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The Ministry of health officially announced the national essential drug list 2012 Edition, and announced that it will take effect as of May 1st. The new version of the base directory is divided into chemical and biological products, proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese Herbal Pieces three i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes parts,
Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes From China of which 317 kinds of chemicals and biological products, proprietary Chinese medicine 203, a total of 520, compared with the 2009 version of the expansion of more than 6. Among them, anti tumor drugs, drug use has become one of the biggest highlights of children, traditional Chinese medicine because of the more exclusive varieties are also widely concerned. Under this node, we are planning a version of the basic medicine catalog buy air max shoes online topic,
Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men From China special sincere invitation of the pharmaceutical industry real marketing expert Mr. Wang Liang for interpretation of the contents of the base version of the drug, and analyze the impact on enterprises and the market structure, and for i like air max shoes the future of essential drugs system go to pre. L about the directory 1, amp; previously, new version of the directory based medicine will soon introduce the news has been rampant, and eventually the directory after eighteen settled. On the whole,
Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men From China what is your evaluation of the new base? Wang Liang: as an important part of the national health care reform, the promotion of the basic drug system is very rapid. The basic drug list as t
Mens Dwyane Wade II Shoes MDWS08he core elements of the previous round of the implementation of the basic drug system in the process, after the release of a few times repeated after finally released. Throughout the industry are concerned about high 2012 version of basic drugs directory, and before the relevant leaders external release of about the directory in i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the number of products, product structure, increase the kinds of information perfectly, should be said the introduction of the new version of the directory, to 2013 the pharmaceutical industry a clear signal, a new round of market reshuffle and enterprises to reshuffle is about to begin. 2, compared with the 2009 edition of the directory, the new version of the main contents of the basic medicine, what changes? What is the biggest change? Wang Liang: the new version of the directory based medicine than before buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the directory with changes in several aspects: 1, changes in the number of products, from 307 kinds increased to 520 can not only effectively solve the grassroots hospital number of drug problem, back to the enterprise last time of the primary market to seize the machine will. 2, changes in product mix, increase the basic level of the market is often used in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, pediatric and antitumor aspects of the drug, the surface of the basic drugs have been changed from cheap drugs to commonly used drugs. 3, the number of proprietary Chinese medicine products increased, from the last version of the more than 100 kinds of occupy onethird. This edition to 203 species account for nearly a fifth of the second, traditional Chinese medicine enterprises in round based drug tender procurement opportunities will increase greatly. In particular, one of the exclusive varieties of Chinese medicine, it will become a big attraction. 4, increased foreign capital enterprise products, appearing in the 2012 version of the basic buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online medicine catalog of foreignfunded enterprises products increased significantly, way can seen as essential drug products will gradually get rid of cheap is only cite the situation, also can be regarded as the basic drug system to foreign products and domestic products to the same horizontal line at the same level. 3, the new version of the directory in the variety, quantity, there is a large expansion in the use of the range will cover two or three hospitals. This is mainly released what signal? Represents the future of the basic medicine system how to go? Wang Liang: for the new 3

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