James Shoes us almost zero. Moreover, according to the Federal Communications Commission FCC study, if speed is more than 10M, the basic web browsing page under

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