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strong Introduction: 6 July 1, Dong Mingzhu Gree Group chairman of the board and on the Gree Electric Appliances General Meeting of shareholders officially announced Gree phones on sale. And plan on Gree store sale on sale, priced at 1600 yuan.Href= last year in March this year, frequently audibles Lei, Duang sound, Gree mobile phone coming true capacity. In June 1st, Gree Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu in Gree shareholders’ meeting officially announced the Gree mobile phone on sale. And plan on Gree store sale on sale, priced at 1600 yuan. 5 inches in 720p screen, equipped with 1.2Ghz Qualcomm quad core processor, combined with 1GB of ram and 8GB of storage space in the fuselage, running android4.4.4 system, also have 200 megapixel rear camera front 800 million pixels. When the price of 1600 yuan to buy millet 4, Meizu MX4 and other popular models of the flagship of the time, GREE mobile phone such a thousand machines configured to sell 2000 yuan price. does not say that memory configuration, and then look at the boot screen, it is
Womens Kevin Durant V Red Whitedeeply imprinted on the GREE brand. From the exposure of the picture is not difficult to see, the boot screen for Dong Mingzhu’s greetings. Greeting wrote, this is one of the Gree stepped into the global top 500 after the launch of the first batch of mobile phones, not only to have interpersonal communication, but also open the door Gree intelligent home. In addition to Dong Mingzhu’s greetings, the phone’s power on the interface, is Dong Mingzhu’s head, the bottom is Dong Mingzhu’s signature. Many netizens Tucao, this phone, and its name is called GREE mobile phone, as well as called Dong Mingzhu. other people have to shake their heads, and self willed sister Dong and GREE executives have been full of confidence in their mobile phone, others say not good, because they do not understand GREE. In the industry view, GREE mobile phone is a farce. In the face of market turmoil, we just want to ask Dong Mingzhu three questions, but also how to end this farce? years to sell only tens of thousands of units, 50000000 of the optimism come from? p according to media reports, on July 19, by the Ministry of science and Technology Daily News co sponsored the science and technology innovation big lecture room, Dong Mingzhu Gree phone can not to sell 50 million depends on our capacity. At present, it seems years sold 50 million is not realistic. but at the June 1st GREE shareholders’ meeting, Dong Mingzhu has said that GREE’s mobile phone pricing will be 1600 yuan, the future is not a problem to sell 50000000. These four words at random changed Dong Mingzhu seems never fear People will talk.. But a review of Gree farce history we will find the mobile phone, this is not the first time changed the wayward sister dong. Dong Mingzhu started his mobile phone industry, name

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