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Start Nike Air Max Womens 4 month 20 days, and the biennial Beijing auto show, auto show, Baidu data research center issued a 2013 Car Industry Research Report, to a search engine perspective, combined with the large data left Chinese users every day billions of times after clicking, analysis of the current situation, trend, change Chinese car industry, and netizens around the car and stay Jordan Nubuck Men online habits and demand. said the show for example: 1, Internet content related to the automotive field search, the wireless terminal is gradually catching up with the PC terminal; 2, experienced low sales growth for two consecutive years after 2013, China passenger car market demand pick up, annual average daily search index of over 10 million; 3, from the origin, the netizen on import car search attention increased year by year, and the economic developed provinces of imported cars much more attention; 4, from the models, users of SUV search attention quickly upgrade; 5, from the car on the crowd of geographical distribution, three or four line city user ratio is higher, in the big city is restricted to buy policy causes the car city cooling condition, the thrKids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redee Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale or four line of the market concern; 6, the independent brand Blake Griffin Shoes in the highend car in the field has not been based on the heel, brand image and technical ability needs to improve; 7, northsouth Volkswagen and Shanghai GM users pay most attention to automobile manufacturers, Changan Ford prominent 13 year performance; Compared to 8, and the car users, Air Jordan Shoes Womens 30 years old and above the crowd car more partial practicality, space. , combined with other more detailed details, for the automobile enterprises, believe the report of the judgment Chinese automobile market should benefit from on Kobe Bryant Shoes macroscopic, because these conclusions, are searching behavior from hundreds of millions of Internet users on the Internet, at least in the real objective is credible. These data not only reveals the subtle changes in Internet search demand more from a certain extent, reflect the heat expansion of the industry, it is worth playing with the automotive industry carefully. Internet companies can introduce special report guidance like automobile manufacturing industry, which means that Glow in the Dark Jordan Men rise Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale with the Internet, social networks, mobile Internet, marketing has entered the big data era of marketing, enterprises can according to leave Internet users on the Internet for data mainly from search engines, electric business and social Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale networks to analysis of consumers at different stages, we should use what kind of marketing can effectively, resulting in more rapid erected brand, more directly drive sales. in the traditional manufacturing, automobile industry has always been to the local tyrant known, because of its very high barriers to entry, the more difficult the poachers, and in the use of the Internet has always been conservative. But now the situation is, the Internet has been under no land of idyllic beauty, Tesla such Internet enterprise already through threshold, in the automotive industry to fight our way out, if hesitate go, miss this feast to large data marketing, the future outcome, probably is the local tyrants variable woodlouse. introduction of big data can really for car enterprises with

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