This year’s in June not only become the world festival of the fans2015.01.13. // Uncategorized

This year’s in June not only become the world Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes Men UK Online Sale festival of the fans, more can be said to be a global carnival, the world cup to ignite the passion in our life everywhere can feel. Compared with the last World Cup, the world cup this year we have more watching the way, no television users can see the related program instant live and more on video website, through the mobile phone and other ways to feel the happiness of football and even on the road will be able to. And watch as many more new industry development opportunities, be the first to bear Nike Air Max Women the brunt is video website industry, during the world cup video website becomes a lot without the condition of watching television users first choice, it also greatly improve the video website popularity, closer to the video website and user distance. in all the video site, cool 6 network because access to the CNTV World Cup broadcast rights, and in the world cup live and related programmes to become the biggest beneficiary. According to the authoritative organization of C.R. Nielsen started from June 11th to cool 6 network 24 hours of full flow monitoring of view, Nike Flex Experience RN the world For Wholesale Buy Link(Can not be used to fill ordering 6 items to get free shipping!)cup opening game on the same day, cool 6 Nike Max 90 Current Moire network traffic exceeded 387000000, this data to create the history record Chinese video site daily flow since then every day, cool 6 network traffic in tens of millions of more than PV. At the same time, cool 6 in the live matches, also introduced a number of original programming, such as rock the world cup, world cup and the FAI Chang, Wu Zhoutong, Shang Yi, Shoushou, Xu Deliang and other celebrities talking heads to participate in programs, this let a netizen to cool 6 network to not only watch live games that 90 minute, but the complete and TV programs as like as two peas. Nelson is very authoritative research institutions of international rich programs plus no need to worry about the Miss could not see video website compared to the Cheap For Wholesale Buy Link UK Online Sale inherent advantages of broadcast television, which become the world cup during the video website constantly hit a critical Lebron James Shoes flow high, in the cool 6, potato launched the programme hosted by Han Qiaosheng Han look, actor Glow in the Dark Jordan Men cruel also launched the non the ball one, use the same game live and related program, hope to further grasp the user’s eye. These platforms although the overall flow data as cool 6, but also growing, make good use of the world cup so that four years after the event, to Nike Free Run 3 expand their influence. Cheap Dwight Howard Shoes UK Online Sale , however, in the whole video website prosperous development situation, there are still not so harmonious sound, in the major media have reported video website prosperous, Cool 6 flow innovation high at the same time, also appeared a rival malicious attacks, known as Cool 6 during the world cup by brush flow to appease advertisers, in this article the malicious reports, the author will cool 6 brush flow with the parent company Huayou century listed together, and said the monitoring mechanism of C.R. Nielsen loopholes and technical errors, not only in these false smear to a Chinese listing Corporation, also will be the international authoritative research institutions also to pull in, hitting surface that is so big.

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