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who is outside the BAT fourth Internet giants? a year ago, the answer to this question is still hovering between tens of billions of dollars in the market value of the Qihoo 360 and billion dollar valuation of millet; a year later, Qihoo 360 is now valued at about $7000000000, Jingdong market capitalization of more than $30000000000 in the aftermath of the IPO, to become the Internet camp new pole; and the most recent $45000000000 valuation of millet. December 29th PM, millet founder Lei Jun finally in microblog formally announced a new round of Nike Air Max Womens financing. He revealed, millet, valued at $45000000000, the Kobe Bryant Shoes total amount of the financing of $1100000000. Millet is a new round of investors including AllStars, DST, GIC, Hopu investment and Yunfeng fund and other investment institutions. previously, had the millet insiders confirmed to Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men Australia Online Sale reporters in the sixth round of financing of millet. Air Jordan Shoes Womens With a $45000000000 valuation calculation, millet will become China fourth Internet Co, after Ali, Tencent and Baidu. In China Hard Suits Inc, millet is almost equivalent to Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women Australia Online Sale three of LenovoKids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Brown Group the current Blake Griffin Shoes market value of about 15000000000 U. S. dollars. Lei Jun end behind the stand which investors? What they are optimistic about the millet, was worth over 180 times in 4 years time make millet? These are the industry’s most concerned about the topic. Lei Jun behind the investors in http://aomen-baijialewangzhan.com/news/html/?25543.html millet maintained an annual completed a financing rhythm. Almost every round of financing is completed, its value will be three jump. 2010 April, Lei Jun and team, Morningside venture, Qiming venture investment founded millet; by the end of 2010 and completed a new round of financing, the investment side more than IDG, the valuation of the company for $250000000, the annual cumulative financing of $41000000; 2011 December, millet won a $90000000 financing, valued at $1000000000; at the end of 2012 6, millet Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid Australia Online Sale announced financing $216000000, valued at $4000000000; 2013 August, millet, a new round of financing valued at $10000000000. Jordan Nubuck Men this time, millet, valued at $45000000000, and $250000000 in 2010 compared with an increase of nearly 180 times the valuation. news, this time millet overvalued once away large investment institutions. And be most willing to give 4 years old millet valuation of $45000000000 investment, by a former Morgan Stanley Asia managing director, star analyst Ji Weidong operation technology investment fund AllStars face is new investment circle. last March, in the field of TMT deep for many years Ji Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Weidong left Morgan stanley. When the industry rumors that he joined the magnolol fund. But the public information, he and Morgan Stanley’s former colleague Fu Mingxia teamed up to form AllStars, and got the license fund at the end of last year. has ed foreign media

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