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[update] tips: comment on the stock market, the exchange comrades Nike Air Max Womens today is a big news was confirmed, in front of two days of rumors to merge the CSR north car to confirm that you want to merge. Some people think, this is not just two companies? What are the major? This news really great at what? This is a signal. What signal? Is a signal Chinese manufacturing force towards the world. Read out this new great game Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Australia Online Sale Chinese risk and machine situation article comrades know, about the Highspeed Rail has a chapter, a detailed analysis of the strategic significance Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Men Australia Online Sale of the Highspeed Rail Chinese out, Jordan Nubuck Men called the strategic wings China industry. Li after the prime minister, appointed Highspeed Rail salesman, selling all over the world Highspeed Rail. Study of total in deepening the reform of the economic system constantly stressed the need to integrate resources. Then, the north and South car is China merger, integration of internal resources, once the reorganization of the enterprise international competition ability. Out before the Chinese reference is also published an article that suggested that the Chinese stateowned capital and private capital force deployment of foreign capital and the industrial output. Signal the restructuring is not simply a business combinatioWomens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Light Redn, the signal but a national economy and deepen the system reform, is a clarion call for China to highend products international competitive internal restructuring. It can be foreseen that the future of national policy direction will support China’s highend industrial products output, and before that, the country will vigorously support the reorganization of resources integration of internal. Therefore, entrepreneurs, if your production of highend products, so to find the M amp; a chance, the country will vigorously support, this is a http://www.eyukang.com/news/html/?2673.html strategic signal to go out, go to twice the result with half the effort. Entrepreneurs have the strength of the people, the highend products don’t wolidou, integration of sea is business. today market rose, a rebound on Friday and Monday we have stressed that the shortterm rebound should be close, near will rebound to 20 line. But Tuesday so strong or Blake Griffin Shoes exceeded expectations, this is a very powerful line, not only closed the gap on Monday, also direct contact break on line 5 touch line 10. The rising strength should be based on four factors: one is the technical fan Kobe Bryant Shoes Chou requirements, which we previously stressed; two is when the main funding for the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men national team, a few institutions so strong pull unlike ordinary for, but did not so much the volume, apparently short rival disc not much; three North and South car recombinant bullish for the market, the blue chip manufacturing industry strong Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women Australia Online Sale rise is a positive reaction to this; the four is the Fourth Plenum decision may be announced, the market has a more profound understanding of this decided to start. plate, the north and South car by recombinant effects, including nuclear power, high iron, heavy manufacturing, infrastructure and other central enterprises and the central enterprises to the relevant concepts are affected by this rose, visible north and South car restructuring has affected the trend. Moreover, funds from today on the surface, there is probably a national team capital approach. If so, then the market may again re good at stimulating information and capital under the. Even the financial sector has also closed the big downward gap yesterday, this is Air Jordan Shoes Womens all long short powerful sweep means. The stock index will soon close to 20 daily, if 20

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