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Original title: China was forced to in our village in the dark, a girl, "China News Weekly" reporter | divination, 27 years old the, every day is mother and
Cheap Merrell Shoes father complained to find the object, parents everywhere let others introduction object, the girl all the advantages of the column as a selling point, really is a compromise. The whole area is aware of her daughter’s education quality is very high, not married. The girl left a letter Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men to herself, "2016 years old, 3 years old, a girl was forced by her parents to commit suicide", the whole network news spread. However, after a I love Nike air foamposite pro period of time to occupy micro-blog hot search list, this news has been deleted. The word from Internet users on the Internet radio, but soon, the original user can not search. According to legend, the girl left Holland’s behavior, parents should arrange for the wedding. Fortunately, she was rescued. Although the news has been unable to confirm or falsification, but many users comments still in "because they do not get married, do not waste the social value." "Sometimes is such a crazy idea, you think my life is not your, your good. Who does not owe who, the next life does not meet. Also forced by I like Nike foamposite one their parents, the language of violence, now as long as a person is not worth a hair, they feel good. "Now every day, insomnia, sleep is not go
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowod, always have a headache, is a shale type girl, now one day do not eat, do not want to do anything"… In February this year, China’s attention to the development of the next generation of health and Sports Center, issued a report to force the status quo of China’s investigation report. Results showed
http://trainersone.com/Blog/cheap-jordan-shoes-china-tend-to-be-an-important-part-in-the-this-sport.html that more than 70% of the respondents were I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women parents bihun pressure, young people aged 25
Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Men to 35. This is 86% forced rate is high, women are forced to rate of I buy Nike air foamposite one 6% higher than that of the male. Even Nike Air Max Sale For kids if 3% of young people, less than the legal age to marry, but also forced their parents. Chinese style forced, in Baidu encyclopedia is defined as the parents of the threats and violence, forcing their children to get married". Each section is forced "MOE" care ", children once more than the legal age for marriage is not what sports, Chinese parents usually automatically switch to the mandatory model, some speed dating, some people think some play the brand of filial piety, and shows the bitter meat… This has become one of the most common phenomena in the relationship between parents and children in Contemporary Chinese cities. Chinese people’s concept, the generational differences, realistic mixed anxiety and social pressure, collision phenomenon and social phenomenon, in China, thinking on social transformation, system and structure occurred an unprecedented change, values and family values and understanding of two generations, a sense of security is much greater than. The relationship between parents and children has become an important issue that can not be ignored. A 36
Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women year old man, but, I love you, mom!" Jack Bauer oral | Peking University, Shanghai, divorce, mother will for my life plan: "you don’t go to the scene, and the Shanghai Fudan test well, after graduation to find a job, then parents money for you to buy a suite, you the moon. When you have money, you buy a door for my parents. Find a friend of the mother, as a wife, 25 years old, the first child. A family happy marriage

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