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with Internet product and user experience transfer from the PC to the mobile terminal, to pay for the core of online shopping and ecommerce and other application scenarios of various O2O also appeared the trend of the development of mobile terminal. For Internet, mobile terminal is high potential growth for the next region. While the mobile terminal Internet Nike Air Foamposite Women products, collected from the front end of the information, to entertainment, to the daily consumption needs of life, and as to the nearest fire up the Internet financial, development to the mobile terminal in the trend of. you Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice see, apple leading the market trend and Blake Griffin Shoes electronic products has always been the benchmarking, listed in the iphone6 product description will also be developed by Apple NFC mobile phone payment as an important characteristics of products and Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale a whoop and a holler. So, as NFC pay for performance of mobile payment, apple can use user loyalty to apple and once again Nike Air Max Mens leading the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale development of mobile payment? I’m afraid I will be a good dream, but it won’t be so simple to implement. from the domestic and foreign development trend, is indeed have promoted the developmentWomens Nike Free 5.0 Fluorescence Grey of mobile payment conditions further intelligence and terminal, a domestic mobile payment scenes are more and more abundant, including pay treasure, micro letter payment, Baidu wallet, purse and so on various mobile terminal UnionPay Fu Yingyong convenient; two is the domestic mobile users payment habits and safety has gradually improved; more importantly, the mobile payment market already from the data on the performance of heating up: a report from the Chinese Academy of http://www.0534yp.com/news/html/?14900.html Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Social Sciences Literature Publishing House published pay liquidation Blue Book: China’s payment and settlement development report 2014 display, payment market transactions amounted to 1219740000000 yuan the renminbi in 2013 third party mobile, yearonyear growth rate of 707%. but to apple, at least in the domestic market, Apple’s does not make it mobile payment tuyere pig. first, to apple, Air Jordan Shoes Mens the need to integrate into the domestic interests compete for the complex chain of mobile payment, and not necessarily better integration Nike Air Force Ones of mobile phone NFC mobile payment business itself. At present, the domestic NFC mobile payment participants are mainly mobile operators, handset manufacturers, banks, China UnionPay, due to the domestic NFC payment does not form a standardized industry chain, that is to say there is no uniform parameters and business processes, one aspect is the mobile payment services to banks’ want to develop their own. To gain market advantage; on the other hand is UnionPay wants to continue Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale offline liquidation system position advantage, and keep to the line of the mobile payment business. The whole industry chain are also more confusion, and a few banks to launch mobile payment business because of safety, equipment requirements and the user experience is poor and did not get very good market response. in this respect, the Apple hardware NFC mobile payment although have such payment module, but between the late still need and the domestic mobile operators, banks carry on business communication and contact frequently, the short term is difficult to launch, even launched, estimation also encounter other domestic banks face the problem. A

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