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recently, with the Twitch Amazon to $970000000 acquisition, the streaming video game platform suddenly went to the front of the industry, access to the media and investment more attention. Overnight, watching others play games this alternative way of leisure is being accepted by many people, and the domestic each big game broadcast platform and playing chicken as competition for resources and intention in this field Nike Air Max Mens and occupy the initiative. Twitch the success of the seems to be to the people proved that like to watch others
Cheap Nike Air Presto Men Canada Online Sale play game group far beyond the imagination of many people, to watch others play games will become and television, movies, books, games, entertainment, and more highly viscous fan mode can also obtain more stable income. but all just looks nice, at least in China today. the pain of the difference between the p in America’s broadband cost is almost negligible, it is understood, twitch self room and state between the optical
Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men Canada Online Sale fiber, and in the States and municipalities, access at amp; amp; t these carriers is free, in the United States if you have a lot of content, telecom operators will very happy to open acce
Mens Nike Air Presto High Top Brown Whitess bandwidth, because users will pay more broadband packages to video, content providers and telecommunications providers here is mutually beneficial and winwin. and in China, access to every K bandwidth, IDC room or CDN need to pay to telecom or Unicom. Hypothesis to the clarity of the user 800K rate, if 10 million people online platform is 80 to 100g bandwidth
Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men Canada Online Sale 1g each year 25
http://www.weiyicar.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=158 million, you need at least expenditure Nike Air Foamposite Women of 2000 million, and 10 million people online if assessed according to game media, UV is not a single day of over 100 million. As the individual live broadcast can not use P2P delay, so the bandwidth costs are Nike Air Force Ones very high. p Betta, for example, the propaganda Air Jordan Shoes Mens had the highest have millions of people online at the same time, even in peacetime by 30% of the maximum number of concurrent Blake Griffin Shoes computation, its annual cost of bandwidth to 6 billion. The cost of the Twitch is negligible. Of course, even so, Twitch is still at a loss, Chinese platform game live on the road to profitability is clearly very long. The sudden outbreak of poaching war 2015 just over, a paper, the anchor of the game TOP ranked the highest annual income of 20000000 message quietly popular network. Thing is the cause of several large game broadcast platform to dig horn each other popular games anchor, speculation Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice in the market boom, the first game anchor prices from a year ago, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of fired up to tens of millions. For a moment, users have Tucao, the original game can become a billionaire. but the fact is not so simple. The personage inside course of study revealed that in 2014, the first game anchor worth but also hundreds of thousands of annual salary, which is worth suddenly jumped ten times or even several times, in addition to the platform for the attention of the anchor of resources, but also a deeper

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