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lawyer digest 2010 will be a wonderful speech of seven Guo Shiyou, director of the History Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law. Chongqing Morning Post reporter He Yi photo in addition to professional books, also read WenShiZhe Lebron James Shoes p do this speech I very much fear, because I read the book, have few people say I am modest, I said you made a mistake the, not everyone Nike Free Run 3 is eligible to modest. This is not the first to blame me, blame our generation Born Under A Bad Sign, when you want to read no books to read. The age of reading with the thief cannot bear to think of the past do like, I have to read books written on yellow. The first time I heard when will the moon be, Nike Air Max Women partings and reunions is in junior high school, furtive look at water margin the thirty times, banished Wu on the way to sing out. I didn’t know it was Su Dongpo. Now the environment is not the same, Yitiandaowan open this, that, some boring, we the chat, Zhang Sizhi teacher has opened a good start. This theme is initiated by the lawyer’s Digest, which is very strong. I to China University of
Womens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Black Pink White political science and law after the discovery, the gift of the gab, shaoshuoduozuo, Taizhiruoyu less; wind blows, a rib, the law when parents less, this let me for the rule of law is looking forward to bruise. You ask some students to read what book recently? He said the teacher, I have been very busy recently, he didn’t answer my question, I think you were so busy that did not even have time to read, only is not engaged in decent work. So I admire the lawyers in the busy work. what do I say today? I make three suggestions. First, I suggest that younger than my friends, including students of my generation, while also not how to pay attention to you, there is no who put you when the fake celebrity or true celebrity you quickly read, wait for the other person to you when the celebrity, you of the disaster to come. Whether it is political figures, academics, practice character, or do, how many really good people not by refining the reading, and the older will play to the extreme. Zhang Sizhi teacher talked about 106 year old
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale Mr. Zhou Youguang, here I mentioning him, he let we this generation Nike Max 90 Current Moire really ashamed, his realm of thought we learn learn not to. br the second proposal, in addition to other than read professional books of his own field, you can squeeze some time to read a little
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale history and philosophy, including art and religion. These books will let Nike Flex Experience RN you benefit a lot, in addition to your knowledge structure, way of thinking, the ideological realm, including pleasure to your life will improve a little. The total pursuit of fame and wealth, and so on, and so on the real time of these things, when you turn around, you will feel it is just so. Eisenhower said a word, if people just for the sake of food and clothing, it is better to live in prison. We always have a little bit of our responsibility. Through reading this
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale process, we can find some childhood memories, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men we of the rule of law, the civil rights, for democracy and freedom, pursuit of fairness and justice, we also had to be a respected person. In reading

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