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senior official Han Zhiran made amazing ; ; ; ; the June 17th closing of the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Han Zhiran Nike Max 90 Current Moire was removed from the CPPCC Standing Committee, the revocation of the CPPCC National committee. In June 23rd, Han Zhiran was a serious violation of discipline, Inner Mongolia CPPCC Vice Chairman, removed from the Political Consultative Conference of the CPPCC Beijing Youth Daily in June 24, 2015. Han Zhiran served as Deputy Secretary of the Bayannaoer League, the European Commission chief. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government Secretary General, Baotou Municipal Committee, mayor, Wulanchabu municipal Party committee. September 2004, 52 year old Han Zhiran served as the capital of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the number one,
Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Men UK Online Sale the main political Hohhot seven years. Han Zhiran’s main political scandal and political joke also occurred during this period. p amp; only read the primary school of Hubei carpenter Wang Xiniu, posing as Hong Kong Golden Eagle International Group investment limited liability company board chairman ‘Zheng Ze’. In Hohhot City excuse investment 53 million Golden Eagle International Cen
Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Bluetral Business District: in when he was Secretary of the municipal Party committee secretary Hanzhi but full cooperation; Teng place for the Northwest’s first highrise. So the investment of 1 billion yuan just completed four years of Hohhot Public Security Bureau 11 storey headquarters building to blow
Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Women UK Online Sale up, the city government building, Longhai mansion, the first people’s Hospital Health building, Municipal Public Security Bureau three Tung dormitory were successively removed. The results of the big demolition can be imagined! Wang Xiniu Zheng Ze 6 kana, each name registered company, marry a wife. Hongkong Gold Eagle Co is a three noes company. It is this Wang Mujiang has been in Inner Mongolia and other places to engage in investment construction, in Inner Mongolia and other places of fraud amounted to 1700000000 Lebron James Shoes yuan, the bid units, bank loans, public financing and other 8. Wang carpenter trick is not wise, Hanzhi but just through the network search, can be found in the socalled Hong Kong Golden Eagle
Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh UK Online Sale company is registered capital of HK $10000 Nike Air Max Women shell companies, also not be calculating liar. However, Hanzhi but but stupid believed to Nike Free Run 3 cheat to listen to his mercy, so that Hanzhi but including Hohhot the leadership be fooled by false Hong Kong, cheated almost stripped pants! p amp; party Nike Flex Experience RN and government officials to drill into the trap crooks, large sums of money have been cheated, everywhere demolition bombing, straight made urban house down the wall collapsed, the lampblack gas Chang, costly. This is both surprising, and let people angry, but also feel funny. How can our officials get so much that we can get so much? This was a modern Chinese version of the emperor’s new clothes. This new version of the fairy tale has moved Glow in the Dark Jordan Men from Denmark to our Chinese interpretation! Of course, our officials than the hustler to strip off the pants of the emperor wise! Wang Mujiang’s law is: to seize the weakness of a city government leadership, you can stir a city. King Lear

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