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Strong blog class level points: sub access: 03:05:19 20160129 where is the end? With the imaginary bottom, rather than pay close attention to intermediate rebound in time. Bear market has been established. Niu short bear long, A shares characteristics. Have to refer to the trend of 0708 years, so this, the end is still far, intermediate rebound, the real end, the time is still long. Although I have always stressed that the stock market’s historical experience, is often an error indication of the market outlook. The process may be different, but we have to consider at this time, the worst result, 16:34:58 20160122 read overnight Europe and the United States stock market rebound. Asian periphery, the Nikkei stock index rose nearly 6%, the Hang Seng Index rose 3%. A stocks still have a dropping action, shrinking close at xiaoyang. Sell power shortage, rose also weak, the overall weakness, a strong waitandsee atmosphere. Kweek down the hammer, Kline 9 trading days running between 2850 to 3050 points, the probability of a large increase in the shortterm bottom build interval. Next
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Mens Air Jordan 12 New White Red Orange:43:38 and. Read ahead of the approach is to be! That’s me. Yesterday is a semi warehouse after the whole warehouse, a heavily loaded stocks in early trading today is profitable, crazy afternoon budie. Heavy losses! Operation for two reasons: 1, initially a firm signs; 2, several successful fled the top hunters success, win greater spreads should more aggressive, as saying the risk benefit equal well. The results have tasted the risk of depriving the profits. This is a completely contrary to the operation of the principle i like air jordan shoes men of its operation. Read. 20160114 16:08:35 U.S. stocks fell overnight, A stock Dikaigaozou has recovered 3000 points, broad pattern. These two days see some arguments, quite ridiculous: 1, if the 2016 rose identity, then now is Huang Jinkeng; if you think a 20% plunge in 2016, that now is the bottom area; if more pessimistic, 2016 fell 30%, that the two weeks has fallen by half, while the remaining trading day opportunities outweigh the risks ah. 2. Reading 20160108 04:10:30 to tell the truth, if not temporarily cancel fuse mechanism, the panic, small amplitude of fusing threshold makes short cost exponentially decreased and then and will is a lot of financing disc forced liquidation, similar to the first lever trampling caused by the mobility of missing spent style slump will reproduce! However, the relationship between the decline and circuit breakers or holdings i like lebron james 2014 of major shareholders and expected a few cents. Devaluation of the renminbi, the registration system is a national strategy, will produce a fundamental asset price of 20160107 read 10:18:06 refer to the previous text. Today the rapid Bikong Long Yin, few can determine the crash coming again. Price limits on the basis of the 10% set a small range of fuse mechanism, in fact, to help up
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