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to recognize the future of class, nation, state and human , , , , , , , ,, , , , , ,, , Liu Liqun word state is an important word, an important term, its use frequency is very high, but people pay little attention to, this word is a polysemous word, sometimes referring to national, homeland and government of the three elements,
Cheap Nike Free 7.0 Canada Online Sale the generalized state such as national security, sometimes it only refers to the elements of the government Air Jordan Shoes Mens a stateowned enterprises in fact only for all the government, tax is only the government tax, but not all the people and the land may also contain these two elements, in many cases the meaning of ambiguous or even chaos, the academic discussion Nike Air Max Mens and academic the research is quite chaotic, and spread to a wide range of social science research. p The Encyclopedia of China Political Science Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, 1992 country: economy accounted for ruling class of the ruled class of political rule tool. page 135 this definition is made on the basis of the theory of Marxism Leninism, starting from the theory of class and class struggle, although is not unreaso
Womens Nike Free 6.0 Pinknable, but there are greater limitations and one sidedness, and do not know what a polysemy and consequent problems. It is obviously restricted to the government that the public authority is the element of the government, without consideration of the two elements of the state as the land and the people, and the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice three together constitute the modern state. It should be said that the government public authority is indeed a country for the country the most critical elements such as before the European settlement of North America, Indian tribes did not form a public authority, there is no countries in the modern sense, but after all, the other two elements are indispensable, otherwise it is not possible to the human society complex situations and problems are speaking clearly. are discussed and Lenin I believe in the future of ideal society is a classless society under the state will die. In fact they do not take into account the human society objectively always in need of public power and public authorities,
Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Women Canada Online Sale so far form the country is a public authority in the future is not entirely die, but will become a second level administrative agencies continue to exist, as the postwar international order, the cornerstone of the United Nations can be considered for the future as the embryonic form of the world government of world level administrative agency or the future can be evolved into a world government see the human fundamental permanent interests is established the federal government in the world, to close at blog Liu Liqun Nike Air Foamposite Women BFSU. In other words, they understand that the basis of
Cheap Nike Free 7.0 Men Canada Online Sale the country’s emergence and existence is too narrow, considering only the class and class Blake Griffin Shoes rule in accordance with the Marxist Leninist government presence, just in order to maintain the ruling class is exploiting Nike Air Force Ones classes interests. This starting point is too simple and narrow, and is not totally in line with the actual situation of human society. Violence machine as the main

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