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December 6th news, Internet business transformation in the base finally clear. China Mobile president yesterday in an interview with Sohu IT said, China Mobile will according to the different situation to build specialized companies own, not all put in a basket. China Company will Glow in the Dark Jordan Men be formally established in the next year, the other base business will according to the different situation to merge or separate establishment, not to consider the stock diversification problems. will launch the own brand for China Mobile, Li Yue explanation says, China Mobile next year in addition to launch its own brand of intelligent mobile phone, will own brand Pad terminal products, and even some parts will be listed Jordan Nubuck Men for sale. Li Yue also said, China Mobile is planning a brand new terminal, will be launched next together. China Mobile base business fully professional company in transition section will be combined with the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale China Mobile was a pioneer of the base business, in the face of the Internet enterprise to the traditional telecom operators business impact, China Mobile successively in the layout of the national nine Internet business base Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale is located in Sichuan areMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Yellow Black Grey: mobile phone music Nike Air Max Womens base, located in Shanghai’s mobile phone video base, located in the location service base located in Hunan, Liaoning, Blake Griffin Shoes located in the base Guangdong Internet base, located in Hangzhou’s mobile phone reading base, and 12580 base complex in Jiangsu, Fujian based mobile phone animation base, located in the Chongqing base of the Internet of things. With the advantage of polymerization China Mobile base business formation, especially the case effect brought about by the rapid development of mobile phone music base. China Telecom and Chinese followed suit in the nationwide distribution of varying amounts of Internet business base. But in recent years, with the rapid growth of base operations at the same time also gradually exposed some drawbacks such as bag, the examination and approval of the over concentration of power, excessive dependence on KPI assessment caused false growth, and between the group and the provincial company management problems. from the beginning of the end of 2011, the rapid development of the domestic intelligent Air Jordan Shoes Womens terminal and the rapid popularization of mobile Internet industry rapidly changing domestic industry status, it will further the three most operators tepid base business to the awkward position. in the face of development China Kobe Bryant Shoes Telecom first started in the base of business transformation, at present its Tianyi video, love games, Tianyi reading business have been declared Independent Company operation. General manager of China Unicom Chinese product innovation department Li Hongwu accept Sohu IT interview last week said open and transformation will accelerate base business. China Mobile also from Li Yue as president, on the one hand, adjust the traditional base of business, on the other hand, accelerate the establishment of a Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale professional company. In November last year, China Company was founded in Beijing, since then China Mobile has set up a financial company, international companies, government and enterprise company, this is seen as a China Mobile to the mode change of vertical management professional in the industry. for China Mobile base business the next step adjustment, before the industry reports,

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