learning greatly chaired the central comprehensive reform leading group for the fourth meeting examined and adopted the guidance on the promotion of traditional media and new media fusion development2015.01.13. // Uncategorized

recently, learning greatly chaired the central comprehensive reform leading group for the Kobe Bryant Shoes fourth meeting examined and adopted the guidance on the promotion of traditional media and new media fusion development. This study greatly speech stressed that we must focus on creating a number of morphological diversity, means of advanced, competitive model of mainstream media, new media built several powerful and communication capacity, credibility, influence. The meeting aims to work together to implement, the real push forward the reform, a good start for the reform in the next few years. In this context, learning greatly to the propaganda force, to strive to build a batch of new media, what is the intention? Concrete and how to operate? Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale media group needs to strengthen the idea that central comprehensively deepen reform leading group discussion on media reform Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale rare, indicate the current media has become a resistance of the reform, thus reform in charge of the implementation of the meeting, put forward the construction of new media group. As for the media situation how to hinder the reform, there are a variety of views from all walks of life: is a kind of viewpoint thinks, the official mouthpiece of the currKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smokeent slow changes in the era of role function, besides rules media free in the age of the Internet, do not understand the new era of Internet attitude, habit of playing on the problem of moral didacticism and ideological attack. The barrel of a gun and pen has been regarded as an important tool to capture and maintain the status of the Communist Party of China, and in peace, the role of united front http://jiajiepc.com/news/html/?5791.html pen is more obvious. But thinking still remain in the revolution of traditional media, always put the pen when the barrel of a gun make, specific arguments to some have no political malicious indiscriminately all political fire, causing many enemies. The rigid means of publicity, not only lose the Air Jordan Shoes Womens ability to communicate with the people, but also weaken the state itself, Jordan Nubuck Men the credibility of the propagation force, influence, when the media need to cry for reform, often counterproductive, not as a propeller, but became a stumbling block. another view, Blake Griffin Shoes the official stereotyped writing habits die hard, add Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale a negative energy for the reform of government image. Now the official articles, often stand on the moral high ground to gush, out of a pile of Marxism Leninism Mao and Deng Jiang’s theory, people can not read rather than watch, totally inconsistent with the requirements of learning greatly and style. Learning greatly I never eight shares, whether in speech or article, can be simple Nike Air Max Womens and clear, easy to understand, even grounded with some fashionable words. More satisfactory, in learning greatly the new office of the year, when many of his speech Glow in the Dark Jordan Men at the turn of news sends, is often the official mouthpiece of the Eight Legged essay out of context, fragmented, ambiguous. The reform of learning which was distinct appearance greatly, in a very long period of time the world has been puzzling buckle on the Maoist hat. there is a view that, whether the traditional or new media network media, there are deficiencies, to make up for. Rigid feature of traditional media make it lose the young readers, not the most energetic in the community,

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