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strong: strong in the present, with the rapid development of Internet technology and data applications, technical quantized marketing and advertising procedures has gradually become an important part of modern marketing mode.Href= p Introduction: in recent years, we have seen, the media development from the public to focus to a public, audience reception information also from passive to active and interactive. a href rel = Internet used and the mobile Internet appears, the realization of the a href rel = ad used at the appropriate time, appropriate media, in a proper way, put to the right people, which undoubtedly revolutionized the traditional marketing operation and ways of thinking. AdTime noted that, in today, enterprises are facing increasingly complex media environment, the traditional evaluation system has not applied. At the same time, the difficulty of ensuring and maintaining the effect of advertising is becoming higher and higher, and our marketing system is faced with the deconstruction and reconstruction! traditional marketing of advertising measurement system is facing failure in the pr
Mens Kevin Durant Shoes Yellow Blue Whiteesent, with the rapid development of Internet technology and big data applications, technical Quantitative marketing and programming advertising has become an important part of the modern marketing model. From precision marketing at first, later of real time bidding RTB, DSP demand side platform, and currently stir private DSP, DSP, mobile, commercial WiFi and so on, a variety of new tools, new mode, new concepts emerge in an endless stream, however, for advertisers, whether there is the concept of what a hot, the first to pay more attention to the target is still monkfish in advertising effectiveness. however, the measurement system of the effect of the traditional marketing advertising is being failed, which is based on the differentiation of social structure and the fragmentation of audience. When the fragmentation of the instability of the social structure, when communication channels become platform. The original consumer research tools have failed: the fragmentation of the audience so that the original consumer research cannot ensure authenticity, cannot use these methods to capture the audience really needs and desires; the change of social structure makes sampling survey of the increasingly mature face difficult choices, original sampling design unavoidably error control, expand the number of samples undoubtedly can control error, but lead to uplift the cost and unsustainable; coupled with the different types of outdoor media lack of authority of the effect of the measurement system and tools and so on. therefore, in the new media era of the entire marketing system, the media to reach the effect, advertising to reach efficiency

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