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IPO company or the listing Corporation to eliminate the negative news, contact the Public relations company please media, the signing of the agreement, in order to achieve the paid not smell, paid silent objective. some media fancy this as Nike Max 90 Current Moire a business idea, as revenue main business, to listing Corporation, quasi listing Corporation as the target customer group, not to do negative reports as bait, attract enterprises to advertising, in a protection fees. and even the media executives and journalists will have to delete draft demand enterprises introduced to start its own or relatives of the Public relations Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale company, and earn profit or gain kickbacks Nike Air Max Women from. today, this behavior has become the industry unspoken rule. Among them, enterprise, media Public relations company, three party profit, but the majority of investors and the public right to know some of the loss, the media reports as the profit seeking tool. 9 month 3 days, in the Ministry of public security command, police in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha unified action, capturing network president, editor in chief in twentyfFor Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)irst Century and related business, journalists and Shanghai run Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin two Public relations company responsible person. 9 month 3 days, the wellknown financial media in twentyfirst Century the domestic network has become the news. on the same day, including editor in chief in twentyfirst Century, President of the network, the management, operation, journalists and Shanghai run Yan, Shenzhen Xin Kirin two Public relations company responsible person, on http://zhenghetang.cn/news/html/?5876.html suspicion of major Nike Free Run 3 news extortion by the police to take compulsory measures. according Lebron James Shoes to preliminary police investigation, twentyfirst Century network executives and a few journalists, in twentyfirst Century net as the platform, in order to not report negative news as bait, Nike Flex Experience RN attract advertisers joint Public relations company. Whatever its advertising agreement signed customers, site no longer publishes its negative news, or delete negative reports have Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale access to Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale the internet. This way has become the management ideas, the industry called protection fees. also, according to people involved in the case statement to the police, in twentyfirst Century net a few executives and journalists to set up a Public relations company, to delete draft business operations, to earn post profit. industry insiders say this with advertising for opinion security behavior, has been flooded, as between listing Corporation and Glow in the Dark Jordan Men media company IPO, unspoken rules. 21 century network president and several people were arrested insiders said, nearly 100 homes are audit listed companies are forced and the twentyfirst Century net signing advertisement contract, from the society and enterprise reporting constant 9 month 3 days at noon, Zhou Bin in twentyfirst Century on the network reproduced day an article for a listing Corporation’s negative reports, and the message the blade too water without a trace. 21 blades is a twentyfirst Century net brand survey column, to expose the listing Corporation mining violations kyo. Zhou Bin is the editor of the total twentyfirst Century net. according to internal sources, Zhou Bin when

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