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with the six generation of Apple mobile phone market, apple further launched its own payment medium: ApplyPay, and to promote the global market, including American, local and Chinese these major market. If from the user scale, Apple has 800000000 itune users, more than the total user pay Bao 300000000, 190000000 active users, and Micro message 400000000 have more users, theoretically as long Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale as its own payment system to do the promotion of Apple followup service and scene, is to obtain valueadded service income using the closed the ecological system in IOS users. But , why Apple payment tool since pushed out later by the so big market response? The existing payment system and the Blake Griffin Shoes stakeholders and the opposition boycott louder? According to statistics, American retail commercial and merchant outlets number up to 8000000, while the initial support Apple paid 22 vanguard, probably accounted for only 3%. whether local or American China the largest overseas market, mobile payment Apple road will be tough. from the internal, online payment system Air Jordan Shoes Mens is relatively perfect, especially after a long fast payment, credit card payment way to cultivate a good market credit environment, including local clearing houses masteWomens Nike Free 5.0 Pink Orange Whiter card, VISA, American Express Card Alliance and a wide variety of American bank, in paying has formed a perfect system. For ApplyPay, to develop and promote their own pay Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice channels, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Canada Online Sale so that customers in shopping, consumption and other lines under the scene more use of ApplyPay, it is necessary to and existing Nike Air Force Ones payment http://redmanstore.com/Blog/nike-canada-releases-brings-two-popular-notions-of-halloween.html involved with Fang Dacheng cooperation agreement. but why will be affected by some department stores, shopping malls, against? The reason is very simple, apple mobile phone Nike Air Max Mens more popular in the United States and once a user preferred method of payment, consumption, to a large extent, the impact of each store, the existing stores and other payment channel cooperation, while large retail giants in recent years have paid in mobile development of its own, hope to completely bypass the credit card and credit card companies fees. If there is no rates concessions or other subsidies, will not take the initiative to use apple to Nike Air Foamposite Women pay. For offline store, refused to the real reason is because they want to avoid Applypay such as visa and MasterCard such credit card companies pay the credit card transaction fees, the fees are usually charged per transaction for 2% to 3%. Since Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Men Canada Online Sale were difficult to encounter ApplyPay in the United States in the promotion, then the biggest overseas prospects for the market: China, and how to face the situation? relative to the United States, the domestic payments market is also very complex, although retailers and supermarkets main line online payment ability is very weak, the basic no selfcontained pay channels, but the bank, China UnionPay and online third party payment position compensation ability in this area particularly strong, at present, only online under the charge of single field, you’re in a fierce battle, some banks in order to push the POS machine, not

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