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p lover with I far away, I waiting for the telephone, mobile phone, video can communicate with the lover of media recommend everything, as long as the lover can in all fields, I to see, listen. I this became the most primitive of the true love, into the verses of the song of songs, and who is most classical woman together to the lover calls upon: let me see your face, listening to the sound of your voice. Because your voice is soft and your face is beautiful. in love, Valentine’s face light shining, the sound of the honey lover. Sensitive ears is the honey sweet drunk, that in all the rest of the sensory malaise, left alone big ears up, to the illusion of life as a listening attitude. Each in love during the peak of the lovers will have such a feeling, i.e.number million sound noisy, Nike Free Run 3 voice of the person you love the most, still can through hybrid acoustic streaming, let you identify. Lover to listen to the state, is a kind of Madness the I into the ear is crazy to appear illusion, is a philosopher’s p
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Brown Orangeosture Lao Tzu is long long ran a pair of knee high big ears. Foucault to power to the madness, let the crazy Nike Air Max Women talk, Nike Max 90 Current Moire in madness and civilization in
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium UK Online Sale the extreme states the madness of the language is fundamentally rational language. In my opinion, this famous saying should imprinted in the flame of love burning lovers on the forehead, instead of wedge engraved at the
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Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men UK Online Sale the madhouse large plaque. in love, speech and listening is a gesture of dialogue. The temptation to I listen to you. The I said, the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men temptation you listen. The book of songs. Guanju in the first sentence pass osprey, in River Delta by two birds will lover’s gesture of dialogue is simulated vividly. A dove bird in this side of the river, off called a sound, the other Nike Flex Experience RN on the other side of the river to listen hear the cry,
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Women UK Online Sale feelings of agitation, throat impulse, is encountered a bosom friend, busy off of call response. Then the two sides of the river rippling, shut off. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in his fame poem love poem wrote in order to let you hear me sometimes become slender like the footprints of the gulls on the beach. The poet does not speak loudly here. The poet knows love best. Sentiment is an incoherent language. The more slender, fragments, floating in the process, and whisper, lover love more is to capture, salvage, binding the voice, made love specimens. Don’t love lovers refused to listen. His trance, your daughter about: I am a desperate man don’t talk echo lost everything got everything the last sustain my last desire dedicated to you. At this time, the Lebron James Shoes poet becomes the ear, waiting for the echo of the lover, once the lover once no sound, the poet became a lost all Shi Cong and

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