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theme is the first productivity, main determine the size of the opportunity, technology reflects the speculative efficiency, basic control risk,
Air Jordan 12 New Packing Men Wholesale company value determines the longterm trend in the stock. 2016 shares the sea will enter the long bear market So although the vast majority of institutions at the end of last year that in 2016 Manniu market, but at the beginning of the discount kids air jordan shoes new year the index fell let investors off guard, and last year for the first time the stock market crash, the i like lebron james 2014 old shareholders are shocked and personal point of view, multiple factors resulting in 2016 shares the sea into the long bear market, the specific analysis are as follows: 1 the Commission’s blind toss work can not be If last year’s stock market crash, if not in a hurry to display capability. At the beginning of the new year will not crash, the fuse mechanism although not down the essential reason, but objectively enlarged role of panic. Last year’s stock market crash is the same, is not a natural disaster, but a manmade disaster,
Mens Air Jordan 12 New Black White if the front not to engage in socalled reform of margin financing, stock index futures, behind where the stock market crash, since the point of the fire and under the command of emergency to leverage the fire, human blind do sth over and over again. Behind would also like to rush to launch a registration system to a very short period of time to walk the developed countries hundreds of years to walk across the road, the results can be imagined. 2 dollar appreciation led to the outflow of funds After , the American economy experienced a few years to adjust the structure of labor, now has a full recovery, strong overall economic growth, while the US government failed to seize the opportunity, in contrast to the 4 trillion stimulus i like air jordan shoes men caused more backward production capacity, the current government has basically no good cards to play, experienced microstimulated growth stage, found unworkable, is expected in 2016 GDP growth may be around 6% or even lower, the management has not provided the growth, but the spirit carry forward inventory pressure, adjust the structure of the ruling, the unemployment rate increased and some enterprises have begun to get me a diffusion in steel work students have to get 30%, the real economy in winter has come. RMB is currently in a rate cut, the stage, and the U.S. dollar in the interest rate hike phase, the outflow of funds can not be avoided, the impact on the formation of the stock market. 3 the impact of the decline in the performance of the listing Corporation valuation So in addition to the emerging industry, environmental protection, culture media, biological medicine, new energy, Internet banking, logistics and other industries, the performance of the company will increase, the vast, most of the traditional industries of the performance of the company will flat or declining, the performance decline will lead to constant price changes in the valuation of high, for stock prices have a downward traction. Double click Davis.

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