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Visit the blog: 115 people blog points: 15 Bowen number: 3 opening time: 20150718 you struggle
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale with once the delivery is a woman’s life is the most important and the most unforgettable experience. Unprecedented fear, pain, suffering, hope The birth of OR cesarean section? Every pregnant women are concerned about the issue and consider. The choice of delivery mode, to a certain extent, will have a certain effect on the health of the mother and son in the future. Birth of the baby what are the benefits? 1 childbirth uterine contraction to exercise your baby’s lungs function, the surfactant increased alveolar easier expansion. After the birth of respiratory system diseases occurred will be reduced. Delivery canal extrusion is in favor of the fetal respiratory tract in amniotic fluid and mucus discharge, birth birth occurred asphyxia rate greatly reduced. At the same time, neonatal pneumonia occurred rate will
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale be reduced. 3 labor analgesia in uterine lower segment thinning, thickening of the upper, dilatation of cervix. These will make postpartum uterine contraction force stronger and is conducive to lochia eduction of uterine recovery. 4 immunoglobulin protein G LGG in vaginal deli
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 Black Orange Whitevery immunoglobulin will be passed to the fetus through the mother, so the birth of baby resistance force Nike Air Foamposite Women is stronger. Birth is also a requirement! Tips, many women are afraid of cesarean section, not only Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice to bear the operation pain, also need to longer time to restore the body, more terrible is that will leave an ugly scar. So, want to had consistent with what conditions? 1 young age requirements at any time is an advantage. Whether it is physical or physical recovery, between Nike Air Max Mens 2530 years old female had a higher success rate., of course, even women over 30 years old, but as long as the physical condition good and pregnancy did not any abnormal situation, can also choose to have a vaginal birth. 2 production inspection essential production inspection is during pregnancy is an important step! Pregnant women with regular prenatal Nike Air Force Ones examination, in favor of early discovery early correct treatment, for pregnant women and fetal can smoothly through pregnancy, successful delivery. The actual development of 3 fetal smooth birth, fetal development is one of the decisive factors. If the baby in the womb of the pregnant woman’s position is not normal, the head is too big, the weight is too heavy, will affect the normal delivery process, induced labor. 4 maternal self situation is also one of the decisive factors in their own situation. Maternal uterine muscle contraction and birth canal is suitable for birth is also very important. Normal contractions have certain regularity, and near
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale birth gradually increased, among which Air Jordan Shoes Mens uterine regardless of is too weak or too strong may cause dystocia. Spontaneous pain let treasure mom flinch! Great mother comes to nurture life, part lies in the courage to production, the production of this pain is a male will never be able to understand the. Women are afraid of giving birth because of a lack of scientific understanding of the process of birth, followed by fear and pain Blake Griffin Shoes sensitivity. Can you shout out the pain in childbirth.

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